So, I had some relatively light stuff for NPF.
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But Thursday evening we hosted a dinner party as part of my wife's ongoing effort to make me socialize with other human beings.

I am not going to say whom, but one of us invited this really nice guy who just happens to be a white supremacist with a real affinity for Mark Steyn, and after listening to him rant for about an hour to close out the evening I don't much feel like writing anything non-political or fun. Or much of anything at all.

On the plus side, I feel like I have grown somewhat as a person. Eight years ago I would have flipped the dinner table, pinned him down, and turned his face into a pound of ground chuck.

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43 thoughts on “WAYLAID”

  • Have you ever been tempted to try to out-wingnut a wingnut? Where every stupid thing s/he say, you turn it up to 11?

    Wingnut: I think Obama is a Kenyan socialist.
    Me: You are so right! As a matter of fact, I understand that Barry is personally responsible for HIV because he was molesting monkeys in the wilds of Kenya. And it's high time that fact gets out. Talk radio won't do it because they're too damned liberal.

  • Robert, I do this every time I encounter a wingnut.

    "Yeah, totally. Obama's such a communist. I heard that he's got the black panthers serving on the secret service, and they're rounding up white people, turning them into homosexuals, and giving them HIV, before re-educating them and sending them back into society. Fucking Rush Limbaugh's in on it too, you hear that pansy ass on the radio the other day..?"

  • …"one of us invited this really nice guy who just happens to be a white supremacist with a real affinity for Mark Steyn…"

    That's grounds for divorce in our house. Just sayin'.

  • Gotta go with Southern Beale on this one. "Really nice guy"??????
    Next thing you know, McCain and Cheney will be coming over for dinner, along with Fred Phelps.

  • Dang & just yesterday I was reminding you about getting married in 2010 – divorce in 2011!

    Ditto – HoosierPoli! We need to hear "The Rest of the Story." (I hope you weren't just biting your tongue…)

  • This is why I like to have a white hood avialable at all times. Whenever I encounter a white fascist, I exclaim, "Finally! My peoople." And then, I don my white hood and say, "OK. Continue. I just wanted to make sure I had on the right attire for the rest of your righteous speech."

  • I was going to say something about "The Last Supper" too. But I'm not sure you should watch it if you haven't already. It might give you ideas…

  • We joke, but I hope you did say something to this person, such as, "I'm sorry, but racism doesn't fly here, and it's not up for discussion." You can follow it with a smooth segue to ice hockey, or you can tell him to leave if that's a problem, but you have to say something. I prefer, "You know I come from a mixed family, don't you?" with "Are you out of your goddamned mind?" a close second.

  • "really nice guy who just happens to be a white supremacist"

    That's like saying a guy in a gorilla suit is a gorilla that happens to have a person inside of it.

  • Reminds me of the upside of being in the art world in Noo Yawk: a jaw drop, goggle eyes and an embarrassed pause in the conversation is usually enough to get the rare wingnut to shut up and pass the hors d'oeuvre. Last time the whole room got quiet and this guy started backpedalling like crazy–just from being Republican. ("My parents, you know. Texans. Loyalty. Family tradition!")

  • @Ed

    This is your house, of course, so you write what you please…

    Several people have requested you that expand on your experience at supper w/ "Mr. Nice Guy"

    As someone who disagrees w/ you on much, I would like to learn more (in spite of my biases about where you might be coming from) about what opinions Mr. Nice expressed and his method of presentation that landed him in the 'White Supremacist' barrel and how you were so restrained.


    I am assuming that you are familiar with the Life and Times of McGoo, Cheney, and Phelps.

    It is a testimony to your far Leftness, that you have no ideological depth perception relative to three you mentioned:

    McGoo – the aisle crossing, cum by yah, Senator Maverick the Leftist press loved when he was rippin' Rs

    Cheney – the steely eyed throw-back to the cold war

    Phelps – the loony anti-American bigot who ain't no R fer sure.

    If Phelps survives the other two, don't you think he will send out his band of crazies to picket their funerals w/ "God hates McGoo (Cheney)" signs?


  • Voting Solves Nothing says:

    Anecdotes like this confirm that my misanthropy is well placed. They also make me want to know exactly what was said.

  • I'm sure that his wife said shit like "Why can't you just look past his political beliefs and get to know him on a personal level? He's a really nice guy!"

    What most non-political types don't seem to understand is that one's politics is generally born of one's personality; if someone's a xenophobe, they'll tend toward tea party politics. If someone is a believer in social welfare, they'll tend left, etc. etc.

  • Paul W. Luscher says:

    Well, just pity the guy for his ignorance and stupidity.

    But re the rant: This is one thing i hate about right-wingers–the way they can't leave well enough alone. They will ALWAYS pontificate and preach their gospel–in a tone of pompous assurance that it comes directly from God–no matter the occasion. Thus spoiling for everyone else what should have been a nice social evening.

    Had this happen on a photo tour I was on. The leader–a former oil executive from Texas, so any surprises there?–took EVERY OPPORTUNITY on EVERY OCCASION to pontificate about the Greatness of W., Why Republicanism was God-Inspired, so to speak, and why We Must Attack Iraq At The Earliest Possible Date (this was in December 2002). And all of this in the kind of heavily smug, "know it all" tone mentioned above.

