There is a new print for sale, once again representing the combined efforts of Pauline and I, from the Facebook-popular Buzzfeed surrealism series. Liven up your cubicle for only $18 (plus s/h) for an 11×14 offset color print on matte archival card stock. LOL and OMG your way through the day for the cost of a pizza that you will eat alone and probably purge in a torrent of tears immediately after finishing it. Click the preview image to embiggen:


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8 Responses to “BUZZFEED DADAISM, PT. 1”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Thatte is fucken hilarious!!! Buying one now!

  2. Rosalux Says:

    Fucking marvelous. If I had two pennies to rub together I'd give you one.


  3. Neal Deesit Says:

    "…again representing the combined efforts of Pauline and I…"

    Which one was in charge of the grammar?

  4. RosiesDad Says:

    @Neal Deesit

    I was going to ask the same question.

    Geez, Ed, you're supposed to be a fcking academic.

    (My mother–retired 3rd grade teacher–used to harass me endlessly over the proper use of I and me until I got it right.)

  5. Reverend Glenn Says:


  6. PhoenixRising Says:

    On a CafePress shirt, that would be the Most Awesome Wedding Party Group Tee ever.

    Just saying. Not that I plan to ever get married again, as twice was enough.

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