If I were to make a simple video, what would be the best way for a person with no such experience to edit together a few different clips, add some basic text to the video, and perhaps add voiceover? I don't want to purchase expensive software and it would help if the product is designed so that children and your parents can figure out how to use it correctly.

So I'm thinking something Microsoft.


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  • YouTube actually has very simple editing functionality. If you were going to post there anyway, it's pretty convenient.

  • If you have access to a mac, iMovie is pretty straightforward (assuming you know how to use macs, which are not as blindingly simple and intuitive as their proponents claim). Otherwise I'm with Jex: if you want to post it to YouTube anyway, you might as well use their built in deal.

    Also Microsoft has options which are expensive, bad, or both, so that's an option if you truly hate yourself and everyone involved in the process.

  • I believe Microsoft Movie Maker is free. I used it a couple months ago to rotate a video someone made while hosting the camera sideways.

  • Microsoft Movie Maker is pretty limited but not terrible. It's free and pretty easy to use, might be worth a shot.

  • I've used both iMovie and Movie Maker, and I can attest that they're equally terrible. But you should be able to figure either of them out.

  • iMovie is definitely the ticket. In fact, if you have an iPhone, the iMovie trailer tool may be all you need.

  • Ironically, yeah, Microsoft Movie Maker is probably the best choice if you don't have any Apple devices handy. Free, not hard to figure out, meets your requirements.

  • Blender: free, capable of making production quality videos. *Serious* learning curve. Non-geeks are not going to learn how to use it. But it really does work and can do anything.

    If you knew how to use it — if — IF — it would probably be the easiest way to put together a few clips and add text.

  • C'mon, use your resources; there has got to be a Film Studies student somewhere in Peoria! This has the makings of a great Independent Project, which could cost you close to zero. It would look shiny on someone's resume….

  • If you can afford to spend a little, CyberLink power director has gotten very good reviews- lots of tools, fast and relatively easy to use for beginners. You can get the lowest level of the program for about $70.00.

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