Last call for these exciting 3"x10" bumper stickers at the affordable price of four American dollars. Let your bumper tell other drivers what's the what with this patriotic design, timely in sentiment for another couple of months. These have been popular and I'm down to the last 20, so let's work together to give me the enormous thrill of being able to describe them as "sold out."


Also suitable for amps, guitar cases, keyboards, surfboards, windows, wall mounting, decoupage, and…essentially any flat or semiflat surface to which ordinary adhesives can bond. Makes a great gift, provided you hate your friends.

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9 thoughts on “TAKE THAT, TWO-PARTY SYSTEM!”

  • I used to work in a plywood mill out in the middle of the woods of rural Louisiana. I had a bumper sticker on my beat up pickup and the other sticker on my work trike. People would ask about Gin & Tacos and I told them it was the breakfast of champions, which is not technically false.

    I sold the truck to a Trump supporter and he drives it to this day. If you're ever in rural Louisiana, you might see an old green Ford with a G&T bumper sticker next to a Trump '16.

    And that, my friends, is The Rest of the Story.

  • I'll have you know Gin & Tacos cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000! Damn Gin & Tacos voters splitting the liberal vote!

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    When I lived in Athens, Not Greece, I did some work for a local music promotion company that had a sponsorship deal with Pabst. They had a lot of logo-adorned stickers lying around, one of which I rather stupidly affixed to my car. It led to at least two awkward conversations with the local police. Word of caution.

    Yes, there is such a thing as Pabst Red Ribbon. No, I don't recommend drinking it.

  • Bessemer Mucho says:

    Here in the northeast, you often see cars with a sticker that says
    "This car climbed Mt. Washington", referring to a high point in
    New Hampshire with an auto road running to the top. But then I
    saw one that said "This car climbed Mt. Everest, & my kid can beat
    up your honor student". Sometimes I am afraid to leave the house.

  • I've walk uo Mt. Washington 4 or 5 times (only summiting twice, due to seriously dangerous weather). A friend drove his jeep up once with me and his two kids. It wound up costing about 2k to repair his vehicle after the transmission cooler line blew and sucked anti-freeze into his tranny.

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