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  • Racist old white guy defends himself from accusations of racism by talking about Martin Luther King Jr. Film at 11.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    How long before this @$$clown's an "expert" on (DUMB)FUX "news?"

    He's 80, so they'd better hurry!

  • perhaps we expect more from academics, but you can also find this type of thing is countless family, small businesses where the elders hang on for freaking ever. they're the ones who just know how it really it. seems like they take pride in outrageous statements, but they are never embarrassed and only feel picked on when they catch flack. haven't had a new idea in decades. worse than deadwood. and they vote. Fox disciples all.

  • Soooo, per the article, he thinks that the ni-KLANG's aren't using proper easy to pronounce english slave names to 'blend in', then cites Mike Krzyzewski as a positive example???

    That said, you're right, every faculty has one…I work in IT at a big state university and in the engineering college there was one tenured prof who 'didn't believe in anti-virus software', kind of an electronic anti-vaxxer, and successfully stood on the rock of 'academic freedom' to refuse to install it.

    The IT admins in the college ended up building his very own network, walled off from the rest of campus for him to use with virus-ridden computer. They did gain experience in creating defensible networks, so it wasn't a total loss.

  • I'm ok with it. It balances out all the SJWs who need service animals and colouring books if someone disagrees with them.

  • Not just colleges. Try family-owned businesses. "We've been doing it that way since my grandfather founded this company in 1922, and there's no reason to change now."

  • The secretary of my department at the hospital was mentally ill. Not a figure of speech – she once burst into my office and accused me (in front of colleagues) of 'hacking into' her Mac from my DEC dumb terminal and changing her documents. She was otherwise an excellent secretary, and stayed on past the point where she could have retired with full benefits (from a civil service position).
    She eventually had a stroke, insisted on coming back to work, and was sufficiently impaired that she was given an ultimatum – resign with full retirement benefits or be fired without them. She actually tried to fight it, but even the union advised her to go. Problem was she had no life outside work – everyone else had been driven away by her demented viciousness. She was terrified by the prospect of being alone all day every day. She did leave, though. It would have been sad, except it wasn't.

  • This tenured waste of skin is really one instance of a larger problem: the racists/sexists/gay-haters are awful, the worst, but there are also the Permanent State Of Revolution ex-hippies*, the Entrenched Apparatchiks, the Long-Since-Burnouts–there's a LOT of dead weight at the top, most of it there because, as Robert points out, there is nowhere for them to go.

    Look, I just got tenure, and I'm NOT going to kick the ladder out from under me. But this is, and will always be, the price we pay for its benefits: the Old Timers who will never leave because they never have to.

    Unless, you know, they go full Klansman in public forums. So, really, we ought to wish that there were MORE of this particular breed of asshole–would that ALL of them would commit actionable offenses.

    *While I've some sympathy for their values, these people have no clue how to create change within a political system in which merely complaining loudly and often is not enough to achieve it. As such, they mostly only serve to bring those values into disrepute by fucking up every faculty meeting with their fruitless histrionics.

  • I thought all professors were liberal propaganda machines.

    Has anyone else noticed that the Facebook or commentary section conservative "experts" on black people or black culture are always white and have no black friends or just one token black one?

    I love it when someone from an upper-middle class or wealthy background talks about "working hard" and earning success. As if the great unwashed poor just sit around and watch Maury all day.

  • Congratulations, JDryden. Please start using it to poison their pointy little Mod-Western heads with some Fox anti-venom.

  • Old man who once wrote 3000 pages on Brezhnev flails about for relevance. However, his genius level intellect has to speak out on the most Moral Hazard-y Moral Hazard of today: black people.

    Wait, your premise is that Asian-Americans integrated into American culture, and African-Americans didn't? But they were just as discriminated against?

    So Asians were lynched at the same rate as blacks?

    Asians were turned away at the polls at the same rate as blacks?

    Asians were jailed at the same rate as blacks?

    Asians were denied quality housing at the same rate as blacks?

    Asians were pulled over by police at the same rate as blacks?

    Whites fled areas inhabited by Asians?

    Asians were segregated from White schools?

    If that's ALL TRUE, yet Asian-Americans have integrated into American culture much more than African-Americans, then the obvious (OBVIOUS!) answer must be an inherent, moral, character deficit in all African-Americans. (Also, whites were just innocent wallflowers during all this history, gazing benignly upon the sad fates of those lesser than them.)

  • In this guys defense, he's a cold-war era Kremlinologist, so he pretty much has a half-century worth of experience on being wrong about absolutely everything.

  • schmitt trigger says:

    There is a phrase that applies to him: Senile dementia.

    Unfortunately, there is another profession with an almost lifetime employment guarantee, on which one can find scores of similar senile douchebags.
    It is called the US Congress.

  • So….hundreds of years of slavery followed by hundreds of years of institutional oppression would be nipped in the bud if there were more dark skinned Noah, Liam, & Mason's walking around?

    And those Asians have everything going right for them and no problems what-so-ever amiright? After all I read Tiger mom, too. Speaking of Tigers, Tiger Woods is black and Asian so he should be an example. Though Tiger isn't exactly William.

    What an asshat.

  • HoosierPoli says:

    Asians have also spend hundreds if not thousands of years perfecting the art of acing standardized tests. That Asians do well on the SATs is not a huge suprise. In a US Government class, though, give me an inner-city Baltimore kid over a Korean exchange student any day, because non-native Asian students recieve absolutely zero useful language instruction in their home countries and are almost to a student functionally illiterate in an English classroom.

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