I guess we shouldn't ask questions like, "I wonder how far House Republicans will go to avoid voting for token, largely symbolic tax increases on people making over $1,000,000 annually" unless we're prepared for the answer. The crazy, crazy answer.

It was fun to watch Lindsey Graham forced to eat a pile of his own dung on Sunday morning, no matter how sarcastic his "Hats off to the President. He won." might have been. I guess that makes him smarter than Boehner's Commandos, who do not appear to have figured it out yet.

Are these people terrible at politics or secretly brilliant? By setting this deadline after which many unpalatable consequences will happen – tax hikes, draconian spending cuts, etc. – you'd think they'd realize that under no circumstances could they "win" politically by forcing that outcome. And with the other two parts of the process controlled by the other party, they're kinda bent over. Then again, it could be an excess of political cunning that brought them here; I'm sure there are plenty of House Republicans sleeping poorly tonight knowing how the primary challengers will line up the second they vote for anything with the word "taxes" in it. The pant-shitter caucus of the GOP is going to draw and quarter these guys, no matter how many excuses they make.

That could bode well for the Democrats in the short term, as we've seen the stellar track record in general elections of the Tea Party-backed primary challengers who unseat Republican incumbents. Maybe Sharron Angle will give it another go.

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  • "That could bode well for the Democrats in the short term"

    That's how I see. And I have yet to see any evidence of things changing course.

  • When that douche-schooner Feinstein says "will the votes be there?" that's Democrat-ese for "the fix is in". Get louder!

  • Middle Seaman says:

    Thanks to the comments, I now know that president Feinstein is the culprit. In the short term, the crazies are doing quite well. The Democrats talk about reducing Social Security and Medicare. Almost everyone in congress votes for supplying murderers with quality weapons so they can kill our kids. That is short, medium, long anf forever term. The whole South and part of the West will not vote Democratic even after the second coming.

    May be we are the crazies.

  • OliverWendelHolmslice says:

    What the hell is the GOP going to do once Obama gets on his bully pulpit and says that he's in favor of legislation to bring the taxes back down for the middle class? I mean how do you spin that as the GOP? You aren't going to vote for a middle class tax cut?

  • Heard in the elevator on the way to work this morning: "WAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Obama is BEING MEAN to the Republicans by not letting them act like giant assholes!!! WAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Or something like that.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    "Weepin' John & The Nihilists," can't quite come together for their final concert before the New Year.
    Sounds like, either he has to hope he finds some new band members to play with him, or the incoming new band members will want a new front-man singin' to its tunes about this here countries problems – yet another whole bunch of cover versions of that old DC Village classic, "Don't Touch The Military – There Are Plenty Of Pounds Of Flesh On Them Seniors, Them Poor, Them Sick, Them Disabled, Children, And Blah, Brown, Red, And Yellow Minoriitay's , Just Sittin' Thar Waitin' To be Picked, Blues."
    Maybe after the New Year, they can try it, "Gangnam Style…"

    Jayzoos H. Keerist, wondering what the heck he was thinking of, when he may or may not have made the supreme sacrifice for all y'all beleivers…

    Having watched Press the Meat – aka: Meet the Republicans – for the first time in ages, since he had President Obama on, and not Newt GonnaDoAnythin'ToStayRich, Johnny McSame, or the still in deep denial, Limpseed Gay-ham, and I was sickened when that Disco Dancin’ GOP-jizz-guzzler, David Gregory, was practically salivating when asking about SS, and will the President throw that on the Deficit Pyre of Fire?
    I though Obama would have to pretend to cry, so he could wipe some spittle-spray off his cheek.

    And later on in the GOP-jizz-guzzler's show, the too much, in fact, wildly over-esteemed, David Brooks and Tom Brokaw, The B&B Boiz, were on, saying that Obama needs to cut SS and Medicare, just to show some ”good faith.”

    Ah, yes, yes, B&B Boiz – there you are again on Sunday TV, worshipping again at the DC Holy Church of Good Faith Sacrifice, and preaching about how that Deficit God, must be appeased!
    Let us pray to Him, so He can prey on us.
    All kneel…

    All rise.
    AND HURRY!!!
    We must throw seniors, children, the sick, the handicapped, the poor, women, brown people, and people in nursing homes, onto the flames – the Gods of Low Personal and Corporate Taxes demand their own sacrifices on their pyre’s of fire.

    Ok, B&B Boiz, how about you kick back your SS money and Medicare benefit’s back (if you live long enough, and don't die of an overdose of your own 'humility,' Mr. Bobo Brooks), since essentially it’s like some spare change we, 'The Not-rich,' hope to find underneath the couch cushion, or car seat, to buy a soda.

    Don't you love it, when people without any feckin' skin in the game, demand pounds of flesh from everyone else?
    Especially since Social Security has about as much to do with any alleged deficit "problem" we might or might not have, as does kangaroo poo on UFO windshields!

