All times Eastern Standard. All exit polls bullshit.

7:01 – Kentucky polls closed 38 seconds ago and CNN calls KY for Rand Paul. They must have a high level of confidence in their inside information…

7:06 – The changing face of voting. CNN's story "Light turnout in Nevada" barely notes that 400,000 people voted early. 400,000!

7:18 – I am starting to realize how likely it is for that Nevada Senate race to be resolved 8 weeks from now in a courtroom, and Sharron Angle is already starting to fling idiotic lawsuits around.

7:32 – Charlie Crist is not putting up much of a fight in Florida, which I find somewhat surprising. Holy God is CNN's panel of "experts" lousy with retards.

8:10 – I like how CNN and NBC have reporters at Christine O'Donnell HQ. The race isn't competitive, but they want someone there on the expectation that some seriously crazy shit will go down.

8:22 – Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but in a desperate search for good news tonight it looks like Joe Manchin is running strong in WV.

8:39 – With Manchin and Blumenthal winning WV and CT, it is almost mathematically impossible for the GOP to take the Senate. It's just not plausible.

9:07 – Rand Paul just promised a balanced budget. I've met some fucking idiots, and if I meet Rand Paul I will know one more. His crowd is chanting "END THE FED!"

9:08 – Rand described the evening as a "Tea Party tidal wave." Meanwhile, Mark Kirk and Pat Toomey are getting cornholed in the early returns.

9:19 – I'm shocked at how uncompetitive that IL Senate race is, although it is worth noting that the early returns include part of Cook County.

9:33 – Marco Rubio isn't even saying anything. He's just throwing random words at the camera, and he actually said "Older people were once my age."

10:13 – It is impossible for me to listen to Jim DeMint without asking "Is this guy fucking serious? I mean, is this a real person or some sort of performance artist?"

10:23 – Turnout is shaping up to be absolutely pathetic. The pooled exit polls indicate that almost a full quarter (24%) of the voters nationwide were over 65. Wow.

10:38 – I'll tell you one thing, these IL and PA Senate races are going to be up in the air for weeks while recounts and absentee ballots fly.

11:15 – The level of election analysis on the news says more about the trouble we're in than the election outcomes tonight.

11:32 – Rossi is up 4% in Washington but they haven't reported a single precinct from King County yet. I think they're just about to write off Sestak in PA. I figured Toomey would win, although we're guaranteed to see some hot recount and courtroom action in that one.

11:58 – With CA (and CO soon, I think) it's no longer possible to lose the Senate. Frankly it doesn't make much difference in terms of outcomes – 52 isn't much better than 48 in a chamber that now requires 60 for everything – but it does keep the leadership.

12:12 AM – On the plus side, Sharron Angle isn't going anywhere.

12:26 AM – CNN is shocked that a state that elected Rick Santorum would elect someone as conservative as Pat Toomey.

12:39 AM – I like how Sharron Angle is psychotic and had no real chance to win but the media played it up like a competitive race for months because lunatics deliver good ratings.

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  1. Zeb Says:

    Ditto on Feingold. He was one of the few senators for whom I still had respect.

  2. HoosierPoli Says:

    "Get ready for 2 years of nothing happening."

    I think we're used to it at this point.

  3. Nunya Says:

    Suck it, Dino Rossi! You're going down!

  4. Scott Says:

    At least we've still got Al Franken. As long as there's one northern Midwestern Democrat in the Senate, all is not lost.

  5. ts46064 Says:


  6. svnski Says:

    As much as I'm enjoying the commentary and conversation, where's your flashy maps and graphs and pictures, dammit?? You call this an election analysis? BAH!

  7. Radical Scientist Says:

    Ohhh, it looks like Alan Grayson is toast. Now who will the Democrats get to make youtube-worthy angry rants on CSPAN?

  8. Scott Says:

    Holding onto the Senate leadership probably means that nothing happens to the small amount of progressive change that's taken place over the past two years. It also means that nothing else will happen over the next two years with a divided Congress.

    But, if this trend continues in 2012, that's when I'm going to consider Canada. Seriously.

  9. Nunya Says:

    I'll bet Canada starts to build a border fence to keep THEIR southern neighbors out before 2012.

  10. Scott Says:

    Well, if highly educated progressive types move to Canada, that can only help their economy and education systems. Also, if a significant number of people leave the US, the government won't have to fix the crumbling infrastructure for a while longer, which means the Tea Party can funnel that money into fighter jets for our heroes.

    It's a win-win.

  11. Ed Says:

    Miniature American flags for some, abortions for others.

