4 thoughts on “CAPTURED IN THE WILD”

  • The right wing is just as appalled by the refugees as they are by Isis. Isis beheads people, but the refugees are brown and over here, well in Europe and the middle east but those places are too close for comfort.

  • Those pussified Euro wussies like France and Germany and the UK are taking in _hundreds of thousands_ of refugees, while our Republican governors can't be bothered to take in 10K.

    The greatest lie the GOP ever told itself (and believed 100%) is that they were a pack of Realist He-Men.

    In fact, they're the worst sorts of cowards. Complete cravens.

  • Wetcasements: If Germany and company could have made the decision whether to take refugees or not, you bet your britches they would have said no.

    I live in Passau, hundreds of thousands of refugees have come through here since the summer. The refugees are HERE and now we have to decide what to do with them; there was no decision-making process beforehand. We just ignored the problem until it was on our doorstep.

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