January's theme: non-rock music.

I like how some of the versions of this on YouTube have the lyrics. In case you get confused.

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6 Responses to “1/2/13: JOIN IN THE CHANT”

  1. xynzee Says:

    must… not… read… comments…

    Damn! Read the youtube comments…. some people… (face palm)

  2. xynzee Says:

    I hate you Ed. I'm now sucked down the rabbit hole of youtube.

    Thanks for this one otherwise.

  3. planb247 Says:

    loved this song back in tha day.

  4. Adiaphora Says:

    Back when EBM was good!

  5. sinned34 Says:

    Not available in Canada.

    Oh well, it's probably not as awesome as "I Am Caligvla" by Ex Deo.

    (I had to laugh. I loaded that video in YouTube and the advertisement that came up for it was Christian Mingle, the religious dating service.)

  6. TomAmitaiUSA Says:

    Clicking on whatever the hell that was supposed to be caused something called"Spotify" to try to install on my computer. No thanks!