As 2011 rolls to a close, Gin and Tacos celebrates eight (!!!!) years of providing commentary, useful information, intriguing facts, lively discussion, and dick jokes every weekday with few exceptions. Even though traffic has increased consistently over the years, the site remains and will remain free of advertisements. If you have to ask why, you must be new.

Sticking to that policy based on principle has a downside that becomes apparent in late December when the annual hosting bill arrives. So here is where I give you a number of options.

1. You can do nothing and continue to enjoy the site for free. This is called "free riding", and it's an entirely rational behavior. Follow me on Facebook if you'd like an extra daily dose of absurd humor and penetrating insight.

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2. You can use this tip jar / donation link to contribute an amount of your choosing to defray the costs of this site. If you happen to be saddled with extra cash and feel like donating fifty bucks, I will be extremely grateful. However, if donating fifty cents is more in line with your current budget, my gratitude will be no less. If every reader chipped in a buck it would cover the site costs for years. And if the Queen had a dick, she'd be the king.

Anyway, your tips and contributions are (obviously) voluntary but greatly appreciated.

3. If Mancur Olson was right about providing selective benefits, perhaps you could be encouraged to part with a small sum of money in return for something tangible. So there are stickers. They are perfect for your laptop, bumper, guitar case, locker, bike helmet, front door (keep the missionaries away), bong, or forehead. In the absence of clothing, one or more stickers can be placed hastily over your genitals.

3" x 5" stickers on heavy white vinyl – $3.50 (shipping included, unless it's outside of the U.S.)

Thanks in advance for any help you choose to offer. Regardless of whether you contribute, I sincerely thank you for supporting the site by continuing to read. You are the wind beneath my wings.

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27 Responses to “THE HARD SELL”

  1. fuzzbuzz215 Says:

    Who you shit a brick if one of your students had a G&T sticker on their laptop?

  2. wetcasements Says:

    I'm pretty sure you don't read comments, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you ivory-tower ensconced effete librul you. I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

  3. HoosierPoli Says:

    How I love the namedropping of qualifying-exam reading-list authors.

  4. fuzzbuzz215 Says:

    Er…would you*

    And I bought a sticker.

  5. Ed W. Says:

    Here's something that might make you feel better when you're feeling down–some random guy who you've never met just gave you at least *twice* as much money as he recently spent to buy a concert download from the galactically-famous Louis CK. This may or may not mean that you're twice as good of a writer as he is a comedian, but it's not nothing . . .

  6. E* Says:

    I look forward to wearing my sticker bikini next summer.

  7. heydave Says:

    Yeah, well, you broke the wind beneath my wings, too.

  8. MarkC Says:

    I want a G&T logo that's less literal and more ironic, and I want it on a coffee mug not a sticker. How much would that set me back?

  9. Vinny Says:

    Got the sticker. Need a tee shirt.

  10. Da Moose Says:

    The Queen doesn't have a dick?

  11. Amanda Says:


  12. ladiesbane Says:

    Coffee mug AND t-shirt. The stickers are lovely, but they lack a sense of purpose without a skateboard or binder. My device skins are taken, and my guitar cases are soft. So the mug is for me, but the t-shirt is free advertising on a highly visible balcony — my gift to you. Zazzle is waiting.

  13. Shane Says:

    Totally agree on the coffee mug front. There are only so many places I can display the decals. (Also I can't decide if you would be bemused or horrified to know that I proudly display my G&T sticker along side my NPR decal and Coexist bumper sticker).

    Until then though, I will happily donate to the cause (right after the first of the month that is, when my bank account will be replenished).

  14. Fearguth Says:

    I donated, but only because of the dick jokes.

  15. anotherbozo Says:

    Any chance of a P.O. Box number to which I could send an envelope of untraceable cash? Seriously, my desire to contribute is overwhelmed by an aversion to my wife's finding an inexplicable donation on our credit card bill and the ensuing argument over our poverty outweighing any good causes, yada yada.

  16. tybee Says:

    i'll rummage through the couch cushions and see what i can find…

  17. chautauqua Says:

    Speaking of which, are the iconic Gin and Tacos a proletarian statement, or just some sort of ironic dietary choice?

  18. Ellie Says:

    When you get my donation, remember – I had to give up two skim-milk lattes for it. Except I hardly ever drink lattes, generally sticking with homebrew-joe-in-a-travel-mug to save money. Money that I then give to you and your ilk. So I guess its more like the donation is coming out of the "I don't buy over-priced coffee drinks so that I can afford charitable pittances when asked nicely" fund.

  19. Jacquie Says:

    I kicked in for a sticker. I hope it smells like China.

  20. Neal Deesit Says:

    I really don't need a whole sticker to cover my genitals, and I don't drink. Can I get a half of one (1.5" x 5") that says just "Tacos" for $1.75?

  21. Ike Says:

    Just sent in $12. A buck a month. G&T lives permanently in one of my browser tabs, refreshed regularly. Keep on rockin' Ed.

  22. Nunya Says:

    I'm glad to contribute to your efforts. Now can someone please shit can David Brooks and give Ed a spot on the NY Times editorial staff?

  23. ColoradoDem Says:

    Happy to donate. Hope $25 will make a dent in the hosting costs. I've been a daily reader for nearly a year – love your work! Keep the dick jokes coming.

  24. Tom Says:

    Why do you hate advertising?

  25. Mike the Mad Biologist Says:

    Just kicked in, but how about also offering t-shirts? I would definitely buy a t-shirt for too much money.

  26. jeneria Says:

    I bought stickers. I pity the first vehicle I see with a Bush/Cheney sticker.

  27. eau Says:

    $15 for you, sir. That's fifteen AUD, which (if my calculations are correct) should come to around about… fifteen USD. Huh.

    This number reflects not what I think this site is worth to me, but the amount I feel I can comfortably part with right now.

    Keep on pumping out the good stuff.