Monday night was a long, successful night of stand-up. Tuesday's post is coming, but it will be a little later than usual. Check back around noon at the latest.
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8 thoughts on “DOT DOT DOT”

  • HoosierPoli says:

    Stand-up comedy and teaching are actually very similar disciplines. In fact, in Germany they have a long tradition of what is called Kabarett, which is stand-up infused with incisive political satire that informs and entertains.

    If you have 50 minutes, you owe it to yourself to watch Herr Pispers tear shit up:

  • Volker Pispers is pretty unpopular here in conservative Bavaria – mainly because Germany's North-South dynamic is similar to the U.S.'s. But Bavaria is the Texas of Germany, just with better schools, economy, and standard of living. Of course, Bavarian conservatism would still be pretty far left of the Democrats in the U.S.

    That being said, Pispers has a pretty commanding knowledge of history and I agree with him on much of what he says in that program from 2004.

  • I'm with Matthew on this one.

    Also, not to be creepy, but I dreamed last night that you and I were playing in a rock band together. You were mad at me because I had no idea wtf I was doing (apparently I was trying to string a guitar upside-down). You yelled at me a lot.

    It felt like old times. :)

  • Nice. Keep it up. You'll find your stand-up to be much more enlightening for your audience than any bully pulpit you might own on the professor circuit and a whole lot more financially rewarding potentially. Academia is for egotists and people who want to sleep with undergrads….hold on, maybe academia is for me after all.

    BTW, I have a suggestion for some material for you. I am currently in this running argument with this buffoon who goes on and on about how we need to strictly adhere to the Constitution and that the government should only exist to secure our liberty. My response is: so according to your thinking on this, we need the government for two things, to secure our liberty and to secure our mail delivery? That's not that funny but you could extrapolate for hours on stage just on the notion of what exactly liberty means to certain people. For instance, the definition of liberty to me is allowing me to work naked in my cube and to randomly accuse my boss, during meetings he chairs, of barbaric acts of cruelty and infidelity. That would be true freedom to me. Should I try to lobby my senator to make this happen? And, if such legislative enactment can't come to pass, is this an infringement upon my liberty? Discuss.

  • Did you open with an earthquake joke? I would have gone with a "well if anyone is equipped to handle a nuclear emergency" type joke!

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