If anyone offers you the opportunity to close out a comedy show before an audience of humorless feminists, accept the challenge. When the people whose mission in life it is to be offended start yelling shit at the stage – because you told a Sarah Palin joke – aggressively lecture them about how comedy works and why their bizarre, provincial worldview ensures that they'll never be able to enjoy it. It's exhilarating.


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64 Responses to “WAR”

  1. grumpygradstudent Says:

    Everything is offensive to somebody. A joke about hepatitis c might offend me (my dad died of it). And believe it or not, I HAVe heard hep c jokes. They don't offend me, but that's just because…well, I don't know why, they just don't. But just about every human being has some kind of line somewhere, right?

    Seems to me you gotta just do what you think is funny and let the audiences feel however they want to feel about you. Yeah, you're going to offend some people, but to completely get rid of that danger, you'd have to be Bob fucking Hope. And that kind of humor can be funny too, but if it's not who you are, what's the fucking point of doing it?

    By the way, the identity politics obsession with language and terminology over policy and action is retarded (yes, i said retarded…let the righteous indignation fly).

  2. Arslan Says:

    @Jezebella "No. That's why we're planning a revolution. What did you say your name was?"

    LOL!!! Your "revolution" was easily co-opted by Madison avenue, repacked, and sold. Hmm…maybe if you find a new word for revolution, for example, re-revolution, and get everyone to start saying it, it will come true!

  3. megamahan Says:

    I second Amused's "minor observation". I don't know that you were necessarily dealing with "feminists". Their views may rate on that scale, but the offense they took may have been due to a more personal experience rather than political belief. That personal experience may be their own or that of a friend.

    You've got to understand that there are some more extreme cases of domestic violence that involve sexual abuse that may include the pimping out of a spouse, girlfriend, or daughter. That's definitely not the "average" domestic violence scenario, but when you're dealing with a domestic violence benefit, there is greater likelihood that there will be some people there that are personally familiar with some of the more extreme cases. I think that may have been the point of the "safe and inclusive" comment of the audience member.

    That said, I think that nothing is sacred when it comes to humor. Fuck everything. Just don't take that audience reaction as being due to "feminism". Unless you're making a clever joke about it.

  4. Arslan Says:

    By the way, I'm calling bullshit on Killer's post. I think it was a troll attempt. A successful one I might add.

  5. Cyberwulf Says:

    Damn, Ed, you've made me see the light. Hooker jokes are funny, especially when they're about Sarah Palin. Man, she's just like a hooker! She's just like a woman that men pay to rape! Ahaha! Just like a woman who tarts herself up to attract customers so she'll earn money for her pimp and thus avoid a beating! LOL! You know what would be really funny? If Sarah Palin was a teenage girl who was kidnapped by human traffickers and forced into a life of prostitution, rape and violence! ROFLMAO MY SIDES ARE SPLITTING

  6. Cassie Says:

    Man, I… I just don't know. I like Gin and Tacos. And I like Ed, at least internet Ed we see here. And context… context is important and we've been given none of that. But I can't help but think, would you tell the same joke about a man and would you expect it to be as funny? It's hard for me to imagine you would, which for me would be reason enough not to tell the joke in the first place.

  7. Amused Says:

    I don't want to speak for Ed, but I think he would have no problem calling a male politician a "hooker". However, as much as I am disgusted by Killer's misogynistic comments, he does make an important point. If you say about a man, that he is a "prostitute", you are also saying, in effect, that he is a woman, and it's really hard to parse what it is people will delight in — the implication that this man will sell himself to anyone who will pay, or that he is a chick to will sell herself to anyone who will pay to screw her. Sexual objectification is a big part of calling someone a hooker, and men simply aren't sexually objectified in our culture, not really.

    With that in mind, there really isn't a male equivalent of calling a woman a prostitute.

  8. Tosh Says:

    I was making art out of doors on fine Saturday and just as I laid out the canvas, a large bird SHIT on it. True story… I just looked up to the bird and the sky a loudly proclaimed:
    "Everybodies a fucking critic"

  9. Prudence Says:

    Oh Ed, if only you'd done a test run with the humourless bitches of Jezebel.com

  10. Arslan Says:

    Oh come on, Cyberwulf. According to another commentator on this site, prostitution, oh sorry, I mean "sex work", is a job like any other job. And I realize this is true. Back when I was in the States, I used to address retail clerks and waitresses as "bitches" and "sluts", and routinely instructed them to "suck my cock" while fondling them. So yeah, it's just like any other job.

  11. grumpygradstudent Says:

    Right. And my grandpa's hand got cut off in a combine. So, yeah…you know…NOTHING can compare to the horror of being called a slut.

  12. Amused Says:

    "Right. And my grandpa's hand got cut off in a combine. So, yeah

  13. Amused Says:

    "Right. And my grandpa's hand got cut off in a combine. So, yeah…you know…NOTHING can compare to the horror of being called a slut."

    Right. And my grandmother's best friend got blown up into tiny little bloody pieces during a bombing raid, which beats your grandpa's precious accident, I guess. Plus I know someone who has been suffering from muscular dystrophy for the past 25 years, which is also worse than getting one's hand cut off. *Eyeroll* What's your point? That because being called a slut isn't the Absolute Worst Thing in the Universe, no one should be upset at it, regardless of context? Isn't it something that can be applied to everything?

    Rape: not a big deal, because murder is worse.
    Murder: not a big deal, because torture is worse. (Unless it's torture-murder, I guess.)
    Losing hand in a farming accident: not a big deal, because cancer is worse.
    Institutional racism: not a big deal, because hey, being discriminated against isn't as bad as actual genocide.
    Pervasive sexism: not a big deal, because hey, ladies, at least no one is cutting out your genitals with a broken piece of glass, so show a little appreciation, mkay?
    Rise of religious fundamentalism: nothing to worry about because, are you kidding?? There are starving children in Africa!!

    Jesus Christ, do people even think before they post stupid crap like that?

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