Every generation succumbs to the urge to criticize those that follow. No generation in history has taken more crap than The Millennials, some deserved and some illogical. Gen X probably had more words spilled on its behalf in the 1990s, but not all of it was negative. The sheer volume of analysis directed at The Boomers has as much to do with the fact that America has been talking about them for six decades at this point.
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Millennial bashing, though, appears to rank somewhere above college football and below drinking cheap beer in the hierarchy of American likes and dislikes these days.
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As is customary, the most complaining comes from the oldest generation, as these people are separated from adolescents and young adults by the greatest amount of time and cultural dissimilarity.
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Yet the criticism today has taken on an increasingly ironic tone; for all its complaints about the specific faults of Millennials, it is more apparent by the day that the 70 year old they elected acts more like a stereotypical Millennial child-man than any 22 year old Brooklynite with a Journalism degree we could put in the same position.

Narcissistic? Yes. Addicted to social media? Check. Constant self-aggrandizement? Obviously. Vain? Almost pathologically. Short attention span? Inattention to substance and detail? Superficial knowledge paired with lots of buzzwords and image bolstering? Avoids or is incapable of doing hard work? Unable to handle any kind of criticism without going berserk? Believes garbage repeated on the internet? This only scratches the surface.
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Take any caricature in the media of Americans between high school age and thirty and you will find every last stereotype embodied in the grandfather that a generation of grandparents embraces as its hero. While wagging its finger at The Kids These Days, Americans at or near retirement age today elected a man with the exact personality and behavioral profile of a 17 year old girl who describes herself as an "Instagram Model." The only difference between that kid and Trump is that the kid probably isn't as racist.

The point is not what is or is not true about Millennials as a generation, but that it takes a rich sense of irony to appreciate how older Americans have embraced everything bad that they insist is true about Millennials in a geriatric package. Perhaps the lesson to take from this is that generations are not that different fundamentally, and given enough time to acclimate themselves to the new technology an aging Boomer can use social media to prove how vapid, self centered, and dumb they are just as successfully as any teenager.

54 thoughts on “PRESIDENT SNOWFLAKE”

  • Yea time zones! I get to respond first!

    Great points made and I'd only like to include that we (usually) are most annoyed by those characteristics we have in ourselves.

  • You might also have pointed out that, irrespective of age, race, sexuality and so on, the most vehemently complaining wailers are those who've not achieved what they thought themselves entitled to.

  • Balderdash. Disproportionate sense of entitlement has been a feature of certain segments of American society since before the dawn of the republic. See Jefferson, Thomas.

  • Aw geez! Really? That fool was elected by a mean spirited, left behind, disgruntled,
    magical thinking, socially unconscious segment of white people. This self agrandizing, intellectually impaired psycho was not elected by your run of the mill Baby Boomer who is scared to death about the damage he's capable of & is mad as hell about the people he's hurting. The average Baby Boomer remembers the Cold War & the danger Russia poses, is socially conscious, & understands the world is more complicated than Trump's world view. Also, EVERYBODY STOP PUTTING DOWN OTHER GENERATIONS!

  • carrstone always attempts to sound so neat and packaged while making no sense.

    Generations? Generalizations?

    Stereotypes abound. It's the American slogan/soundbite way.

    Heh. Points to April.

  • Knowing the Right will silence opposition through any means necessary, with the Vichy Democrats demanding their share of the "loot", i doubt there will be any sustained effort to expose anyone for anything of value. the corruption is so deep, aka the deep state, lol.

    crashing down slowly, and total consumate effort to keep it going so they can extract every last bit of wealth, while they can, they will.

    American Exceptionalism

  • Well said, Ed.
    Show me any man of 70 who gives that much time and attention to his hair and I'll show you someone who hasn't matured a lick since junior high school.

    Oh, and auto rock, that one's vapid even for you. Are you not well?

  • @magoo

    No sense? Of course it makes sense. I even adjusted my language to a level you'd all understand by using a preposition to end with.

