These exciting 3"x10" bumper stickers are now available for the affordable price of four American dollars. Let your bumper tell other drivers what's the what with this patriotic design, guaranteed not to be dated for at least four more years.
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The fine print where I was instructed to put the name of my campaign committee reads "Paid for with a milk jug full of nickels"


Also suitable for amps, guitar cases, keyboards, surfboards, windows, wall mounting, decoupage, and…essentially any flat or semiflat surface to which ordinary adhesives can bond. Makes a great gift, provided you hate your friends.
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12 thoughts on “YOU TELL 'EM, BUMPER!”

  • I am perpetually torn, because I'd like to buy merch and/or donate to this good cause, but as a postdoc supporting a family any unnecessary purchases would breach my implicit contractual obligations. Sometime when I advance in life you will have my full support.

  • I can't wait to decoupage the shit out of this bitch with this lovely sticker. My friends (and enemies) will know that only the type of political statement that can be paid for with a jug full of nickels is the type of political statement for me. BOO YAH!

  • I think I'll buy one when I have that much money in my checking account. Can I put it on my cat? No. I think I'll put it on my car. My 91 Buick. She is a lovely ride, that's not falling apart as fast I can pray.

    Can I ask why you don't stick ads on your site? It seems like you could make some money, as in some very evil money. I don't think one banner would make your readers flee in disgust, although I could be wrong. After long thought, I came to the conclusion that advertising on the net isn't so bad. It's advertising on cable or TV that I avoid like gonorrhea. What about some book ads by authors you like? or just authors that could use some exposure? Surely that would not be selling your soul.


  • -1 to what the guy above me said. Banner ads wouldn't make me flee in disgust, but I wouldn't donate any more money during pledge drive season either. Based on what you've posted before, money doesn't seem to be a big "driver" for this website's existence, but if you need more, just ask the readers for money twice a year, or every quarter, or whenever the hosting bill comes due. But don't do the banner ad thing.

  • middle seaman says:

    Tacos was and is my favorite presidential candidate (especially this week of staying in San Diego). Won't vote for Gin even for $$$$.

  • I am no one important, Ed. I've read most everything you've written on Gin and Tacos, and I love your sharp, biting insight. The attraction has a lot do with your style and it is what keeps readers coming back You seem to be at a bit of a cross roads with things, and you probably don't want to let down your long time fans. I would abstain from the podcast thing, and work and re-work what you already know is working for you. What does that mean? I am reminded of the parable of the man who had so much, he didn't know what to do, so he decided to tear everything down, and build bigger, but he got run over by the bulldozer while re-building. Take your writing up a step. Work with what ya got.

  • @Ed

    I know its a small, OCD thing, but I'm so proud that you spell 'nickels' correctly. You never know the pain I endure seeing 'nickles' over and over…



  • Bought two, still waiting on the darn coffee mugs. And yes, you are more of a success and a pain in the butt than you think you are ;-)

  • I want it.

    Word of warning, though, to those in the state of Georgia:

    Do not put anything on your motor vehicle that includes alcohol references. It weakens the "It's against my religion, ossifer" argument.

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