There was quite a reaction to yesterday's post, so I don't want to pile another post on top of it right away.

If you need something new to talk about, consider this: we live in a world in which Mitch McConnell can utter the phrase, "(Democrats') reckless and ideological approach threatens our very future. Anyone who is serious about solving the problems we face should ignore all that, starting with the President." in reference to the current budgetary squabbles without everyone in the country dying of laughter.

Reckless and ideological. I got nothin' here, people.

14 thoughts on “WONDERFUL WORLD”

  • Middle Seaman says:

    Mitch and Barack are the funnies comedy couple since the odd couple. The first lives in solid unreality while the second wants to cut our social security and Medicare to make Jamie Damon happy. Ah Ah Ah.

  • Yesterday *was* impressive. I was going to chime in and play devil's advocate by suggesting that no one should expect (though they may certainly desire) payment for their art, any more than people should expect to be paid to go to church. But then I thought about the howling chorus of disapproval, and fuck it, I'm not pulling the pin on that grenade just to be "clever."

    On today's topic, I am heartened by the degree to which the saner crew of Republicans have begun to realize that Norquist is not a kingmaker–that in fact, he's the guy beside you at the bar who thinks being a good wingman consists of making racist jokes punctuated by fart simulations–and are quietly suggesting that he can take that pledge they signed and use it like a piece of cushy two-ply.

  • Awww, Mitchie-poo just got his widdle fee-fee's hurt because people are laughing at him for declaring he would make Obama a one-term president.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Yeah, Mitch "Yertle, the Anti-gay, Gay Turtle" McConnell, and the rest of the GOP (Graying Old Penises), you are so right: It's been the Democrats who've been, and continue to be, "reckless and ideological" in their approaches!
    You're right, if by "reckless and ideological," you mean President Obama and the Democrats have been 'cautious and inclusive,' and have been looking for someone at least semi-reasonable to compromise with for the past 4 years.

    Does anyone besides FUX Noise viewers, Radio Rushwanda listeners, and religious morons sitting in the pews listening to their 'hellfire and brimstone' preachers, believe these dim, greedy, evil, wholly-owned corporate assclowns?
    Besides themselves, and their pollsters, too, of course.
    Tip: Never, ever, dip into the stash you're dealing.
    But you forgot that, and got hooked on your own BS.

    And yesterday, they showed how much they've learned from the recent election losses, by naming, as House committee chairman, 19 white men. Way to go, Graying Old Penises!!!

    Hint: If you wanted to reach out, like you've been saying for two weeks, doing that, and slapping every other group besides aging white men in the face, wasn't it!
    You might want to try again!
    I can hardly wait to see who you insult next!

    All I can say is, "Thank you. And keep up the good work!"

  • In addition to reforming the filibuster, Harry Reid should see to it that McConnell must spend the next Senate session locked in the Mens Room.

    McConnell represents all that is wrong with Congress. Feckless, shameless partisan hack who contributes nothing to the cause of better governance. And now he is just a bitter old prick because is isn't going to get to be Senate Majority Leader.

    There isn't a lot to like about Congress but McConnell is up there on the list of people to dislike most.

  • My 80-year-old Southern Baptist mother in law, who lives in Western Kentucky, said to me the week after the election: "Mitch McConnell is a dumbass." I've never heard her curse before, ever. I just about died laughing.

    Y'know, for a week after the election the #1 response seemed to be, "Holy fuck but Republicans were completely divorced from reality." And it's true. That was the take-away from the election, when Republicans don't like reality they create their own alternate reality that matches their dogma. Unskewed polls and all that.

    And here we are, not even a month later, and the media expects us to forget all that and actually take Republicans seriously on economic issues? On climate change? On Benghazi?

    Are you fucking serious? Why, after an election in which Republicans proved themselves completely lacking in credibility of any sort, should we take them seriously? On anything at all?

    It boggles the mind.

    Y'know, everyone can laugh about Ashley Judd running for Senate but she's a helluva lot smarter than that idiot Mitch McConnell.

  • Are you . . . crowdsourcing jokes and snark about the Mitch McConnell quote?

    Very well.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger said today that Americans have an unhealthy obsession with their bodies' physical characteristics, and that everyone would be much better off just accepting their natural appearance.

    Carlos Mencia is leading the fight against joke-stealing in the stand-up world with his new "If you hear something, say something" campaign.

    In a response to Mitch McConnell's earlier press conference, Harry Reid stated that McConnell's past career as a Nevada Gaming Commissioner and attendant role in its corruption, as dramatized in the movie "Casino", should render him unfit for leadership of his party.

  • Its like the Republicans read criticism of themselves, then hear the "both sides do it" crap, believe it, and then create arguments about Democrats from the criticism they get.

  • the Republicans say the both sides do it crap to give them an out and blame the Democrats. and the Democrat obligingly never say boo. a perfect world for the Democrats. no one dares to criticize the REpublicans and point out that this all the Republican media Marketing strategy. the media and the PTB are all Republican directed. Even the Democrats are mostly REpublican in behavior, actions and theory. Republican lite, like my favorite Blue Dog, Senator Mary Landrieu. a supposed Democrat. bought and sold like the rest of the Senate Democrats. Oil, Black Gold, has owned my Senator for years.

    a win, win. and of course the ignorant folks buy the BS hook line and sinker.

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