A > B, B > C…C > A

Sorry to do this twice in one week, folks, but I'm really struggling at the moment. Most of what I've written with the intent of posting lately is too depressing and/or angry even by my standards. Birthdays depress the hell out of me, as does living alone in a new (and godawful) place where there's nothing to do and no one to meet. Combined with some well timed lectures on what an awful person I am from people I care about, this has not been the best of times. Fortunately it's…well, no, it's probably not going to get any better.

So here's David Brooks. Everyone line up and kick him around for a while. This column might contain, even given Brooks' lengthy career of logic molestation, the most ass-backwards "logic" I've ever seen. Just try to make sense of it. I dare you. Apparently, Mitt Romney is the better choice because he believes in nothing concretely, and that will allow him to accomplish "bigger" things with…the House Republicans, or moderates, or the Bloc Quebecois, or what in the hell is David Brooks talking about. And that, my friends, is "The Upside of Opportunism."

Make sense? I thought so.

Seriously, I couldn't even do a "shorter David Brooks" let alone a full-scale FJM. Just read it. It's mesmerizing.

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53 Responses to “A > B, B > C…C > A”

  1. bb in GA Says:


    What are "taht people" and why you dumpin' on me?

    I thought we were 'sposed to be encouraging Ed, not 'bickering with bb



  2. Emma Says:

    I've been reading your blog for years yet have never left a comment. Since you allow them and people seem to speak, ahem, write freely, here we go.

    Without a doubt, I'm a huge fan of your blog. You, single-handedly, make me feel smarter (whether or not I actually am…that's another story completely)– I'm not sure how many other people I could say that about on a consistent basis. You challenge the way I think and how I look at the world.

    Isn't it humorous that so many people feel like they actually know you? I remember when Seymour died, and when you moved and when you did your first comedy show. I may or may not have stalked your bands Myspace page for a month or so. I'm aware I might need to be committed.

    What I'm trying to get at here is that you've created a community on this site that rally's around your direction of thought and commentary. It's quite nice– keep it up. And take what your friend's say into consideration, they unlike us, actually know you.

    And Brooks is a douche. The end.

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