Sick today. So for the first time in many moons I'm subjecting you to a "Here, go read some other stuff that is more interesting than me anyway" post.

– Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker at the 2010 International Bowling Expo. "Her presence underscores the impact and importance of bowling." This is like a glimpse into her future. She'll be doing state fairs before you know it.

A former Bank of America employee talks about the company's displeasure with her habit of putting as many cardholders as possible on their Fix Pay plan…because said borrowers were poor credit risks. So they were good risks for the 30.99% APR (plus fees) credit card BoA gave them but not a good risk for a 6% fixed APR installment loan to replace the overdue balance on said card. Nice.

– The convicted felon who set Free Republic atwitter with the revelation that he "took drugs [and] had homo sex with Obama" is running for Congress. Contribute now, before he goes back to prison.

– Harry Reid allegedly threatens his caucus with reconciliation. I don't believe it, but if true it certainly is funny how he discovered a nutsack when he realized that he's trailing his race for re-election in 2010.

9 thoughts on “DAMN YOU, PIG FLU”

  • Sarah Palin and bowling go together like fried food and state fairs. That really is her circuit, and Oprah's retirement is her future niche.

    It's all coming together: the Sarah Show, an afternoon show filmed before a studio audience from sites across the country. Sarah will go from place to place, audiences will adore her folksy charm, she'll have a prayer every day, shoot something on every show, mention Trig's growing up in ways that would make Kathie Lee Giffords blush, and talk to real Americans who are subjected to death panels, can't get oil from rocks because of socialism, creation scientists, and other regular folks with American values and spirit and no sense of history or community. She'll be the white Oprah, and someday it might lead to this nation's acceptance of a woman in the White House as soon as Chelsea becomes a Republican in about twenty years.

  • If I were Sarah's agent, I'd be calling Harley Davidson, Popeye's Chicken, Branson MO Tourist Board, Gatlinburg's Town Council, Disney, Beanie Babies and the National Mobile Home Association for possible sponsorships.

  • I hope you feel better soon. I spent five days in bed with what I thought was the swine flu, only to finally get to the doctor and find out it was pneumonia. Two antibiotic tablets and 8-12 hours of time, and I was feeling dramatically better. If you have a productive cough and/or crackling when you breathe, it's probably not swine flu despite a high fever, so get to a doctor. Nuff said.

  • Flue can easily lead to pneumonia, which can be a killer – literally.

    One of my kids went from flu to pneumonia and was flat out for a week.

    This is nothing to take lightly.

    Vitamins C and D, and chicken soup (seriously.) Make yourself eat when you're not hungry. Most important, don't let yourself get dehydrated. Drink lots of water and juice.


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