I'm no expert on FEC regulations, but…it cannot possibly be legal for the President of the United States to use his Twitter account to direct people who want to read an official statement from the President to his personal Facebook page on which a large "SHOP NOW" button adorns the top of the page. The sales proceeds from the items all go directly to Donald J. Trump for President.

My Spider Sense is tingling.

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42 thoughts on “EMOLUMENTS AHOY”

  • I thought it had something to do with the fact that he registered as a candidate for 2020 already? If he is doing something against the emoluments clause, though, then just expect those rules to disappear via an executive order within the coming weeks!

  • Whew! I don't do the Book of Face, so I can't accidentally stumble on his latest grit.

    I hear he got into a pissing contest with Arnold Schwarzenegger, dissing the job S. was doing on The Apprentice. S. shot back, "We should trade jobs", which was a nice throwback to the days when the wingnuts wanted the Constitution changed so that S. (who was *not* born in the USA, no question about it) could run for POTUS.

  • manda: any elected official is supposed to keep a wall between official government business and campaign business. Plenty of congresscritters have gotten into trouble for stepping over this line; i.e., using their office to send out fundraising letters or mentioning something about a campaign event on their official e-mail.

    Ed, you should report what you've seen to the FEC. 'Course, Trump will just laugh and thumb his nose at them.

  • Here's the way that fucker will always sidestep the emoluments clause – it's only prohibited "without the consent of congress." You know they will just roll over and approve whatever he does.

    Please someone show how I am wrong.

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  • Maaya gets the cigar. Congress' ability to approve emoluments puts exclusive jurisdiction in the Congress to determine violation. Even this lefty gets that the Courts can't have jurisdiction of the dispute. Approve, impeach or STFU.

  • @democommie; that was way too coherent to be Sarah Palin, and besides, they didn't invoke GAWD or GUNZ or RILL MURKKKUNS.

  • Give me a break. There is no one who wants a reason to dump Trump* more than I, but this ain't it. Obvious solicitation of campaign contributions. Worst case is some schmuck overseas buying overpriced crap. I can't see making a case that Trump* would be influenced by the purchase of a tacky coffee mug.

  • Your spidey senses may be tingling, but as noted, congress will let it go setting a dangerous president (trump joke). Just watch.
    trump is too popular with the republican base. Republicans will totally roll.
    Which republicans hate trump enough to risk turning against the crazy base? McCain? Any number of republicans who were humiliated in the primaries (Cruz)? Lindsay Graham? Nahh.
    I really really really hope I'm wrong.

  • Robert Reich reported speaking to a former GOP member of Congress who, Reich said, told him that the GOP would give Trump leeway as long as he is doing everything on their wish list — lowering taxes on the rich, removing environmental regulation, destroying net neutrality, abridging rights for women, LGBT people, people of color, attacking Social Security and Medicare, adding further bloat to the military, etc, etc. He'll get the blame (in his mind, credit) for that. Then, once he's done all that, they'll pull the string and bounce his ass out of the White House. Pence is the guy they really want anyway. So, right now, they're just letting him run full speed. But it won't last.

  • Emerson Dameron says:


    Are you saying the GOP is willing to rewire the system so that Trump can have whatever he wants, because populism?

    That seems like it could really backfire on them if there's anything to this White Genocide(TM) demographic shift I keep hearing about.

    And it looks like they're doing it anyway.

  • It sounds like the sort of thing that will come up again if Trump manages to alienate the GOP enough they're comfortable with ditching him. There will be no shortage of material to work with should they ever find themselves desperately needing a fall guy when the world's stupidest wish-list turns out to be enough of a mistake for the trumplings to realize it.

  • @Noskilz; you think the trumplings are going to realize their guy is a loser. It's never going to happen. this is something I struggle with, also–how in the world can they continue to deny reality? The bottom line is that you could tell these folks that two plus two equals four, and if Trump or the rw media said it was green, the non-thinking authoritarian followers will go down insisting it's green. You could cite them facts, bring in wooden blocks and demonstrate–nothing is going to get through to them.

  • you think the trumplings are going to realize their guy is a loser.

    Actually, Hillary(and the rest of the USA) was the looser. He won…

  • @Doug; here's a helpful hint to spelling: "loose" rhymes with "goose", and it means "the opposite of tight", whereas "lose" rhymes with "use" and means "the opposite of win".

  • My knuckle dragging Trumper friends applaud and jump up and down every time he puts his name on one of his Un-Constitutional decrees. They couldn't be happier. Enough Congressional Tea Partiers are more than happy with alternate fake-based news.

  • @Skepticalist

    It's difficult to win an ideological battle when the opposing side basically makes up it's own facts as it goes along.

  • @jcdenton; I'm absolutely thrilled Kellyanne Conjob's attempt to create alternate history with "The Massacre of Bowling Green" backfired so spectacularly.

  • @democommie–precisely because Trump's team are trying to redefine words and blur the lines of reality, it's more important than ever to write and speak clearly. Actual quotes from the 25-year-old 'head of communications' at work (her father-in-law is a big shot there): "Me and her tooken the class" and "Is suggestion box all one word, or is there a hyphen?" (<–my response: "It's spelled with a 7" hers: "God! You could just TELL ME" mine: "That's what dictionaries are for–if you look it up, you'll remember it" hers: "I don't have time for that!")

    That kind of lazy thinking leads to her proclamations that Trump is a brilliant businessman, so he'll be an even better president, and that education is useless because all college does is make you learn things that you can just look up.

  • Enforcement of any of these rules requires one of two things

    1) Some sort of acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the GOP, such that they stop doing it. This only happens in certain strategic instances (i.e., when they have to pull back and Executive Order stayed by a federal judge, whom they can then blame, thereby weakening the court system of checks and balances)

    2) Willingness on the part of the Democrats to prosecute the blatant crimes being performed daily.

    Did any of those supposedly-Democrat members of Congress demand that any of the Border Patrol ignoring a FEDERAL JUDGE be arrested? No. That is a recipe for political disaster. A DOJ agency in legal conflict with a DHS agency would make it totally clear that our government has been broken by the GOP.

    Since Ford pardoned Nixon, it has been more important for our long national nightmare to be over than it has been for the criminals to be prosecuted. Someone will need to bite the bullet and CHARGE someone with something soon if there is to be any check on the power grab by these opportunistic assholes.

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