I'd like to thank Brother Kenneth Mehn, Order of Saint Augustine, who taught me about Maslow when I was a 14 year old high school freshman.

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What I'm saying is, this is partially his fault.


16 thoughts on “NEEDS”

  • You missed a biggy. Fear. All the time. Muslims. Blacks. Lesbians. Vegetarians. Toyota Prius. Although I wouldn't know it should go at the very top or the very bottom.

  • Soooooo…. take away the guns – or make ammo dissolve into useless goo – and the whole pyramid collapses?

    Maybe it's time to require 24 guns to be turned in for smelting for each school voucher?

  • Maybe exceptionalism and divine providence go on there somewhere. Oh, and voting. Oh this is fun. The right to ignore facts and laws if those conflict with firmly held convictions. And, a pony. Gotta have a pony. Noah's ark, Jonah and the whale. And the golden book of treasured childhood fantasies.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Social interactions.

    THAT"s the true human needs pyramid.

    Of course, our Reich-Wingers believe that they can live on hate, fear, and bigotry.

    I encourage them to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Davis X. Machina says:

    The good thing about a Catholic education — Jesuits in this case — is you run into the fundamental depravity of man at an early age.

    The F D of M is why you can run on a platform of "I can't make your life better. Well, no, actually, I could — but I won't. I can however make someone else's life worse, and let you watch. Deal?" and win election after election.

  • Davis X Machina: Isn't that what drives most "rapture ready" Christians?

    Only forever.

    The thought of watching the damned suffer gives them goosebumps.

  • Also: I am spreading this because Mr. Zande needs some love.

    What if the Fundamental Depravity of Man is a mere reflection…of our creator?

    "Before there was light there was, after all, only darkness. Before there was light there was only what the Greek poet Hesiod called the “yawning nothingness,” and from within this perfect eclipse the uncaused First Cause moved, constructively interfering with a portion of that eternal void which existed before space and time were named with a temperature. This unending, infinite bleakness—a blackness that the authors of the Vedas collectively identified as a type of swirling chaos, a darkness concealed in darkness[1]—is the Creator’s ancestral home. It is where He resides, within what human minds can only comprehend as the deepest of detestable disorders."

  • We love it some more when Ed goes graphic. Well done!
    Now get an update and love me some Ken Wilber.

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