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  • Martin Pollard says:

    Correction: it's the Texas Guard, not the Texas National Guard. The latter is the official organization affiliated with the US armed services. The former is, in a nutshell, a bunch of ammosexuals playing soldier who'd probably shoot their own dicks off in a blind panic when faced with REAL opposition. You think that Crazy Train Abbott would ever put his trust in a group of soldiers that could be federalized at a moment's notice?

  • As an active duty Army veteran (Desert Storm era) and a current resident of Austin, TX, I can't even begin to articulate how bloody insulted and offended I am by this stupidity.

    Would these paranoid idiots prefer that our soldiers die overseas because they didn't receive the training they needed here at home first?

  • If Texans are so opposed to the presence federal troops, let's close the military bases in the state. I mean, just look at this list:


    It's frankly amazing Texas hasn't been living under martial law since the end of World War II at the very least. In fact, just to be on the safe side, why don't we also close the Lockheed plants and anything else connected to the military.

  • Martin Pollard says:

    @cat, read the linked article again. You missed the fact that Abbott ordered the TEXAS STATE GUARD, not the TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD (which is what this article stated). They are NOT the same thing. This article needs to be corrected for the sake of accuracy. Are we not supposed to be better than slipshod wingnut blogs who post whatever they like without regards to fact?

  • Brian Ogilvie says:

    There was a wonderful comment in the comments thread of a TPM article on this. I'll quote it in full:

    Dear Texas,
    A nation does not have to "take over" territory that is already part of that nation. So, there's that, and then there's the weird fact that you are worrying about the imminent onset of something that already happened 150 years ago. Space and time, Texas, space and time.
    Captain Obvious

    Source: http://forums.talkingpointsmemo.com/t/discussion-tx-gov-orders-nat-guard-to-monitor-possible-military-takeover-of-texas/19757/16

  • @What the Karp: you forget that for these ammosexuals in their fantasy world they single handedly overcome an entire unit Specials with nothing more than the toothpick from a Swiss Army knife. Or should that be a "Freedom" Army knife? Then the "girl" swoons for them.

    Despite the fact the majority cannot walk up the stairs from their mother's basement w/o getting winded.

  • There's a historical precedent for Texas behaving as if it weren't actually part of the USA. Didn't end well, as I recall.

    To be clear, I'm not referring to the period when it WAS a sovereign nation. There are times when I wonder how differently history would have gone if they'd stayed that way.

  • Went there for a look, and found there was a rough balance of deluded wingnuts and sane people mocking them.

    You real Ph.D.s will like this. One of the more prolific wingnut commenters (Lynda Hardin-Poston) claimed to have a Ph.D. to prove she was "not a 'hilljack' with no education (who knows) when I am being lied to and someone is blowing smoke up my ass. GET IT BOZO???? Did you graduate 6th grade yet???"

    She also cleverly referred to our president as "Heir Obama."

    That didn't seem very Ph.D.-like, so I Googled her and found that her "Ph.D." was from a now-closed correspondence diploma mill in Alabama — the Clayton College of Natural Studies.

    And, of course, she never taught anywhere that would be considered a real school, and is on Social Security and Medicare.

    Yet another example of the old, white, paranoid, deluded, misinformed, ignorant voting base of today's Republican Party.

  • Phoenician in a time of Romans says:

    "Oh good," say the SEALS, "live targets for the sneak and scare games."

  • Skepticalist says:

    I've enjoyed Texas' threats of secession more than this invasion conspiracy.

    In line with Robert, a successful secession by Texas would likely be quite a show. I'd be tempted to give it four stars for a long run.

    Dubya on a Texas Air National Guard recruiting poster…..

  • stevenfrisch says:

    I love that term, "Peak Crazy." I am going to steal it for my little county in California!

  • HoosierPoli says:

    I don't know if anyone in Texas noticed, but the US Government ALREADY took over Texas. It was like 150 years ago, but the Army doesn't NEED to invade Texas anymore.

  • I'll also point out that the US didn't take over Texas militarily. Texans asked for annexation, and had in fact started asking shortly after they founded the republic. The US was less enthusiastic, hence the 9 years between independence and annexation.

    @Racer X: Just pointing out that a lot of Texans benefit from federal military dollars, either through employment with defense contractors or the general economic boost a community gets from having a base nearby, especially the smaller ones. San Antonio would most likely be ok without JBSA, but if Laughlin AFB (where my mom was born!) closed? I'm guessing there's not a lot going on in Del Rio otherwise, and these same idiots protesting the military's war games would be screaming bloody murder over the loss of jobs and dollars.

  • Why wait for Texas to secede? I would be happy to sever the relationship now.

    And ,of course, build a big ol' border fence.

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