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  • "punishment for being outspoken and right". Not to mention black. Is the criminal justice system a mess? Yes, but that doesn't mean it's not doing what it is supposed to be doing. I used to study the Soviet Union, and one of the fascinating practices that the State settled on was a legal and criminal justice system that was so messed up and self-contradictory that everyone had to be something of a criminal just to get by. And that was certainly convenient for the State.

  • So in addition to paying $100K per year to feed and house this nonviolent offender, taxpayers are now paying for monthly cross-country flights, just to make sure this guy doesn't set a certain plant on fire in their state? Someone should alert the Tea Party. But something about this case makes me think that they wouldn't protest this particular use of tax dollars.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    And our Banksters gladly laundered money for the coke – not the soda – cartels, and look at how many of them are still in jail with long sentences.

    ROFLMAO! *

    I lied.
    No one went to jail!

    *Sometimes I even crack myself up!!!

  • This is where the low-church / right-wing / LiberTea faction of my family says, "These laws are too screwed up to fix. We need to dismantle the government and start over."

    When asked how they would handle specific situations that involve true ethical dilemmas, the gross oversimplifications and fantasies begin. I don't like where they go with it, but I try to keep our shared bafflement at such news items in mind when I see them trying to grapple with the ideas and problems of law and policymaking.

    Where do adults go to re-learn 8th grade Civics, by the way?

  • When I worked at the VA hospital in San Francisco, we had one patient who used MMJ quite a bit. We had an ongoing wrangle with him about smoking it IN the hospital; didn't matter what it was or why he was smoking it, we're a Federal facility so no smoking! That's something the SF writers didn't see coming.

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