  • see that Crappstain has put his time away from the forum to good use. Oh, I'm sorry, that was supposed to have a sorta "eyerolling" emoticon or something; my bad.

    There is certainly a hefty %age of boomers who are fucking delusional I haven't found (and don't really know if it's available) how people over 75 voted. The cut-off on the BBC article I looked at was 65+ and I have no idea what the distribution is above that age–maybe somebody else has the numbers.

    Basically, the GOP and Trupligula did what they ALWAYS do. They lied to the rubes, the rubes–as usual–sucked in the lies like they were primo Peruvian Flake and voted in the guys who've been doing their best to fuck them, pretty much forever.
    I always love to have some reactionary fuckhead like Chancrestaph babble on about the evils of progressive or democratic politics. He's either a spectacularly bad liar or dumber than a roomful of Creationists. The GOP has not, in at least the last 30 years done a fucking to benefit anyone that isn't in one of the very narrowly defined "good folks" demographics. They have willingly fucked the poor, all minorities (except the Miamicubanos), women, the sick, lame and halt and numerous other groups that they have no use for. In the middle of the fucking war in Iraq they were fucking the wounded vets while holding parades for the ones who came back with medals. FUCK the GOP, today, tomorrow and until they stop fucking me, my family and my friends.

    Millenials have no lock on being douchenozzles, there's plenty of people in every age group and across every gender, income, religion, political, racial, etc., group that are either idiots who vote against their interests or just out and out fuckbags. I know plenty of dickish oldsters, but we're gonna die in the not too distant future, the rest of you best have some fucking plan–and it better be workable–or you will have front row seats for an unbelievable shitstorm.

  • Martha, I hate to break it to you, but the majority of boomers did in fact vote for Trump. If you narrow it down to white Boomers, the division is even more stark. I know, #notallboomers and all, but the "run of the mill baby boomer" is thrilled that Trump is in charge.

  • Donna White says:

    Nick is right. The majority of boomers did vote for Trump according to one of the national news site. However, whenever I viewed one of his rallies, there were all age groups represented, but the majority seemed to be older adults.

    I am a 70-year old boomer and I did not vote for Trump, and I know of several other boomers who did not vote for him. We were appalled with him and his campaign promises that are now coming to fruition.

  • @Aurora S

    Article implies they're interested in governing at all. Article doesn't understand shit.

  • celiadexter says:

    I've loved, promoted and donated to this blog for quite a while but today I find it disappointing. There are quite a few of us boomers out there who not only didn't vote for Trump, but worked hard — and will continue to work hard — against everything he represents. I know you weren't around in the Sixties, but what do you think happened to the young people who were out in the streets marching for civil rights and opposing the Vietnam war? Those pink hats in Washington on January 21 covered up a lot of grey hair. We old lefties are still here and the election of Trump has rekindled a lot of our energy.

  • carrstone the grammarian illuminating the path for those who grope bewildered in the darkness of ignorance . . .

  • This is the game. This is the childish game. Trump uncovers the biggest scandal in United States history with Obama wiretapping trump tower. And your immediate reaction is an ad hominem attack to deflect. Oh don't look at clapper and Brennan and earnest on the morning shows dancing around like fools speaking in some sort of legal doublespeak to cover for that Kenyan playing golf and his paranoid delusions. No no no no trump is a millennial and uses twitter, we all hate millennials right? Let's face it Obama couldn't drone strike trump because he's too visible so he had to spy on him. Facts! It doesn't matter how many insults you throw at him

  • Celiadexter, thanks for writing that.

    'The point is not what is or is not true about Millennials as a generation, but that it takes a rich sense of irony to appreciate how older Americans have embraced everything bad that they insist is true about Millennials in a geriatric package.'

    Hold on there Ed. Let me just say 'fuck you' for categorizing 'older Americans' like they were homogeneous…..
    I have seen plenty of different groups portrayed that way, and it is always incorrect. You are a better thinker than this column indicates….
    'C minus'.

  • LOL@ the angry Boomers lashing out at Ed for making even small swipes at (other) members of their age cohort. Proving his point much?

