I'm tired of repeating this every few months, so rather than go through the whole spiel again I'll content myself to point out that it's positively staggering what a hack Scalia is.
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This dissent reads like they outsourced it to the comment section on Glenn Beck's website. I'd say this is no surprise but it is, a little. Apparently the residual idealism lurking deep inside of me wants to believe that our nation is led by people with at least a shred of shame and dignity. As it stands I'm not even sure Scalia is a person anymore. He may be a clutch of fusty marmots in a cheap black robe. They can make anything look human with CGI now.

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  • "As it stands I'm not even sure Scalia is a person anymore."

    Doesn't that assume Scalia was a person at one time? I think that's a highly debatable assertion.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Oh, it's Scalia in that black robe, alright.

    It's just that when he speaks, the teeth in his mouth tune into to Rush's radio show, and when he writes his "decisions," he has Glenn Beck's internet psycho-athon and the comment section up so that he can crib from them.

    Scalia's a pathetic relic of a time and mind-set that will neither be glorified, nor even mourned – except by other ancient bigots.
    But, soon they too will go to their "reward."

    I just think it will quite be what they expect.

    But we liberals won't be happy, because there's no hell as a "reward" for them and their bigotry, and the conservatives won't be happy, because instead of The Pearly Gates and a Heaven full of white people as a reward, there'll be nothing.

    So, neither one of us can be disappointed, because there'll literally be NOTHING for either of us to enjoy.

  • This particular Justice provides a training goal for my sense of humor and irony. If I can read his stuff and get a chuckle or two I note it as progress and feel a bit of hope. If not, then I join him in the quickening swirl of the cosmic drain hole that he seems so intent on dragging us all into.
    He doesn't make it easy. But goals should be challenging.
    Robin William's line about a BJ comes to mind. Sorry.

  • Just living proof that Ronald Reagan did more harm to the country than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of doing.

  • Steve in the ATL says:

    "Just living proof that Ronald Reagan did more harm to the country than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of doing."

    Damn–you nailed it!

  • I saw Scalia speak once on a discussion panel of some kind with Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Tulane University. Years ago. I don't think she was one of the Supremes yet; I'm not even sure he was. So anyway, he was much younger. I disagreed with his politics 100%, but it was undeniable that he was smart, knowledgeable, capable of framing complex arguments, and the whole nine yards. Ginsburg ran rings around him, of course, because she's more of those things than he is, but that doesn't change the fact that he was. Then.

    I'm assuming his current and recent problem is plain old senile dementia and no way to retire the incapacitated from the Court.

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    The consensus is that he's a likeable guy. Like Well Mostly, I try to consider him an entertainer. A "heel," as wrestlers say.

    Really, though, I can't fathom why an educated person would behave as he does. He has no fickle constituents or Arbitron ratings. There's no easy explanation I want to believe.

  • I will never understand the liberal/left mindset.

    "Exchange established by the State" is the exact wording of the ACA. Please, in all sincerity, explain to me how this could mean "Established by the State or the Federal government".

  • @Mark — I haven't checked, but I bet the ACA covers smelling salts and butthurt cream. You should totally look into it.

  • Mark, consider the distinction between theState and a state.

    Non-text portions of this message are not responsible for any brain cramp resulting from those with mental arthritis.

  • But what I really wanted to say…

    clutch of fusty marmots in a cheap black robe

    Awesome, dude. That made my day right there.

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    Noted liberal commie John Fucking Roberts explains it rather well.

    To wit, that wording does not preclude the G-men stepping in when the stateS are too stupid and self-destructive to do their jobs.

    Sorry the right's pedantry didn't throw the markets into chaos as you'd hoped. Try again later, I guess.

  • Most dissents are written in a tone that conveys just how butt-hurt the author is.

    But Justice Tony's just being a shameless hypocrite here.

    In a perfect world, Pope Francis would have him excommunicated, and James Gandolfini would play him in a biopic instead of being dead.