    In the case of David Gregory, though, I agree that "both sides do it."
    In his case, the right wants him fired, because he enabled the easily self-embarassing Wayne Lapierre to self-embarass himself again – and we on the left want to see him fired, because he make that obnoxious fat toad, St. Timmeh of Buffalo, look like Walter Feckin' Cronkite.

    Remind me to save my sanity, and never watch another second of the Sunday Bloviation Festivals, since they're all different covers of that same old tune – "Kill the Poor – And Pass The Ammunition."

  • will be most interesting to see how this all plays out. the Republican hostage takers are safe, as usual. gerrymandered House seats mean no lost Republican seats. The Republicans can't lose that way. The Democrats, now the Right wing Party, are bound to give it all way, as they have in the past.

    with such a nest of vipers controlling the "Bad Government", we get to see this 11th Dimensional Chess, played out by our Republican President, aka Obama. Ah! NO, Obama is not a Left of center, Progressive, Socialist, etc. if only, i'd have hope. lol

    and no, no one could make this up. Science Fiction pales in comparison to those who "run" our tax funded Govenment into the ground. With only 1 $Trillion a year spent each and every year for Defense, someone is getting very rich. and it ain't us taxpayers.

    All Aboard, the Titanic has room for us all.

  • mel in oregon says:

    to know the future, you have to know the past. america has had one great president (fdr) & one that might have done well had he not been assassinated (jfk). the rest since fdr have been terrible. carter started the deregulation process, opening the door for the reagan insanity. clinton? please quit saying the democrats are centrist. just because the republicans are semi-nazis doesn't mean the democrats are not conservative as hell & fucked in the head. clinton set the stage for today's shithole economy with the repeal of glass-steagall, enactment of "fair fucked trade agreements", (why your job moved to china or mexico), enactment of the commodities modernization act, enactment of mark to market accounting. these are why banks are too big to fail, & why wallstreet speculation has destroyed america's middle class. don't forget the fucker also ended welfare as we know it, allowing millions of children to live in poverty. obama? he put ss & medicare on the table with boehner. the simpson/bowles commission he put into place makes granny the culprit for the mess we are in, not wallstreet & corporate america. here's what's gonna happen. europe is suffering from a great case of stupidity, they tied a lot of their economies to the united states. so the great crash happening here affects them too. you can see how stupid the austerity programs are, & that they don't know their ass from third base on what to do. the rest of the world pretty much hates the united states, mostly for our interference when they try & become democracies & our support of tyrants that ship their resources to us. look at latin america, we no longer have any friends there except for a few tyrants. look at china (the coming world power) making trade agreements with russia, india, japan, brazil & south africa so they can no longer depend on the dollar as world currency. when that happens, hyper-inflation will set in in the united states. why? because we no longer have a manufacturing base. meanwhile the media & all the politicians in washington dc, & all of corporate america led by wallstreet, pretends the deficit & the mythological "fiscal cliff" are the root of our troubles. they are just as deluded as the german corporate power that enabled the madman hitler to do so much evil during the 30s & 40s.

  • Oops, totally misread it. That was Sen. Graham who said that. Interestingly, the GOP doesn't want to touch SS right now. But Obama still does?

  • Mel,

    Can you adjust your tinfoil hat to a channel that allows you to tune in capitalization and punctuation, please?

  • funny that. Obama offered Social Security up in the last fiscal bs, last August, then cut contribution with the payroll tax bs. and now he offers the Chained CPI to the Republicans, without any strings each time.

    gosh, like they say, with "friends like this" why would the Republicans even bother. Obama is doing the Republican dirty work. Romeny would have been so much better. lol.

    oh well. the Empire wants its' money we have been paying into the Social Security system, and they want it NOW!!! and Obama is the man to get it for them.

  • Aside from not understanding [or not caring about] various rules and conventions for the printed word in the English language, Mel – and I'm astounded to find myself saying this – has it mostly right.

    What he has demonstrably wrong is about Clinton and poverty. Clinton gave us substantial declines in poverty – both in absolute numbers and %-age of the population; second only to Kennedy-Johnson.

    See here:

    The other thing he has wrong is about impeding hyperinflation in the U.S. But we'll have to wait for that one to play out.

    Meanwhile, the Rethugs will still do anything to make BHO fail, even if it means sabotaging the entire country and shooting off an infinite number of their own feet. With the House sufficiently gerrymandered, what you see now is what we will continue to get [right up the old anus] for years and years to come.


    P.S Oh, Mel, buddy, one more thing . . .

    DUDE —– WHITE SPACE!!!!!!


  • B.L. Z'Bubbly says:

    I thought hyper-inflation already happened.
    It was right after the big bang, & it wasn't
    so bad, as I recall it.

  • Seeing/analyzing says:

    @JazzBumpa: you're exactly right. This is what happens when the Teatards are allowed to overrun a party.

  • It's going to be hilarious watching the Democrats get turfed out of office when the Republicans run against them and say, correctly, that Democrat X voted to cut Social Security.

    "Who are you going to vote for, me or the guy who cut your Social Security?"

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