As I sat down to craft NPF late Thursday evening, a journal rejection popped up in my email and I was too bummed out to do anything except watch 15 minutes of Iron Chef and fall asleep. Since I had a good topic worked out, I'll do it sometime today and post it for Saturday. I'd call it "NPS" but for fear of being sued by the National Park Service. Which, by the way, just added its 393rd unit in a rare example of preserving the history of the almost entirely forgotten War of 1812.

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  • Probably un-necessary (advice), but: re-work the paper a bit and submit it somewhere else. Easier said than done, I know, but if you think what you're saying is reasonable and/or interesting, do it. (Never been published myself, BTW; I see the axe…)

  • Bah, the journal chase is my least favorite part of academia. Some departments base their performance solely on their collective impact factor. Drives me nuts.

  • Just what Michigan needed — a cannonball park. Can the re-enactors be far behind?

    Do you have any clue which of the not-so-objective-after-all peer reviewers you failed to cite?

  • Elder Futhark says:

    Well then, here's my version of Science Friday.

    The ISS, the International Space Station is in its second decade in orbit, and has travelled 1.5 billion miles, which, if it had been in a straight line, would put it nearly in reach of Uranus. Yes, I said Uranus. Fucking grow up.

    The Tevatron, Fermilab's 2 trillion electron volt proton/anti-proton particle accelerator gets a three year program extension, until 2014. Fermilab will continue its work to look for the Higgs particle, the particle which physicists theorize gives matter its mass. It is not know what the elusive Higgs will look like, but some suggest a strong resemblance to Mr. Peanut – albeit, like, really, really small, dude.

    A researcher at the California National Primate Research Center may have contracted a virus which jumped species just like in the Hollywood horror movie scenario. Not much else to say, except, if true, serves you right you monkeyfucker.

    On the tech front, the Japanese have moved a step closer to their dream of not just fucking humanoid robots, but becoming humanoid robots. Further revisions to the Actroid-F model 7. Reports coming in vary but the consensus is it is getting to be less and less like fucking Yoko Ono.

    And finally, giant dragonflies have been successfully raised in high oxygen chamber in a simulation of late Carboniferous conditions. Biologists report dragonflies with wingspans of 300 feet/ Plans are to contract out giant Japanese humanoid battle bots should the dragonflies threaten the warehouse district.

    That is All!

  • I've been to that park, which existed previously under local auspices. I'm betting Michigan sold it to the NPS. In any event, it's eminently forgettable.

  • Wasn't that the war where the socialist horde from up here in Canada kicked American ass and burned down the White House? Practically my favourite war.

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