  • Robert Walker-Smith says:


    I'm still not entirely sure who Millennials are supposed to be, but I know that every upcoming generation has been feared and despised by previous ones for *something*.

    There were enough white Boomers voting for Dolt 45 to give him an Electoral College victory. It wasn't Millennials, it wasn't PoC, it was white Boomers. If it's not about you, don't make it about you – but if it's about people in your demographic, don't pretend it didn't happen.

    Full disclosure: I'm a white Boomer myself.

  • I'm a Boomer and I wish we had more Millenials in our community. Maybe because I have young children, I have friends of all ages, but if you don't find your true love and a good job by the time you're 21, you're out of rural America. That leaves all the "economically anxious" (read: bigoted) white people of all ages who vote for assholes ('cause assholes get to vote – thank you Pat McDonald). I wish it were otherwise.

  • @Matt

    That was almost believable. I don't ever want to be accused of taking away a mentally handicapped man's only joy. Gold star for effort!

  • @celiadexter What happened to them? A lot of them got old and conservative. My dad was a hippie and was supposed to go to Woodstock (didn't make it). Now he reads Drudge Report, watches Fox, and watches CNN to "see what the opposition is saying".

    Once you start down that path they get you afraid, and once you're afraid you become more conservative (psychologically tested), etc. etc. It's a negative feeback loop that makes people lose their damned minds.

  • Boomer "generation" lasted 20 years; 1946-1964.
    The oldest Boomer is not over 75.

    If you cannot see that the life experiences of someone born in 1946 were different than those of his cohort from 1964, then you don't know the difference between Swing and the Beatles.

    Try defining "Millenials" in a consistant way that spans two decades before making claims about how "they" fit any stereotype.

  • I think Matt might be a bot.

    BDH: Millenial here. Agreed wholeheartedly.
    I'm a "city boy" who's lived in small towns off and on and don't mind it except for
    A) The lack of jobs for people other than GED or Nursing.
    B) Frequent pestering about my religion.
    C) The ******* Virginia Battle Flags everywhere. FFS.

  • "There were enough white Boomers voting for Dolt 45 to give him an Electoral College victory. It wasn't Millennials, it wasn't PoC, it was white Boomers."

    Just as sweeping a generalization as any made here.

    You claim it was boomers, without any way (afaia) for that to be quantified except some exit polls.

    As I said in a previous comment, there is no age bracketing above 65–so it's 65–whatever. I don't know what age distribution v voter curve looks like, do you?

    I can't be sure but I would say that a much larger number of "conscience" or "grudge" or "statement" or "protest" or, as I will be calling them from now on, "Poutest" votes were cast by millenials than by boomers. You will, I'm sure, agree. So, if those pissed-off, deeply concerned, "told by their bros that JohBnStei

  • I hate this new Chromebook's keyboard. There are macros I cannot even find never mind disable. To continue:

    –You will, I'm sure, agree. So, if those pissed-off, deeply concerned, "told by their bros that a vote for JohBernStein was a cool way to 'message' the DNC that you're not a sheeple but a pissed off citizen who can HURT them…" folks had simply stayed home it would have had zero effect on the election.

    If they had done what something like 90% of black voters did and held their noses while pulling the lever for another lying whitey who wouldn't fuck them as fast or as hard as the guy who got elected. Well, then we could all be complaining about Hilary not pulling troops out of Iraghanistan; not expanding Obamacare; not forcing the EPA to go after the polluters in ways that would get their attention; not working with the Repuklian controlled Congress to get some useful legislation passed.

    Boy, am I glad we avoided that trap.

  • I'm a boomer, and I figured we'd eat our young. We've pulled up the ladders and trashed what we can. I'll keep up the good fight, but I can only do so much and for so long.

