One of the hazards of following Gin and Tacos during the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the potential for a five hour, six period game with 115 shots on goal to come between me and the schedule of posts for the week. I had the best intentions. Thank you for your patience. This has been your annual Overtime Hockey Service Interruption (OHSI). Part II of yesterday's post will be here as soon as possible.

Bonus fun fact: Headers are illegal in hockey, so I guess it's not correct to call it Ice Soccer anymore.

16 thoughts on “THAT WAS EXCESSIVE”

  • Sorry, when I hear hockey mentioned, I remember an excerpt from The National Lampoon Radio Hour, "Guy Gilbert, guillotined for high sticking!".

  • Seriously WTF is with the no header rule. I'm all for preventing people from intentionally swatting a puck in with an arm, leg, penis, etc. but if you manage to jump off your skates for a header and get it past the goalie it should be lauded and a good goal. If I had photoshop skills I'd take the Van Persie diving header meme and photoshop Shaw in.

    Kudos if you made it all the way through. I gave up late in the 2nd period then watched the balance of the 2nd/3rd this morning. Once it went to OT I went into fast forward mode. Alas, the DVR recording was only 4.5 hours long and cut out near the end of the 2nd OT.

  • coin operated says:

    Kudos to you for holding out…I couldn't.

    On Shaw's header…brilliant goal. How many times do you see the puck that high in the crease? Damn it was fun to watch, even if it wasn't legal.

  • "I guess it's not correct to call it Ice Soccer anymore."

    It was never correct to call it Ice Soccer. Bandy is much closer to soccer than ice hockey is.

    *Does it have 11 players per side at one time? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Does it have two halves of 45 minutes each? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Does it have a ball? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Are there red cards which require a team to be a player short for the rest of the game? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Is the ice surface the size of a soccer field? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Can there be stoppage time at the end of a half? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Is the offside rule almost the same as in soccer? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.
    *Does Somalia have a national team? Bandy – YES; Hockey – No.

    As you can see, bandy, not ice hockey, is closest to "Ice Soccer."

    If you want to see what bandy is like, some matches from this year's world championship can be found at .

  • Actually you can bank it in off a teammate's face, and it will count so long as he doesn't use said face to direct the puck.

  • I don't have any idea what much of this post means, but I can glean that you have been sucked into a hockey vortex. Enjoy.

  • Bitter Scribe says:

    I stayed up till Kruger won it even though I had to be up extra early this morning to greet the air-conditioner installation team. Now I can barely sit up.

    Corey Crawford is God.

  • I actually know someone who plays ice hockey recreationally. Why yes, he IS from Canada! How did you know that?

  • democommie says:

    I watched the first OT (because my ride home from the trivia match was NOT leaving until at least one OT was over with) and it looked to me like they were all at about VO2min, then. It's like running a marathon and then being told that you missed a turn a mile out, so you have to do another one.

  • Second for what Sluggo said.

    More on "ice soccer" dafuq??!?

    In hockey, can you get a free shot by dramatically throwing yourself at the ground and rolling around in "agony" after someone on the other side of the arena happened to glance in your direction?

    Do hockey fans feel the need to self-entertain by throwing flares at the opposing team out of boredom—and let's face it, frustration because their team couldn't find the back of an untended net?
    Even when the score is nil all, at least the biffo on ice allows the fans to cathars some of that frustration.

    Are hockey players able to put a small skippy, bouncy thing into the back of a small net all while under physical attack?

  • Sluggo – in case you missed it, I provided a link to some recent games from this year's Bandy World Championships. Bandy is a game played on ice, with sticks, in which the goal is to put a small ball into a large goal.

    If you want to read about it before watching a game, here's an article from 2010:
    ("It's Not Hockey, It's Bandy")

    You have now learned about an exciting sport.

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