Part II from Monday's post will have to wait a day; this is a story I have to pass along.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating why a couple was confronted at gunpoint by neighbors and then arrested and forced to spend the night in jail when they tried to move into the home they had just purchased, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Jean Kalonji, an immigrant from the Congo, said that being confronted by armed neighbors brought back painful memories.
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The Kalonji family had just closed on a foreclosed home and were told by their real estate agent they should go over to the house and change the locks.

But when Jean Kalonji and his wife, Angelica, started working at the home, an armed man and another person who appeared to be the man’s son allegedly confronted them.

"He say to put the hands up and get out from the house, otherwise he would shoot us," the husband told Channel 2.

The neighbors didn’t believe the couple when they told them they had bought the home and called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. The Kalonjis didn’t have the closing papers with them, so deputies arrested them, charged them with loitering and prowling and took them to jail.

A few things.

First, I'm not surprised they were arrested. Being in a foreclosed (and presumably unoccupied) home without any proof of ownership or residence…I can see why the cops would be suspicious. That is not the issue. I would, however, love to hear an explanation of why it took a full day to verify that they own the home and release them from jail.

Second, "Mark Mitchell, spokesman for the Newton Sheriff’s Office, said authorities are 'looking into it, exactly what occurred, why it occurred.'" That's big of them.

Finally, I'm starting to realize that the NRA is right.
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Guns don't kill people; people kill people. So I'm not sure why they fight to ensure that every walking personality disorder in this country can get his hands on a bunch of guns. I'm not sure if it's something in the water down here or if this is a predictable response to social and economic problems over the past few years, but there seems to be a spike in suburban commandos embracing their fantasies and playing Cop. Rather than calling the police and reporting, "There are some strange people in a vacant home across the street. Please check it out." these rocket scientists decided that the best course of action was to swing into vigilante mode and start pointing guns at (black, not coincidentally) people.

I'm at a loss to explain why an appreciable portion of the American public seems to view this as rational behavior.
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Maybe the same way that WebMD has turned everyone into a doctor and the internet has made everyone into an expert on everything, some people believe that having a gun turns them into a cop. I almost wish the homeowners had been burglars – armed ones with hair trigger tempers, so that perhaps the two gun-wielding neighbors would have ended up a cautionary tale to other would-be Rambos making decisions in a cocktail of racism, delusions of grandeur, and fear.
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35 thoughts on “I'LL HANDLE IT!”


    Now, Ed. I'm sure that it'll turn out that the neighbour was asian, or one of the cops was latino, or (…), and as we all know any one of these things will prove beyond all doubt that this was not about race!

  • Middle Seaman says:

    We are at a point that the powers to be scare the crap out of everyone. Terrorist are hiding behind every corner, criminal are roaming the streets, home invasion (used to be called a break in) happen on every block. We must have guns to protect us. (Never mind that people don't know how use guns efficiently.)

    Many states allow you to shot someone if they don't look right to you. Our legal system hobbles slowly towards either anarchy or moral bankruptcy.

    Why are we surprised that a black guy with a foreign accent is attacked by the Calvary?

  • It's this weird dichotomy particularly in the American psyche. We even see it here about how on one hand the Govt is our saviour, but on the other DHS, drones, NSA, etc.

    We starve Govt of its ability to provide basic services, lighting, roads, fire and police. Hamstring authority by at least giving it basic level of respect to the uniform. Yet scream when these services fail to operate as they should.

    It's funny how these NRA fanatics are afraid the Govt's going to take their guns, and then run around making threats against the Govt about "2nd Amendment remedies". All the while if you're quietly going about your business, have the appropriate licences and tags, and no one is hurt/threatened by the weapons in your possession then the Govt leaves you alone. But these morons don't get that going Sharon Angle and Ted Nugent brings them to the authorities' attention. And given recent history, threats have to be taken seriously.

    From the transcript from Chris Hayes' show, it sounded like that half-wit had been waiting his whole life to go Dirty Harry on someone.

    @Middle: the only fatalities brought by Calvary were Sin and Death. Do you mean cavalry?

  • I'm pretty sure the only lesson those Rambo wannabes would learn from the violent death of their fellow dumbasses is that they must shoot the scary black people without wasting time asking what they're doing here.

    Isn't that why they're pushing for all those license to kill laws?

  • "Maybe the same way that WebMD has turned everyone into a doctor and the internet has made everyone into an expert on everything, some people believe that having a gun turns them into a cop."

    I wonder if watching COPS non-stop for 25 years has convinced some people that yes, they are pretty much trained to be police officers.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Ah, the NRA.
    It's new motto ought to be:
    "Open Season on Liberals and Non-white people. No Bag Limit!"

    It's coming to the point where I, a stalwart Liberal, who is adamantly FOR gun control, am thinking of buying a gun to protect myself from frightened, gun-toting, DNA damaged/deficient, sociopathic yahoo's, with itchy trigger-fingers, the mental capacity of mushrooms, and all of the empathy of bricks.

    And THAT'S exactly the NRA's mission – to sell more guns. As many as they can. To whomever they can.

    Getting Liberals to buy guns is their last untapped market.

    Right now, the NRA, which started out as a lobbying firm for gun manufacturers, has turned into some form of social club for Conservative, cave-dwelling, knuckle-dragging, gun fetishist, drooling morons, with tiny and limp dicks – and the people who love them, no matter how jaw-droppingly stupid, ignorant, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and psychotically violent they may be.

    Maybe they figure, even if they get a gun to protect themselves from the ConservaCrazies, the minute a Liberal gets a gun, his/her IQ will drop a couple of dozen points, their brows will join together, their jaws will slacken, and they'll have to be more careful to avoid stepping on their their own drool and knuckles as they walk.