  • anotherbozo says:

    It's impossible to follow comments here and elsewhere about the current nightmare without compiling an impressive list of appellations for the Nightmare-in-Chief. The latest, for which thanks, democommie, is Dolt 45. Others I've enjoyed:

    El Claudillo del Mar-a-Lago
    Mango Mussolini
    the president*

    I've objected before to Ed's maligning of my generation (70-somethings) and boomers too, but as he's unresponsive I'm prepared to cut him some slack. He's human and otherwise judicious, so what the hey. Anecdotal evidence isn't much, but I noticed the most vociferous attendees at Trump rallies were usually 20-30 males.

    Ed's mention of Trump's racism goes to another point, reminding me of the recent Don Cheadle quote. He said a friend of his father (a clinical psychologist and unlikely have befriended a goofball) heard the Donald once ask golfing buddies, "Ever f***ed a n****r?" Yes, this would seem to indicate a degree of racism, if other proofs weren't rife, but also a desire to shock that has to be regarded as totally infantile. I think Trump's emotional age is decidedly beneath that of millennials—say, in the 6-10-year-old range. You may have missed Tom Tomorrow's take:

  • Skepticalist says:

    I'm one of those first year Boomers born in 1946. Of course none of us is 75.

    My Boomer friends voted for Trump about 50% in upstate NY. Most of them were what I've called here: "secret Trump voters." None them wanted to admit it. Before the election the typical "who ya gonna vote for" conversation consisted of the reply that they hate both Hillary and Trump. Conversation ended, nothing more to say. My best friend lives on saying that he wrote in a candidate so he wasn't a Trump voter.

    There's something seriously wrong with us.

    On the other hand almost all the millenials I know grudingly voted for Hilliary.

  • @ Skepticalist:

    I live in Oswego, a SUNY college location. I can't find a breakdown for how the city voted but the county went 58% for Trumpligula.

    There are probably 20,000 voters in Oswego County that are teachers, cops, firemen, town/city/county employees of every stripe and many of them voted for R's @ every level, every office. Lots of kids from the college who I talked to were either going to sit it out or protest vote. So far, none of them has run up to me on the street or called across a room to say, "See, we had the right idea, Hils is a witch and dishonest and we just needed NOBODY named Clinton in the WH.". Maye they're waiting to see just how badly they get fucked on their student loan interest rates, lack of affordable healthcare or the NEW and iMPOVERISHED Draft.

    It's only going to get worse if people continue to delude themselves that there will be a groundswell of support for as yet unnamed persons to assume the mantle of champion of the people.

    BTW, a quick google of the Oswego votes, by county, town and city reveals a lot of R's runnin unopposed. THAT is something to work on.

  • I was born in 1962. That puts me in that weird little demographic that's too young to be a true boomer and too old to be Gen-X.

    Yes I know that technically 1964 was the end of the baby boom, but I was one year old when JFK was shot and seven when Woostock happened. I don't share much common experience with the generation I'm supposedly part of.

    I don't know that many Millennials, but the ones I do know are some of the best people I've ever met.

    I don't understand the constant bashing directed at this generation.

  • @ Major Kong:

    Not to pick on Millenials or anyone else but most of the people who hang out here don't suffer fools gladly and don't have them as friends. All of the people I count as friends–or even get to know much–are good people.There's a vast sea of shitheads out there.

    I understand the frustration that is felt by people who can't understand why old people are so scared/thick-headed/hidebound. I also understand the frustration of people who can't understand why young people are so impetuous/contemptuous/resentful.

    Life is a long arc (one hopes) and we get to live in the other guys shoes if we live that long.

    I am much less reactionary than many people in my age group, probably because I haven't much to lose other than my life. I wish I could figure out what scares them so much.

    I am also much less idealistic than many young people, by dint of living with a totally fucked up political system my whole life. Two parties, multiple voting blocs. There is no majority, but the biggest plurality seems to be the Party of Fear and Loathing.

  • Representative of Nyarlathotep says:

    Thank you. As the parent of a Millennial, I give you my thanks. When I was studying for my LIS degree, I did a bit of research into the "millennials are narcissists" hypothesis, and found most of the "studies" were conducted by one particular academic who published widely in august publications like Psychology Today. She also was part of a small clique who only cited each other, a practice I call circle-jerk citing. I'm sure they made a fair amount of money, and got some career advancement out of it, but it is bullshit.

