I had one of those moments of clarity last night wherein I realized that I haven't written anything funny in a long time. I'm not sure I remember how, but I'll try to bring it back.

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13 Responses to “THE FUNNY”

  1. ts46064 Says:

    FJM Treatments are guaranteed to be funny.

  2. Desargues Says:

    Thank you for not taking the first step down that road by writing 'teh funny.' We're all grown-ups here.

    Apologies for the absence from the comments section. I be real busy tryin' to finish a paper. Goddam academia.

  3. fuzzbuzz215 Says:

    Yeah but you still have good points.

  4. daphne Says:

    second that thought, ts. FJM whichever wingnut has posted the LONGEST lament about health care passage. the longer, the more to skewer.

  5. Pan Sapiens Says:

    …meanwhile somewehere in the darkest slimiest cesspit of Reactionary Backwardism, Rush Limbaugh howls and bays, the distended nipples of his quivering manboobs lactating in Outrage, as his deformed piglet mutant spawn Glenn Beck suckles on the Hate…

    eww. Not funny.

  6. Mark Says:

    Cheesy (my hairless rat), Dewey, Remy, Harley and Buster told me to tell you that rat stories are always funny. Of course they're all popcorning up and down the hallway!

  7. waldo Says:

    So, the strategy employed by blocs of bloggers, choosing a truly stupid dumb-wing pundit and mocking the mercilessly doesn't appeal?

  8. waldo Says:

    mocking *them*

  9. kiki Says:

    Just talk about pant-shitting. Always does it for me.

  10. J. Dryden Says:

    Time to boot up a marathon of the 2nd Season of FRISKY DINGO–something to get you back into the groove…

  11. Amanda Says:

    FJM please.

  12. Jeff Says:

    I don't know. After the FJM of the Alli bottle, you just can't top it. Nothing feels the same.

  13. Andrew Says:

    oh oh oh, can you bring the kant drinking game back? That's always been my favorite.