    It even got to the point where he started tellng ethnic jokes, "because they're just good, clean fun," never mind that one of the people in the party was from Pakistan. I only wish I'd known some "good, clean ethnic jokes" about dumb-ass Texans….

  • Oh, just FUCK Mark Steyn. He almost makes me hate all Canadians.

    Someone I admired ten years ago (withheld so as not to humor his obsessive self-Googling) recently called Steyn the heir to Mencken. It made me want to unread everything he'd ever written, and spend a lot more time than usual showering.

    The pinko librul press admired McCain when he differentiated himself, showed some brass and made good copy. It now mocks him for losing a key election and becoming a washed up company-man hack. If he died tomorrow, the obits would likely focus on his war heroism and the more glamorous aspects of his political career. Seems fair enough – John Kerry certainly hasn't had it any easier. And Phelps would probably protest both funerals.

  • So many of the racists I've known, particularly in Oregon, buried it, or were ignorant of the fact that phrases like "I jewed him down" are racist. The folks who had never met (worked with, dated, went school with) anyone of color, and assumed that a judge named Lopez must be Castilian (certainly couldn't be Mexican!), were my favorite brand of moron.

  • So many of the racists I've known, particularly in Oregon, buried it, or were ignorant of the fact that phrases like "I jewed him down" are racist.

    Yes … and down South we hear "nigger-rig" a lot too (as in, "the way that plumber nigger-rigged that pipe it was bound to blow …." My husband works with a bunch of racist old farts, people in their 70s and 80s. I remember one using the n-word with me, can't even remember what the context was. She whispered it, like that made it OK. She quickly learned that, at least where I'm concerned, it is NOT.

  • Bile…. rising… again… AHHHHGH! I HATE Mark Steyn!

    Does anyone else remeber when the Atlantic gave him an obituary column? His priorities were clear:

    1. Autistic far-right politics
    2. Snappy, punny, aliterative, thoroughly cloying prose style
    6. The dead person I'm getting paid to fucking eulogize

    He's Michael Savage with a thesaurus.

    Ah, the Atlantic and its tone-deaf contrarianism. Without it, there would be no Slate.

  • @Sbeale

    About 15 years ago, I walked out on the factory floor with a gaggle of pieces and parts to test the feasibility of an idea.

    I assembled a contraption out of pasteboard, a piece of copper pipe, plastic tubing piping a mineral type oil, clamps, rubber bands, and modeling clay to hold some of the items together. The product was linear and continuous and had the oil applied in a particular fashion.

    The shift changed and a new operator (and an old friend) Booker D, a 50 year old Black American (my age), walked up to me and my assembled mess.

    He grinned real big at me and said "Bobby, you know what that is….I can say it, but you can't" He laughed hard and walked away.

    And you know, he was right.


  • @bb in GA:

    He grinned real big at me and said "Bobby, you know what that is….I can say it, but you can't"

    ZOMG. How oppressed did you feel by that statement?


  • Goytotheworld says:

    @bb in GA:

    I would call the ACLU for you, but somehow I doubt they have jurisdiction in whatever portion of your ass you just pulled that story out of.

  • GttW:

    I respect the fact that there is no way for anyone to verify the truth of any anecdote related here.

    I tell this (true) story to lighten up a little here on NPF.

    Y'all have a peaceful weekend


  • @bb in GA

    You see: "Cheney – the steely eyed throw-back to the cold war"

    I see: Cheney – the guy who got six (count 'em) deferments from 'Nam while better men went in his place.

  • MKong:

    This might be pretty narrow for the young 'uns, but I never bought into the 'draft dodger' or 'chicken hawk' charges against people like Pres Clinton, VP Cheney, etc.

    I was I-A after college and was never drafted and did not volunteer.

    The numbers don't support the charge. Draftees accounted for ~24% of the Army (the only branch that drafted with minor exceptions*) during the VN era and your chances of being shipped to SE Asia were about 40% as a draftee.

    As an officer (if drafted OCS was readily available to college grads like Pres Clinton and VP Cheney) your chances of going to VN were even lower although if you took the gig, your commitment would be longer.

    *I think the Marines had a small contingent of draftees, but their brass hated it bad. I don't remember if Medical Doctors were still being drafted (Remember Capt Pierce in the movie/TV show MASH was a draftee in the Korean War)


  • Maybe so, but one has no credibility whatsoever as "Steely eyed cold warrior" when they took every possible opportunity to keep their precious butt away from danger when the opportunity presented itself.

    I think the kids today would call that being a "poser".

    "War is delightful to those who have never experienced it" – Erasmus

    (I mean the kinda thing the people in the room would have recanted on their deathbeds)
    For example:
    Why didn't your mother spit you on the floor?

    It would have been the most interesting evening any one has ever had

    Does this mean you don't hang out with many people of colour?

  • Then again Ed, perhaps you were the entertainment for that party… just to see how you would react.

    Anyway.. nice friends.

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