So for about the last 10 versions, WordPress has lacked a functioning "schedule post" feature. I've tried various plugins and recommended fixes, yet the content I tried to schedule to post while I was beyond the realm of internet access for the past few days did not post. Any WP users out there want to recommend a solution?

This seems like such a basic function. They can't get it right, though. It used to work (many versions ago) and then it stopped. It appears to be flummoxing everyone for some reason.

Here's a picture.


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  • That's strange, I use the drop-down calendar in the Publish box (upper right) quite a bit, and it seems to work well, never had a problem. Just scheduled a test post to check and it auto-posted fine. Same with Blogger.

    I have had occasional problems with the "read more" function in WP, but resolved them by making sure to have the most current version installed. Is it losing the draft completely, or just not posting it when you've scheduled it on the calendar?

    Great photo, btw. Denali?

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  • It's possible this is an issue having to do with your WordPress version (god, I hope it's not old) and the vagaries of your hosting environment. The bottom line is that when you're not hitting a page on your WordPress install, it's effectively dead to the world. The code only kicks in when someone hits a page.

    It may be that there was a code hook that, upon *every* page load, looked for new posts to foist onto the blog and did that, but possibly it's been excised (or never was there). That's one way I can imagine scheduling posts would work.

    Another would be to schedule something on the *server itself* to hit the WordPress RPC mechanism and trigger an action to take place.

    I'm just spitballin' here. Now that I'm all curious, I'm going to read the source code to find out how (if) this works.

  • Sorry to post twice, but it looks like it's possible this works just fine most of the time, but if WordPress can't (or hasn't) set up a cron job (a Unix scheduled task) to poke it, then this functionality wouldn't work properly.

  • That's odd. All I've ever had to do to accomplish this is to modify the publication date and set a date in the future

  • If I had to guess, I'd say that it's a problematic interaction between wp-cron (the WordPress thing responsible for triggering scheduled events) and WP-Super-Cache (your caching plugin).

    To explain: Wp-cron works by checking the time when a WordPress page is generated, and if it is roughly the time for an event, triggering that event – but if the time for the event is long past, sometimes it doesn't (I'm not sure what the criteria used is). WP-Super-Cache works by storing pages so that they don't have to be fully generated each time someone asks for them…. so it seems plausible to me that WP-Super-Cache is storing pages long enough that by the time the cache expires (allowing a regeneration of the page that would trigger wp-cron by the next visitor) the window that would actually trigger the event has passed.

    The solution (and also the solution to a number of other possible causes) is to use a "real" cron job – so instead of using the wp-cron system, have the server tell your site to check for things that it is supposed to do every 5-10 minutes or so.

    Here is a fairly detailed write-up by somebody else on how to implement this:

    Let me know (at the e-mail submitted) if you have a hard time doing this, or if it doesn't solve your issue – would be happy to help pro bono given how much enjoyment I've had from your blog over the past few years.

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