Donald Trump says that if he is president, all of the Syrian refugees accepted by the United States "are going back."

If the Cardinals start me at quarterback this week, I want to start out by establishing the ground game. I really feel like we need to get David Johnson more involved in the offense, and the tight end position has been under-utilized in the passing game. Moving Larry Fitzgerald to the slot has worked out brilliantly so I don't see a need to make changes there. At least once I want to take some deep shots at Michael Floyd, and of course you have to throw the occasional post corner to Smokey Brown to keep the safeties honest over the top.

Oh, sorry. I thought we were playing "fantasy scenarios" and I wanted to use one that's equally likely to happen.

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  • If you listen to sports radio, it is evident that fantasy football derangement has spread to all other walks of life. "If he just hadn't thrown that interception, we would've-" "HE DID, OKAY? HE FUCKING DID! ANYTHING YOU SAY BEYOND THAT HYPOTHETICAL IS CIRCLE JERK TALK!!! SO STFU!!!!"

    Woulda coulda shoulda. Platonic derangement. "If the Soviet Union had been real communism", "If the stock market were a real free market"

    Hey assholes, reality is as real as it gets.

    Seriously, people are going through counterfactual derangement syndrome, and it's getting worse.

  • Henry Schump says:

    That would be a nightmare scenario! Thanks unto the gods that there is little or no danger in the Donald becoming President. Although Americans seem rather stupid when it comes to politics, and the gods themselves throw up their hands in frustration when dealing with the terminally stupid.

  • I dunno. I personally consider it an extremely worrisome development that ethnic cleansing is discussed to readily in mainstream media channels. Gives me the howling fantods, it does.

    Never underestimate the stupidity and venality of the American public. No matter how low I seem to set my expectations, this great nation never fails to disappoint.

  • Never say never. Hitler was a joke – until he wasn't. Reagan was a mindless buffoon – and is now portrayed by some as the greatest American president, when it's quite possible he was the worst (although degrees of worseness among presidents are becoming more difficult to parse.

    So, if we had a true democracy, Trump could conceivably win. However, it's a big "if."

    To figure out who has a chance at the White House, you need only look to the Corporatocracy. They decide who gets to run and who gets to win. The Corporatist media can create any reality it wants in about three weeks.

    Set the Wayback Machine for 2003. At the end of November, Howard Dean — tracking like Bernie is now — was the acknowledged "unbeatable front runner." Then, he made the fatal mistake of saying (on Chris Matthews' show, I believe) that he would do something about media concentration. Almost immediately, the Corporatist media went into high gear. Every media outlet from Fox to CNN to the Washington Post to Time and Newsweek to your local supermarket Pennysaver ran endless stories about how "Howard Dean is unelectable." By the time of the Iowa caucuses, people were telling exit pollsters that they voted for Kerry because Howard Dean was "unelectable." Then, the media finished him off with the phony "Dean Scream."

    My money is on Hillary — not because she is the best, but because she has pledged her allegiance to the Corporatocracy across the board. And she will deliver reliably for it.

    If Wall Street hates anything it's uncertainty. Mere uncertainty about anything can send the markets into a tailspin. Dean was a threat, but someone like Palin was a loose cannon. They had no idea what she could or would do. Mitt was an uncertainty. While he embraced the overall goals of the One Percent, he also had that creepy Mormon thing going on. Who knows what the secret society is up to in SLC?

    The current crop of GOP goons are a collection of uncertainties. While each has some pet project that appeals to a segment of the base — whether it's race baiting, xenophobia, anti-unionism, or just, as in the case of Ben Carson, mental instability — they're all potentially loose cannons, believing their own press releases.

    And Trump — another loose cannon. He brags he won't take money from the lobbyists and won't be beholden to them. That is the last thing the Corporatocracy wants. They want a president who is "beholden." Enter Hillary!

    It's going to be interesting to see how the Corporatist media takes Trump down. Stay tuned. Same with Bernie, by the way. He will be "Howard Dean-ed" probably sometime before the Iowa caucuses. The question is how, but don't doubt for a minute that the Corporatocracy has a playbook.

    And that playbook is much more detailed than Ed's plans as quarterback.

  • I'm with Skipper, although I think Trump will take himself out just when he has to get real with an actual campaign. He is doing this to fluff his own ego and will get out before it really becomes work.

    Sanders is absolutely going to be taken out—but he knows it. So he is trying to wake up the base as much as he possibly can and just maybe scaring Hillary enough to at least listen a bit to the base. A bit.

  • I also am concerned about how much media coverage Trump is receiving–to date, he has spent approx. $0 on advertising but he's gotten millions of free advertising from a media that televises every speech and which grants him an open invitation to appear multiple times a week.

    Yes, he is a buffoon and yes, he will probably be removed from the campaign at some point (his ceiling and floor seems to be about 25% so at some point, you'd think that another candidate–Jeb(!), Kasich, Rubio–picks up enough support to supplant him) but then, no one expected him to still be a candidate into September so until he is gone from the campaign, his presence will continue to make me uncomfortable.

  • He will realize he has no desire to do the job.
    No Matter, he will be bigger than ever for the run…
    Is this a great country or what?

  • Skepticalist says:

    I've never been so ashamed of American politics or whatever the hell this is. The McCarthy hearings and George Wallace's candidacy are examples of civility and polite discourse in comparison to GOP Land.

    Nobody hates Trump more than the establishment GOP. While it used to be that someone with as bad manners as he would be sent to Siberia, today it's a different world. Mostly they're terrified of shaking up the stars and bars waving home schooled wing of the party.

    One of these days, Trump will go off on the piece of shit known as St. Reagan or tear into some bottom feeding TV preacher. I doubt he could survive something so sensible.

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