I'm sick and so is my rat. But I bet you hear that excuse a lot.

Today I'm farming you out to Mike Konczal, who nailed this Post of the Year caliber look at how little the Romney 2012 agenda differs from that of previous GOP candidates in 2008, 2006, or 2004. The short answer is that it doesn't. Like, at all. It's a one-size-fits-all agenda for economic times high and low. If the economy's growing, great! Cut taxes and privatize everything. If the economy is mired in recession, there's a plan for that too! Cut taxes and privatize everything.

So the answer is to cut taxes. Now what was the question?

I really appreciate that post because that is the hardest kind to write – the kind that begins with a premise we know intuitively to be true but which requires a lot of legwork to actually prove. Well done. Yet I suspect that Mike is prouder of this lengthy explanation of current monetary policy using only animated gifs.

10 thoughts on “THE ETERNAL ANSWER”

  • The GOP works and represents the 1%. Matt Taibbi said as much yesterday. The actual agenda of the rich is return of South American old regimes. That is, 1% of very rich and the rest 99% are poor and obedient.

    Cut taxes on the rich, eliminating Medicare and Social Security and limiting the ability to vote are the implementation of GOP policy since 1980.

    What a country, 50% vote for making themselves very poor.

  • Sorry to hear your rat is not well. You too I guess. Perhaps a double helping of gin and tacos would get you both over the hump! Rest up and get well soon.

  • Rats can have a new relevance, on the one hand we have policies favoring wide spread prosperity, where more folks can afford a pet rat, on the other hand, policies favoring wealth stratification and reduction of services to most of the population, encouraging the spread of more wild rats. I've an idea which rat I want to see.

  • Of course it's always tax cuts and privatization. It's like a religion with these folks. They just KNOW this stuff has to work.

  • And when they get in and DO privatize and cut taxes, and everything goes to shit, obviously the problem was not cutting taxes ENOUGH and privatizing ENOUGH.

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