An astute commenter pointed out that the Sociable links (Facebook, Digg, etc) that appear at the end of every post had disappeared. Apparently I forgot to reinstall them when I migrated to Dreamhost. They are back, so please share this stuff with, you know, everyone.

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3 thoughts on “SOCIABILITY”

  • anotherbozo says:

    Excellent post,and a good reminder of why I bailed on college teaching two decades ago. My last full-time post was replaced by 5 part-timers–with no job security whatever, of course. With them the pressure to pander to students was even greater than with us full-time, non-tenured faculty. With private colleges, at least, teachers become just so many hucksters. Classes turn into popularity contests, grades get inflated… and illiterates graduate. And the wide world wonders why Joe College can't read. Or reason.
    A different point from yours, I know, but another part of the picture, and another reason for job security. In retrospect I do treasure memories of students who really were there for the right reasons, who weren't already terminally damaged goods, who outdid themselves, even though only two of us realized it. The real successes so often remain unacclaimed.

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