  12. Liz Says:

    Update from Ed's spouse: Ed is going to bed and for some reason neglected to tell you all. Enjoy the last of the returns!

  13. Nunya Says:

    My home state of California has done me proud.

    Keith Olberman had a great quote "I guess the buy it now button on eBay doesn't always work."


  14. Nunya Says:

    Goodnight Ed. Goognight Liz. God night Jim Bob.

  15. 16shellsfroma30aught6 Says:

    It's kind of too bad that Angle's going to lose. We just elected a bunch of clowns that couldn't find their asses with both hands; why couldn't we at least have the hilarious one? What would one more have hurt?

  16. Ben Says:

    I am shocked that no one is discussing the MAJOR victory tonight: Oklahoma is now officially safe from Sharia law.

    This prop may be the biggest waste of time and money on any ballot this year.

  17. Radical Scientist Says:

    We'll still have Bachmann and now Rand Paul to deliver quality entertainment.

  18. Zeb Says:

    @Ben– Arizona has a referendum to make hunting and fishing rights under the state constitution. THAT is the most wasteful measure in this election.

    Sadly, my beloved California disappointed me on Prop 19. I was really hoping for a big shake-up in the War on Drugs…

  19. John Says:

    @Ben: Really? Seriously? I mean… it's one thing for crazies to talk about it. But to have the paranoia make it all the way to the ballot, and then *pass* on a *majority vote*?

    Fuck's sake. I say we nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  20. Radical Scientist Says:

    Wow, the first round of returns from Alaska look like their election hinges on how many Alaskans can spell 'Murkowski.'

    And Feingold's not conceding.

    This should be interesting.

  21. Xynzee Says:

    I guess you could say the media's angle was skewed.

  22. Hawes Says:

    PA and IL hurt. Not because it necessarily matters in terms of getting anything through Congress for the next two years. Hint: We won't.

    But it hurts because we have to wait 6 years to vote these asshats out. We could flip the House in 2012, but we have to wait until 2016 to get rid of Pat Toomey.

    Trust me. I live in Connecticut with Joe Lieberman,

  23. keith Says:

    Evan Bayh is screaming to be FJM'd. You're the only one who can do it justice:

    According to Rachel Maddow, Bayh didn't lift a finger (or spend any of his campaign cash) to help democrats, yet has the audacity to write this piece of shit op ed.

  24. jjack Says:

    The Democratic party just purged half of it's right wing.

    The GOP now finds itself in the impossible position of making good on its already-impossible claims with control of the lower chamber of congress, while the opposition controls the Senate and the Presidency.

    The left has two years to put the shoe on the other foot and ruthlessly point out the right's failures.

    There's your silver lining.

  25. 1st timer Says:

    Did anybody else find watching an obviously drunk Chris Matthews yell over everybody else annoying? It got so bad I changed back over to the retards on CNN.

  26. bb in GA Says:

    9:33 – Marco Rubio isn't even saying anything. He's just throwing random words at the camera, and he actually said "Older people were once my age."

    Context is everything –

    "When you're young and in a hurry, the meaning of those moments escape you, but as the years go by and as my own children get older, I understand it now. I realize that my parents were once my age, that they once had dreams — that there were some things that they once wanted to accomplish. But because of where they were born, because of who they were born to, because they lost their country, their dreams never had a chance. So they came here to America and went to work and it became the mission of their lives to give us the chance to do everything that they could not."

    Shows you how retarded I am. Those random words resonate with me…


  27. bpasinko Says:

    Is it just me or did the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan become non-issues?

    In 2008 the right pushed hard that Obama couldn't handle it, now I hardly hear a peep about it in terms of elections. I guess the Tea Party can't really claim they have the experience since they're (supposedly) running on getting rid of Washington insiders, who in theory have said experience.

    @1st timer: He was making awful jokes talking over everyone, awful. I switched to CNN but then got a headache. In what world is it a good idea to have 12 people sitting at 2 desks? I then switched to FoxNews before falling asleep. I then had nightmares.

  28. marismae Says:

    I think the most disappointing for me was losing Russ Feingold. I mean, RON JOHNSON beat him. If anyone watched that interview he had with Rachel Maddow, you would just have to boggle because the dude is totally out there. And yet, he beat -Russ Feingold-. There was a guy with progressive principles, and he lost to a total douchebag.

    In IL on the other hand, we had a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich (Yay Southpark!). Voting for the giant douche (ie – Giannoulias) was slightly more palatable, and I really wanted a Democratic candidate to have the seat. But, both of them made me sigh.