I wrote about 2/3 of an NPF for today, realized that I hated it because it's garbage, and further realized that after the week I had I really need to sleep in a bed urgently. So rather than attempt to start over at this late hour and in this condition, I'll merely remind you that your car might not be sufficiently prepared for the 2016 election and give you a rain check on NPF. I'll post a worthy one shortly.


Do it.

8 thoughts on “NPF: TIS THE SEASON”

  • You have a lot of great posts that you obviously put a lot of time into. Have you ever considered breaking the posts up with pictures? It makes it easier for us feeble minded attention span challenged to stay focused.

    otherwise, get some rest.

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    As a man in his increasingly late 30s, I am aware of the healing properties of this weird new thing called "sleep in a bed."

  • Sleep is crucial. If you ever find yourself choosing between tossing us comment fodder or getting much need z's, for fuksake, go to bed. We'll wait. You can give us a 50% discount for the delay.

  • My husband says I think all problems can be solved by more sleep and drinking water.

    Well, if that doesn't solve the problem, at least you're rested and hydrated.

  • I just won election as a Township Supervisor and I used magnetic bumper strips – many more people used them saying they would never use the stick-on kind – I'm going to buy one of yours but would rather have a few magnetic which I would give to friends – check them out – a bit pricey but worth it

  • Okay, I did my part. It will soon be adorning my son's dorm room door at his prestigious Librul Arts college.

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