So after running out and canceling a bunch of your orders last time around, I decided to restock the "Everything is Terrible All the Time" t-shirts. The only change is that there is a separate button for international orders – at $12-15 per shirt to ship to other countries, I was kinda paying international buyers to take the shirts. While I am not looking to become a titan of commerce here, I do have to avoid selling these at a loss. Sorry, Europe and Canada and Asia and basically the whole world.

Shirts will arrive in my hands in the first week of February, and I will have them in the mail to you as soon as I get them. I appreciate your patience. My warehouse and shipping operation is me. Details about the shirts are the same as before:

Canvas brand, screenprinted (no print on demand BS), no text on the reverse side, women's v-neck and men's/unisex crew neck available. Simple. Black. Bleak. Let everyone know how you feel. Let everyone know your favorite blog. Canvas sizing guides for unisex and women's v-neck shirts. Won't fall apart or fade after one wash. Black hides tears, too.


Please use the correct order button, Domestic or International. Anything outside of the U.S., even Canada, must use the International button.

Domestic Orders (USA)

International Orders

They go quickly. Don't be left out!

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  1. DavidS Says:

    I sent you a "donation" to cover the extra shipping to Canada last December. Hope you got it.

  2. DavidS Says:

    Great shirt!

    I sent you a "donation" to cover the extra shipping to Canada last December. Hope you got it.

  3. Leon Says:

    Says something about the state of our world that this shirt is "back by popular demand." I'm not saying I'm surprised.

  4. Hazy Davy Says:

    But I'm more of a "Everything is not fine." kind of guy.

    Or "Everything is not OK and we are going to make it."

  5. terraformer Says:

    Consider tall sizes? 2XLT is what I wear, otherwise you can see my belly button – and no one wants to see that.

  6. TheOtherHank Says:

    I'm wearing my Everything is terrible shirt right now. And except for the delightful taqueria lunch I just ate, the shirt is truth.

  7. J. Dryden Says:

    I've placed my order. As a G&T Platinum Member(tm), I will, of course, expect that my order go to the top of the list, displacing those who lack this exclusive privilege.

    (Please don't actually do that; it would be all kinds of fucked up.)

  8. Tim H. Says:

    Like the shirt, I've been saying for over forty years that every silver lining contains a dark cloud…

  9. democommie Says:

    Dear Ed:

    When you run out of these, consider doing one that says:

    "Gestapo, you can't spell it without, 'G.O.P'"

    My idea (afaia), your profit–at least until the drones come for you.

  10. karen marie Says:

    I'm with terraformer – bigger sizes, please. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. We're fat out here.

    I earlier go the women's XXL and it was too small. I had to give it to my nephew (kids these days don't care about labels "men"/"women"). He loves it but I'm sad because everything is fucking terrible and I don't even have a shirt to express it, so I'm losing my voice from complaining all the time.

    Bigger shirts, please.

  11. democommie Says:

    I'm going to give you another shirt slogan, Ed.

    "Reeding is four moreons" Trumpligula I.

  12. Jim Says:

    These shirts would be better if they didn't say "Gin and Tacos" on them, or if that was on the back. The front should just read: "Everything is Terrible All the Time." Then I would buy the shirt.

  13. The Pale Scot Says:

    Did ya know the Guardian stole your meme?