No home internet access last evening and hence no Tuesday post. I'll try to throw something up later today. Until then see what Mike and Sadly, No! have been up to. Here's a hint: they have been up to awesomeness.

4 thoughts on “DAMN YOU, INTERNETS”

  • "No internet"? What sort of ploy is this? Are you waiting for us to go into withdrawal, so that you can then sell us a more potent version of your crack?

    I'm sure you'll explain to your friend Mike the difference between 'to effect' and 'to affect'.

  • displaced Capitalist says:

    Ten Words You Need to Stop Mispelling

    "Most of the time Effect is a noun and Affect is a verb. If you're unsure try substituting a different word and see if it works.

    As a child, he was affected by his parents.
    As a child, he was eaten by his parents.

    A verb works here so you should use "affected."

    C'MERE RANDALL I want to ingest you, just like I did your obnoxious parakeet!!

    You ate him?!! But he sang only of love and beauty! You're a monster Dad!!"

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