Last night was a comedy night, so a real post is still forthcoming. For now, I said the following about Evan Bayh in March of 2010 while criticizing Ezra Klein's overly deferential interview of the retiring gasbag:

Now that he has had this spiritual epiphany he's quitting a position of tremendous power because attempting to fix the problem would be too hard. Thanks for playing. I have fifty bucks that says he takes a lobbying job six months after his term ends.

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I want my $50. And for the Chamber of Commerce of all places. What, Lockheed Martin wasn't hiring?

10 thoughts on “BAYH BAYH BABY”

  • HoosierPoli says:

    No one in their right mind would have taken that bet. The revolving door is the new kickback, and by new I mean quite old.

  • What a smarmy, slimey fuckwad. I rarely use the word hate, but in this instance…I hate this man. Fuck him. I hope he chokes on his wife's dick.

  • Well, isn't that why you go into politics these days…so you can get a big fat job afterwards with the people you shilled for while in Congress?

    (Wanna bet that's what Brary does when his days in the Oval Office are over?)

  • My long shot "What the fuck is he thinking?" response is that he wants to be VP on the Republican ticket. That's the only thing I can think of with his ridiculous 180 degree spin from "Washington is too partisan" to ingratiating himself to the worst of corporatism via the Chamber and a contract with Fox News.

    He's just finally made it complete acceptable to say what nearly every Democrat in Indiana has thought for years, that the guy is a dick and only cares about himself. There were plenty of that opinion, just too many afraid to say it since his lackeys controlled the state party.

  • Middle Seaman says:

    Bayh represents legions of Americans who thing that the Republicans are nice people. When the revolution comes, we'll get rid of them all. (We dream.)

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