As long as we're on the subject, here is the iconic photo taken by Hubert van Es showing civilians clamoring to be taken aboard an American helicopter on the roof of the U.S. Embassy:

Except that isn't the U.S. Embassy. The rooftop evacuation actually took place on a building known then as the Pittman Apartments, where many workers from the various embassies lived. It stands at 22 Ly Tu Trong Street today, just blocks from the new U.S. Consulate (which is not the same structure as the War-era U.S. Embassy).

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3 Responses to “RFNPR: THE ROOFTOP”

  1. ts46064 Says:

    Evacuated to the safety of the USS Walter Mondale

  2. Jaime Says:

    "Not an aircraft carrier – no, sir! It's a laundry ship!"

    Also, too, that particular UH-1 helo belongs to Air America, the 'civilian' aviation services company run/owned by the CIA.

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