Just a reminder to get yourself a seat on the bumper sticker train. Four American dollars. Let your bumper tell other drivers what's the what with this patriotic design, guaranteed not to be dated for at least four more years. The fine print where I was instructed to put the name of my campaign committee reads "Paid for with a milk jug full of nickels"


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  1. Hazy Davy Says:

    Never done the bumper sticker thing, and I've been upfront about that.
    But plenty of people said they wanted them, so I hope they're able to get them before you run out.

    Perhaps you would sell more if you sold a more premium product…say, Cadillacs with "GIN AND TACOS" embossed into the bumper.

  2. Spader Says:

    How many of these do you figure it would take to fashion a coffee mug? Asking for a friend.

  3. ladiesbane Says:

    Do people still put bumper stickers on cars? I only see them on laptops and guitar cases. Mine will be going on the school binder I dug out when I re-enrolled, so I hope you don't mind having the Pixies, Soft Boys, and Sugarcubes for company.

  4. sluggo Says:

    This should be on the one trillion dollar coin.

  5. Nick Says:

    Not sure where to put it yet, but I ordered it. Back of my car? Side of my bag? Butt of my assault rifle? I'll figure it out.

  6. Frank Says:

    Bumper Stickers are also great on the laptops. Or great on other peoples cars (my Republican friends loved the Obama\Biden stickers I sneakily put on their cars).

  7. Colette Says:

    Fine, is good, but where is headscarf?

  8. TomAmitaiUSA Says:

    Is it just me, or does everyone get the urge to vandalize cars sporting bumper stickers that promote candidates or opinions with which I disagree? An urge which I never, ever indulge, of course! ;)