I intended to write a good old fashioned chest-clutcher about the European immigration "crisis" but unfortunately yesterday I was far too busy winning the internet on the social medias. As a bonus feature I get called a lot of names in the comment sections. But even though I have fun with it, not all of this stuff is funny. In fact some of it is downright sad.

Previously I considered social media accounts no more than a diversion. Now I feel like they're taking on a life of their own, and that I'm getting not-bad at the format.

31 thoughts on “DIVERSIONS”

  • My criterion for social media is to ask myself whether, if these people were going to be in one room having a discussion, would I stay — or would I even go. If the answer is no, I bail out.

    Fortunately, I think the G&T crowd — at least right now — would be fun to hang with. There are a couple of other groups I frequent, but most I avoid.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    I'm anti-social, so I don't do "social media."

    Now if someone created "In Your Face Schnook," or "Tweet Dis, You Twit!", I'd be one of the first to join!

    Too many people on those sights lose all sense of seeming like caring human beings – and just let their inner Id come out, and show the world all of the hatreds, fears, and bigotries inside of them.

  • Oh my goodness, I went to all the links you so graciously provided. Whew. All good, with the ALLCAP Denali one perhaps being my favorite. Well done, sir.

    Quoting the R Alaskan Senate members on this is fun as well, as it has been a long effort within the state to return it to the original name of Denali.

    Maintaining that kind of ALLCAP rage might be dangerous to one's mental health, as good as you are at it. SO, be careful out there, please.

    Did McKinley have anything to do with Alaska? or was this just some partisan crap from long ago? Not that it matters one bit. Just curious….

  • @Doug: McKinley has exactly nothing to do with Alaska. The story I've read repeatedly is that the gold-miner who suggested that the mountain be named for him was a huge supporter of his. Since about 1975, however, the park it's in has been known as Denali. So when know-nothings like Bristol Palin insist they've never heard it called anything but Denali (despite the fact that her quitter mother talked about "Denali–the great one" in her quittin' speech in 2009), you know she's either JUST THAT STOOPIT or utterly delusional.

  • "you know she's either JUST THAT STOOPIT or utterly delusional."

    Or just a habitual liar. Awful lot of those in politics, and they were much harder to catch back in the days before everything was on the internet.

  • Waiiiiiiiiiit a minute: Ed, are you really Ed Anger, who used to pen a column in the Weekly World News? Just asking because of that all cap FB post seems very reminiscent of Mr. Anger's work. And you share the same first name….

    Seriously, though, don't you think some of those FB trolls are just playing? Or is that what a person can expect out of the Facebook?

  • "Or is that what a person can expect out of the Facebook?"

    Ever read Youtube comments? FB comments are basically the same thing.

  • ms. ann thrope says:

    If Obama had renamed Denali, Mount Saint Ronnie Reagan the right wingers including that jackass Boehner would have objected. They don't even notice or care what they're objecting to anymore–just the fact that Obama did it is enough for them.

  • I'm very curious how long / number of edits it took to write that rant. I simply can't do something like that without editing it, rewriting, questioning myself, editing, questioning my audience, rewriting…

    I often do the same thing in this comment box and end up not posting anything because I feel it's not quite what I'm trying to say and I'm frustrated by my self editing.

    Apparently I need less of a filter to be a successful social media poster.

  • So well done, Ed. Was out to dinner with friends here in Australia last night, and your Denali post was the hot topic of conversation for a half hour. 5 stars!

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  • @skwerlhugger

    "Now, can we do something about Washington National Airport?"

    If I had my way they'd bulldoze it and build a high-speed rail line out to Dulles.

    I feel like I'm playing "You bet your license!" every time I have to land there. Screw up the arrival or departure and you'll get to see an F-16 up close and personal.

  • Hi Ed!

    Winning the Internets? Well, maybe, but I did give you a soft target on that troll. Haahahhahahah.

    Post not, lest ye be posted against.

    That is my MO.

    I am actually a fan of your electronic writings apparatus thingy, Gin and Tacos.

    Have a nice day.

  • There's really nothing that says "I cannot form my own opinions" like derogatory puns of the names of public figures.

  • Even with my VPN on (I'm in Utah now, doncha know?) it won't load the facebooks. Probably because China is on a super high alert this weekend as they celebrate American winning WWII for them (although, surprisingly, they haven't worded it quit like that. Go figure.)

    I'll try again in the middle of next week.

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