    Nothing I have said should imply that I do not respect social science. It is a difficult and important area of science. Some practitioners are self-aggrandizing douchebags, is all. Also, apologies for not citing things, I have to go to the hospital.

    Anyway, may the Crawling Chaos give you a quick and painless death, and may your soul bask in the nuclear chaos in the middle of the universe which is the insane idiot god Azathoth.

  • I was talked into playing at an open mic tonight and one of the conditions was that I not have to lug my guitar back and forth while walking of riding the bus. So, an econ prof I know picked me up (he's there every week and has way more wayvose than me). He was on his way to the local dem committee meeting. I asked him how many people were likely to be there. He said 10-12. I told him that they need 40-50 at the meetings and then, maybe, you get something going. I offer my services as a photographer, pro bono, and they are well aware of my propensity for calling fucking assholes fucking assholes–so they're good with that.

    They need young, fire-in-the-belly, working stiffs to bring more young people into the party–they get nada.

    If you youngs think that going to a fund raiser and having fun, then pissing and moaning when your guy, who is NOT a democrat is fucking ignored by the party, you really need to rethink how retail politics work. It's a motherfucking grind, it takes dedication and a level of optimism I can't sustain.

  • Representative of Nyarlathotep says:

    Show me a person who uses the term "snowflake" and I'll show you a fucking moron.

  • Barkus Annointo says:

    Boss Tweet
    Cheeto Benito

    Everyone must have a list!
    As to the topic du jour: don't stop sending money
    to G & T. He's just the messenger, fer chrissakes.

  • "Show me a person who uses the term "snowflake" and I'll show you a fucking moron."

    To be fair, they could be an asshole. But then it doesn't have to be either-or.

  • @democommie; the "snowflake babies" of the anti-choice crowd–at one point, they were insisting that all fertilized eggs in fertility clinics should be implanted in some walking incubator, and they called those frozen embryos "snowflake babies"…probably because they were all little and white.

    Also @demo; you're in Oswego? My nephew went there for one semester and couldn't hack the cold.

  • Sarahbot:


    Well, now, the GOP can make it so all of the women convicted of having abortions get to carry those snowflakes to term and then see them raised in the Trumpborg creche.

    Yes, I'm in Oswego. Your nephew must have gone here before the winters here became namby-pamby, like autumn with frosting. The year I moved here from New England (which has pretty shitty winters, too) it snowed 7' in one week where I was renting in Palermo, NY and in the same period it snowed about 13' in Parrish, a few miles to the east. Two years ago, the winter was quite cold, but that was a national thing. I think it's supposed to get down into single digits this weekend–at least during the overnights.

    Funny how you really aren't saying anything.

  • @Demo; the Oswego experiment was a couple of years ago; I don't remember how many. He ended up going to NC State. The winters where I live are much milder than yours on average, but this year has been particularly mild; we've had less than 2" of snow this year (where we usually get about a foot, much more in years where we have storms and maybe get a foot or two at a time).

    Funny how who isn't really saying anything?

  • Funny how one can mock the right for using the term "snowflake" *and* mock all the #notallboomers leftists on here. It's almost like one can mock everyone.

  • I am 68, white, a women and live in a retirement community in NJ. I and most of my friends DID NOT vote for the Liar-in-chief and were and are appalled by his irrational behavior. Be careful about spouting generalities upon a huge population of people who will be tremendously hurt by many of the policies being proposed. There are still many over 60 people who can think like our younger generation and share their disgust with Man-child Trump.

  • I am 68, white, a women and live in a retirement community in NJ. I and most of my friends DID NOT vote for the Liar-in-chief and were and are appalled by his irrational behavior. Be careful about spouting generalities upon a huge population of people who will be tremendously hurt by many of the policies being proposed. There are still many over 60 people who can think like our younger generation and share their disgust with Man-child Trump.

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