I hope you're sitting down because it turns out that the largest, most visible Tea Party organizations are scams that contribute almost nothing to candidates they claim to support. Like any shitty scam-charity, the money these groups raise goes mostly to paying massive salaries to the organizations' higher ups and their shiftless family members.
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They have larger ghost payrolls than that Korean ferry company.
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Too soon?

In any case the relationship between the Tea Party cognoscenti and the rubes they bleed for donations is summed up in a great line from a great song: A bold plan drawn up by assholes to screw morons. News at 11.

27 thoughts on “A BOLD PLAN”

  • As it's been primarily backed by two of the most amoral people on the planet it doesn't surprise me in the least. Is it any wonder that charlatans and grifters gravitated towards the chum floating in the water?

  • Part of the multi-billion dollar Wingnut Industry (TM) which keeps the Karl Roves and Lee Atwaters of the world from making an honest living. If they weren't doing this they'd be three card monte artists or televangelists. Sure, it pollutes public discourse, but it keeps small time grifters off the streets.

  • Again, Ed, you could be making TEH BIG MONEY. I bet Jenny Beth Martin doesn't have a PhD in Political Science, and she's pullin' down $15K per month.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    That's all that Modern Conservatism is anymore – a way to siphon money from the angry, fear-and-hate-filled rubes.

    It's a great scam if you're a completely soulless psychopathic leader, because the sociopathic rube followers are more than willing to throw money at you to bend reality to their particular brands of psychosis.

    And FOX is the mother-load, and Rush is the pant-load.

  • Don't tread on me, even though I'm desperately in need of some tread because I've given my last used tire for the cause.

    “I want you guys to line up alphabetically by height.” ― Bill Peterson

  • They are used to being played. What would be interesting is if they were to wake up and realize how badly and long they've been played.

  • They won't wake up to it. And Hey! It seems the IRS wasn't unfairly auditing Tea Party groups after all. The groups deserved a harder look (and it turns out they weren't even being overly selected for) and the white supremacy wing just start shrieking in defense of people who were just plain stealing from them. I wish I could rub this schadenfreude all over my body.

  • The right-wing scam industry is incredibly terrible. No matter how terrible you think it is, it's worse.

    How to start your own: purchase list of suckers from other organizations. Call them up, tell the old senile Archie Bunker types how the nigger is destroying America, sign them up for $10/month or whatever. Then sell your list to as many other groups as you can.

    The internet is full of stories of kids reviewing Grandpa's finances and finding out that he's paying thousands of dollars per month in $10 and $20 chunks to dozens or hundreds of of these scam organizations.

    Takeaway: the right-wing scam industry is funded primarily by Social Security.

  • Has the maximum ROI on public officials been reached? So much for job creation if they have to start laying off members of Congress.

  • Things like this always make me wonder how the fools and their money ever got together in the first place.

  • Townsend Harris says:

    "If you can convince the lowest white man that he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll even empty his pockets for you." LBJ in the Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations

  • OT, but I just saw on the BBC that an entire freight train was thrown off its tracks by strong wind near Peoria. Aren't you around there? Hope you're OK!

  • Here in a nutshell is the reason that the Tea Partiers want to make a federal case about the IRS. If they are audit averse they will not find the unreported skim.

  • @MS: in other words we're back to moving public funds back into private pockets?

    Hmm… Looks like S/S will be saved after all.

  • It's a shame that my morals keep me at a 25k a year job helping pets. If I was less scrupulous I could be easily making big money by supporting bigoted and awful ideas and grifting my fellow Americans! Damn it!

  • I, too, wonder when that other shoe will drop, when the shit will finally hit the fan, and when the rubes will see the light. Sadly, being able to do that requires introspection and humility. Traits that have been denegrated for years by right wing media. And even if you can break out of it, realizing that you spent 2, 3, or even 4 decades of your only life invested in a lie is hard to face.

    It would be more entertaining to watch the implosion if it wasn't happening to family members. Fortunately, my liberal mother controls the finances, but how many of our parents and grandparents have lost money to this?

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