    NRA – National Rube Association.
    Buy a gun.
    Be more dumb.

    Is it wrong of me to think that a gun license should be more difficult to obtain than a drivers license?

  • c u n d gulag says:

    No pick-up truck for his wuss, MK – just a 4-cylinder Saturn Vue with Obama bumper stricker's on the front and rear.

    When I lived in Fayetteville, NC, that spells – T-A-R-G-E-T!

  • SiubhanDuinne says:

    Lede graf of AJC story:

    A Newton County man and his son who authorities said held a gun on the new owners of a neighboring home were arrested Monday night and charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass.

  • "I almost wish the homeowners had been burglars – armed ones with hair trigger tempers, so that perhaps the two gun-wielding neighbors would have ended up a cautionary tale …."

    Really? You can't program the next week of Fox News just from that detail? Seven days of 24-hour paeons to the brave and neighborly martyrs of this American neighborhood, irresponsible reporting of rumors and innuendo about the investigation of the burglars, casual associations of immigration into the story, and endless bloviating about how this proves the need for stand-your-ground laws and how the liberal media's not reporting on that, huh? huh?!

    So I think you mean you wish they were white well-armed shoot-first burglars.

  • Statistically, gun ownership tends to be a self-limiting phenomenon. Some of them last long enough to spawn.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    I hope this poor couple can now quickly sell the house they just bought, after their "friendly" new neighbors got arrested for aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass.

    Nothing like sitting in your new house, waiting for your armed yahoo neighbor's to come home after their trial, or jail-time.

    Somehow or other, I don't think bringing over a chicken casserole or pound cake, will do much to ease the tension.

    I wonder what "Dear Abby" would say?

  • I notice from the article that the new home owners are ages 61 and 57!
    That's rather outside the demographic of your average burglar I would think.

  • I think the NRA is using the playbook that worked for SUV's. First, market enormous top-heavy behemoths to downtrodden suburban drivers. Sell them as freedom! power! By the time you've saturated that market – driving tanks at 80 mph has begun to lay waste to the rest of the cars on the highway, you expand your market by touting – Safety! Surround yourself with 3 tons of steel or die! By the end of the cycle you're at: "How can you buy that gas-sipping sedan? Don't you love your children?" I'm sure every time one of the NRA's gun un-laws results in another high-profile massacre, their membership goes up.

  • @Major Kong

    Ignoramus – from the Latin – 'We do not know.'

    Not enough info about 35 years ago. Was she convicted of anything? Apparently not.

    Did she shoot the people in Georgia – Ignoramus – 'We do not know.'

    George and Trayvon – at this point – Ignoramus – we do not know.


  • @bb

    The two men shot by Miss Lulu were obviously members of a "neighborhood watch" responding to a "suspicious-looking individual" and were merely "standing their ground".

  • HoosierPoli says:

    Guns are to adults what tonka trucks are to children: power fantasy. Every person who keeps a gun in their glovebox is just ACHING for a chance to be the hero, and so they tend to jump when they think they have one.

    Guns enable stupid people to do disproportionately stupid things; that's why they will always do more harm than good.

  • As one of that rare breed of pro-gun liberal, I peruse a number of gun forums (mostly because I'm a masochist). Even pro-gun people are saying the wannabe Batmen were idiots.

    Every reputable gun training and self defense school teaches de-escalation. You don't pull out a gun unless you believe that you or someone else is about to die. And the best way to avoid being hurt yourself is to avoid any conflict in the first place. Property isn't worth killing or dying for.

  • I'm a pro-gun liberal. I own several. I just never felt the need to carry one around in public.

    I tend to agree with the NRA – guns don't kill, people do. So I'm not sure why they think every walking personality disorder in this country should be carrying one at all times.

  • Fifth Dentist says:


    Well, if the hood fits, wear it.

    (I know you were being snarky. I'm referring to the redneck yahoos in this scenario as the hood-wearers.)
    And as a Georgian I know they're as numerous as gnats. And equally mindless and annoying.

  • @BB You just can't let go your fury that America condemns a thug with a history of violence and over-reactionary paranoia toward minorities who killed a young teenager who had the gall to be walking and talking on his cellphone while walking home with Skittles in his pocket .

  • Well, since Jason mainly covered what I want to say, I'll just add that I'm constantly amused by the anti-gun crowd's perception of the NRA as 1) the only impetus behind nonrestrictive gun laws, and 2) a devious, brainwashing secret society that tricks people into supporting gun ownership when they otherwise wouldn't. Sure, the NRA is a powerful lobbying organization, but the idea that without their dastardly influence, everyone would be anti-gun, is ridiculously condescending at best. Or can I blame the brainwashing influence of organizations like the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center for the positions anti-gun people take, since apparently nobody is capable of forming an opinion on gun laws without the help of a lobbyist?

  • @BB You just can't let go your fury that America condemns a thug with a history of violence and over-reactionary paranoia toward minorities who killed a young teenager who had the gall to be walking and talking on his cellphone while walking home with Skittles in his pocket .

    What's more than that, Zimmerman as much as admitted in open court that he shot the kid when he shouldn't have, by apologizing to the Martin family, and that makes bb's whole (very specious) "wait and see what happens" argument go away. Not to say that Zimmerman didn't owe the Martin family an apology and some justice, but from a criminal defense perspective apologizing like that was a big mistake. I wouldn't be surprised if his (second!) defense team at least tries to drop him.

  • I don't drink often, but next time I go out, I'm asking for a "cocktail of racism, delusions of grandeur, and fear." Maybe that will help make the news make more sense to me…

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