This Killer Mike album is fantastic. Or should I say this Taqu'il album. Much better than Tha Ballocaust.

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9 Responses to “TAQU'IL”

  1. mk Says:

    I haven't listened to hip hop since Fear of a Black Planet. Heard about the Killer Mike album about three weeks ago and haven't been able to stop listening. It's excellent.

  2. John Magnum Says:

    I see a celebration of life!

  3. StoneFoxx Says:

    Killface for President!

  4. FMguru Says:

    Album of the year 2013, IMHO. (The Coup was a close runner-up).

    The video for "Reagan" is excellent as well.

    I'm glad Reagan dead too, Mike.

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Dude, what the fucke is uppe with this shitify crappe???? Can't you just post fucken Youtubes that anyone can listen to without signing uppe for some goddamn crappe??

  6. Amanda Says:


  7. Sean Says:

    Yeah, KILLFACE 2016!! "I like the one with the stork, you know, about the pickles?"

  8. Both Sides Do It Says:

    "Kanye had it damn near right / Bush hates poor people be they black or white"

    Killer Mike is so fucking great

    "Anywhere But Here" is as insightful sociologically as "Reagan" is politically

    And "Don't Die": "I don't give a fuck about no motherfuckin Forbes List / as far as I'm concerned it's a motherfuckin whores list"

    so fucking great

    El-P produced this at the same time as Cancer for Cure. A pretty good 2012, for ol' El-P.

  9. CaptBackslap Says:

    Yeah, it's probably my #2 album of last year (behind Channel Orange, ahead of Bloom).