  • I knew better than to ask a libtard serious question. That the only way a commie leftie (but I repeat myself) can answer a legitimate question is with insipid replies and dull-witted attempts at humor is pathetic. I doubt that most or any of you even understand the ramifications of this ruling. It is not ignorance, it is stupidity.

    Although I disagree greatly with the inane thoughts that most of you spew, I enjoy coming back to get a chuckle. Enjoy it when your health insurance costs skyrocket. Oh, but no. Most of you are still suckling at the government teat, living with your parents who are on the opposite teat, and will get health care coverage at the expense of others.

  • Hi Mark!

    Thanks for your aggressive ignorance! Actually reading the SCOTUS opinion is SO hard, isn't it? Besides, you might have to read something you disagree with, and that would bruise your obviously tender feelings.

    Seriously, though, keep it up. At this rate you're Scalia's heir apparent.

  • "Mark Says:

    So I watched the whole thing, and I never picked up on which State Will Smith was supposedly the enemy of. Alabama? West Virginia? Minnesota? Anybody know?"

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    Mark isn't very good at being a troll. He was better off in Rush's audience. I really miss bb in GA.

  • Skepticalist says:

    "Just living proof that Ronald Reagan did more harm to the country than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of doing."

    It's perfect. Nicely done!

  • Yes, Mark; I've read it. Any for non-aggressively stupid person, it's very simple. First of all, I know conservatives don't know how America works, and what they do know about it they don't like, but the fact is, looking at an entire law to figure out what Congress meant by possibly ambiguous phrase happens all the time, and in cases where The Kenyan Usurper isn't involved, it's completely uncontroversial. And the Court came to the totally unsurprising decision that Congress didn't spend a year debating, amending and passing a law deliberately structured so that it would fail Given that no one on either side of the aisle has said such a thing at any point in the last five years, this is again not surprising.

    Page 11-12 of the majority opinion is really game over: The law directs the Secretary of HHS to establish an exchange UNDER the section establishing, and under the rules of, state exchanges.

    !It's worth reading the intro part, by the way, for a good reminder of the total mess of an argument the plaintiffs were trying to make – it makes the story a guy tells his girlfriend when caught in bed with another woman seem straightforward and plausible.)

    You can read it too – go to and look on the lower right for the King v. Burwell link. You may want to pass, though – it could pose a challenge to your cherished sense of victimhood. It also might clue you into what a deeply stupid person Scalia is. Although you'll probably think he's a genius.

  • @Mark

    Once you use the word "libtard" in a comment you can pretty much expect me to just ignore whatever comes after that.

    Likewise if you use the word "commie" in any discussion not directly referring to the DPRK.

  • Arguing with Mark is like playing chess with a pigeon. You just know the bird is going to shit all over the board and then strut around like he won.

  • @Skipper-
    He ignored my post about the Civil War because he is a tool. Calling people "libtards" while complaining about name-calling would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. And you hit the nail on the head, he is strutting around like a pigeon after shitting everywhere.

    Go back to the League of the South website and circle-jerk with the rest of them about how your heritage is being killed by the HNIC and how blacks were happier as slaves or whatever else you neo-Conferedate assholes talk about.

  • Well, whaddaya know- gay marriage is now a Constitutional right across the whole U.S.

    Today is a good day.

  • Re: "Please, in all sincerity, explain to me how this could mean "Established by the State or the Federal government".

    For example: Separation of church and state includes the federal government, not just individual states. In fact, it also includes government at all levels, so the 'state' might refer to a town or county.

  • greatlaurel says:

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    This book has a very interesting chapter about the agricultural disasters that occurred in the slave holding south. The facts in this book will be eye opening about the mess the slave holders made of their land and that plantation owners made a lot more money from selling slaves than agricultural products.

    I urge everyone to read this book. It is extremely interesting. It discusses both ancient and modern agricultural practices and the consequences of these practices for us all.

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