I'm currently indisposed. Fear not; I've been saving this "Here, read this instead" link for just such a moment. It's not the most insightful thing you'll ever read, but it sure is fun. And how can you top a title like "Supply Side Jesus and the Death of Shame?"

And while all this fuss and feathers was taking place, this: Senator Ted Cruz, who with each passing day appears more and more to be the likely product of a test-tube combination between a dented egg from Phyllis Schlafly and the weakest sperm Joe McCarthy ever produced, hates the very idea of socialized medicine. He did that little faux-filibuster to tell you about it.


Their greatest strength, for years and years, has been their utter lack of shame. Their ability to say or do anything, and hypocrisy take the hindmost, has vaulted them into the position they hold today in American politics.

That's Mr. William Rivers Pitt. No idea who he is, but if he makes a habit of this I will have to seek him out.

18 thoughts on “SHAME: HOW DOES IT WORK?”

  • middle seaman says:

    Sometimes it appears that most of congress and the administration, whichever party, are products of test-tube failures.

    When we were young, we used to say that if a dog were as nuts as Cruz, we had to shot it.

    Enjoy brain dead time.

  • Sociopathy – It's not just for serial killers!

    Also, I have come to the conviction that Ted Cruz is in fact the illegitimate offspring of Joseph McCarthy–check the dates! Wisconsin shares a border with Cruz's home nations! Look at the photos–I'm semi-serious, here! (All right, I'm not–but do hold up a picture of Cruz mid-non-filibuster and one of McCarthy during the Army Hearings. More than a passing resemblance. Which is just a coincidence, or else proof that God is upstairs screaming "DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT ANY MORE THAN THIS?!")

  • I've been saying (for years ) that they must have put something in the water during the 40's. Then came the idea that lead in the gasoline/paint etc. had caused brain damage to a generation or more.

    Now I'm afraid there's more to it than lead.

    They can't be that shameless and still get elected if their peers are not insane. Yelling louder than the other guy works in junior high…

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Yes, they are shameless.
    But the real shame is that so many Americans are so fucking stupid and ignorant and bigoted!

    The rubes have repeatedly voted against their own best interests, since the mid 60's.
    Hmm… I wonder what happened in the early to mid 60's, that might have made that happen?

    And anytime the sociopathic rubes look like they might be starting to catch on, all one of their psychopathic grifters/leaders needs to do, is point a finger, and shout:
    Them DFH's is comin' to your town to sell their sex, drugs, and R&R.
    Look, thar’s another slutty skanky 'ho who wants an abortion!
    That gay guy has eyes on your kids!!
    Them blacks, ‘n browns, ‘n furriners, is comin’ to YOUR neck of the woods fer YOUR jobs!!!
    And that Kenyan SocialiFasciCommieMusliHeathen Usurper is trying to bring in his Islamofascist Sharia Law – and, and, AND, SHARIA EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE!!!

    Fucking stupid is, as fucking stupid does – and what fucking stupid apparently does, is vote for more fucking stupid.

    "Idiocracy" was a documentary.

  • William Rivers Pitt is a writer/journalist who was one of the originals at He was one of the gaggle of e-journalists and bloggers who made their bones exposing what was going on in the Bush Administration as they marched us into war in Iraq.

  • Robert Trenary says:

    Ditto above — his jeremiads at Truthout have been epic — seek him out. He is in the company of Ed and Charlie Pierce capturing the indignant wtf zeitgeist that will color the histories of how this country went mad.

  • Jim Wright, at Stonekettle, also writes in this vein, if from a different perspective.
    Is it possible that they have so much shame, unawares, that they seem to have none?
    End of the day it doesn't matter, behavior does, but I've wondered if that much shameless behavior is really possible outside the truly demented.

  • guttedleafsfan says:

    Shamelessness works. I write this as a constituent of Mayor Rob "Not a Crackhead, just a Drunk" Ford.

    Ted Cruz frankly scares me. America has shown it is ready for a black President. Maybe it is also ready for a President who curls his eyelashes.

  • I've been reading Pitt's work since the runup to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He's consistently excellent. He lives in Boston as was particularly good on the Marathon bombing.

  • Been reading Pitt for well nigh a decade now, and agree with posters above. Oddly I began reading Josh Marshall around the same time and while both had strong starts, Pitt has remained excellent while Marshall has morphed into vacuous jerk concerned mostly with running clickbait articles.

  • Has anyone ever noticed that Cruz talks like a televangelist? His cadence and rhythm, frightening the rubes, that lead up to asking for money?

    The irony is that we have the epitome of the shameless IOKIYAR. Birthers anyone? Seriously. So apparently 60s Canada (and turn of the century Mexico) is American, but 60s Hawaii isn't. Can someone explain to me how this little fact works out?

    Hey Gutted: I noticed a Sun article pushing for Canukistan to join the Union. Ironically the only comment I saw in favour was from someone who hated Harper. I guess you guys are no longer fans of your single payer option and want hand outs for the insurance companies instead ;)

  • I will say that Mr. Pitt is far more optimistic than I regarding the disintegration of the Repugs. He mentions that their policies hurt military members and veterans, but those people always vote Republican. Always. Just like the poor white folk who just had their food stamps benefits cut will vote for Republicans. Because Republicans tell them that the brown people are taking everything away from them.


  • guttedleafsfan says:

    XYZ, I missed that one, but maybe was it a review of Diane Francis's extraordinarily illtimed book about how if we join the US we will each get a million bucks in our grubby parasitic hands? It all makes perfect economic sense,

    Don't show me the money but thanks anyway.

  • Ed, are you sure this guy is not your grandpa? Maybe it is a good idea to seek him out and ask him for a DNA test!

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