1. Even though it was just a speech and he'll probably go back to being the Great Compromiser tomorrow morning, it was pleasing to see Angry Populist Man tonight…although he just couldn't help himself with the constant, appeasing references to debt reduction, reduced spending, and the like.

2. To quote Chief Wiggum, "Maybe lay off the Asians, Lou." He got quite a bit of mileage out of bashing China, no? I half expected him to bring kindly old Mr. Wong who owns the dry cleaners around the corner onto the podium so the assembled legislators could pelt him with tomatoes.

3. "OK, pan to Camera 2. Now back to Camera 1. Good. Let's switch to a wide shot of the presidential box in a few seconds….OH CRAP, HE MENTIONED ISRAEL! QUICK! LOCATE AND ZOOM IN ON A JEW! HURRY, BEFORE THE MOMENT IS GONE!"

4. I have no idea what speech Mitch Daniels or Ari Fleischer (who was bellyaching on CNN immediately afterward) watched, but it sounds like it was full of crazy ideas and un-American rhetoric.

5. Mitch McConnell might just be the worst person on Earth, and that's saying something on a planet inhabited by Newt Gingrich and the people who created True Blood.


  • Mitch McConnell might just be the worst person on Earth

    This on a planet which still provides breath to Richard Bruce Cheney, Phil Gramm, Tom DeLay, Oliver North, Roger Stone, Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers, Scott Walker, James Taranto, Bill Kristol, James Inhofe, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Jon Kyl, Joe Lieberman, and Pam Geller ?

  • Middle Seaman says:

    I had the strong impression that Obama doesn't really understand what he is saying. As in a German opera singer who sings in Italian. It may sound good, but. Apropos Israel and the Jews, I am one of the tribe, Israeli twitters and American Jewish twitter ridiculed Obama for mentioning Israel twice and totally omitting the Palestinian state.

    Can he just go away?

  • c u n d gulag says:

    I thought Obama gave a good SOTU.
    He's in campaign mode, and can say whatever he wants, because this Congress won't let him pass anything he talked about.

    I didn

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Huh, the rest of my comment got cut-off.

    Since I know the suspense is killing you, here are the rest of my word-turds:

    I didn’t stick around for Lil’ Mitch’s STFU response.

    Why would I?
    It was going to be their typical BS lying talking points. Whatever Obama’s for, they’re against – except the military. Only he doesn’t want to go into Iran, and they do.

  • "Can he just go away?"

    Maybe, but you ain't gonna like what replaces him.

    The Democrats are a lot like the Weimar Republic. Disorganized, ineffective, torn by factions, centrist at best – and infinitely preferable to what followed.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't remember seeing this before, but what was up with the one camera angle where the lens flare made it look like shafts of light from heaven shining down upon Obama as he spoke?

  • My wife and I watched it, and we kept laughing and saying, "election year!" So many policy proposals means to appeal to narrow groups, with nary a chance of passage.

    Strangely enough, Obama is not exactly turning into Angry Progressive, he's sort of morphing into Angry Post-Partisan with Progressive Tendencies. I thought at one point he was going to say that there isn't a Red America, and a Blue America . . . but the United States of America!

  • "I have no idea what speech Mitch Daniels or Ari Fleischer .. watched"

    They watched the one in their heads; you know – the one read off the teleprompter by Barack Hussein Satan, co-written by Lenin and Hitler. The great advantage to doing it that way is that you're ready with your responses before the speech officially starts. I suppose Mitch waited until afterwards only because he's a stickler for formality.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    But you're got to love the chooootspah of the Republicans, who send out Bush's budget director, and the Governor of a state where the unemployment has tracked ahead of the national average, to come on and scold Obama for the deficit and his inability to create jobs overnight, after 30 years of the Conservative's attempts to kill the middle class.

    Well, Bill Kristol wanted Lil' Mitch, and I suppose the party had to reward him for helping to kill organized labor in Indiana, so they gave him face-time.
    After all, he's one of their white knights for 2016. Or, is it one of their hooded White KKKnights?

  • New York Magazine has a collection of GIFs of Eric Cantor making vaguely human expressions via his facial interactive portal. The snake-like lip wetting/searching his immediate surrounding for prey was especially nice.

  • Israeli twitters and American Jewish twitter ridiculed Obama for mentioning Israel twice and totally omitting the Palestinian state.

    This is because he MUST pander to AIPAC. All American politicians must pander to AIPAC. Whether it is in the best interests of the United States or not.

  • I didn't watch but a few minutes here and there of our deal leader. But Ed, are you Mitched up?

    Is this just projectile vomiting on McConnell (who I know is not on your Christmas card list) just becuz or did you mean Daniels?


  • I thought the Pres gave a very nice speech that in a world that made some sort of sense would have been delivered by a Republican. The mantra I heard was more tax breaks for businesses.

    Of course the world does not make sense, and hasn't for close on 20 years. Or maybe it's 40.

    Mitch Daniels couldn't put two sentences together without uttering some bold, egregious lie.

    bb in Ga –

    The camera did cast it's baleful eye onto McConnell once or twice, and Cantor, too. It was really quite difficult to tell which of them is more reptilian.

    As rwlorenz said in comments to Krugman's brief post on the Daniels lie-a-thon:

    Why the shock or surprise that Republicans lie about all economic matters. If their comments were connected to reality, they would be admitting that their economic policies are failures. There is a simple formula: there are two types of conservatives in modern American politics, those who make up the lies and those who fall for them.




  • Is it bad that when I see Eric Cantor, I quite literally can't stop from screaming at the television, "fuck you, you cockgobbling corporate whore…" ???

    I mean, this political / election season has seen some interesting political animals. We've seen the Gingrich, the only political animal flexible enough to be a one man human centipede. We've seen the Cantor, a political animal like a hydra because the more heads he has, the lobbyists he can fellate at once. The guy's turned taking political money into a volume business enough to make the Walton's blush. I'd say we've seen the Romney, but even political animals have heartbeats…

    Anyway, the SOTU was…nice. But, it depends. Is the takeaway, we end up with fracking and unfunded enforcement agencies? Or is it that we end up with a small, but significant green energy start (Navy purchase) and actual investigations of the mortgage crimes….finally?

    We'll see.

    Lastly, I think there's one Republican who no one's listening to who isn't completely nuts, Buddy Roemer. I'd love to see him in one of the debates. Just one…

  • I listened to about 10 minutes of it.

    The very nature of the SOTU address is that it will be mostly a bunch of hooey.

    I mean, the President isn't going to stand up and say "My fellow Americans, the country is fucked, and you're all fucked. Thank you. Good night." — which is about the only truthful speech he could make, at this point.

  • Hawes, good reference. Watching the GOP top leadership speak – well, it makes David Icke look less crazy, and that's saying something.

    I'm disappointed by Obama, There, I said it. That said, I voted for Clinton twice, so clearly my political gag reflex is less pronounced than my actual gag reflex. At this point, if Obama is taken by the mothership between now and November, the Dems could nominate Ted Kennedy's rotting corpse and not lose my vote.

    Just call me Blue Dog, son of Bloe Dog.

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