Of all the styles of pundit writing the most loathsome is the "You can't blame me for failing to foresee this, as nobody could have foreseen it!" self-absolution. And when this three-ring shitshow in the White House meets its tragi-comic end, whether on schedule in January 2021 or earlier, it will take a great deal of fortitude to plow through the inevitable hand-wringing pieces from Republicans who fancy themselves Serious People without projectile vomiting our spleens onto the ashes of whatever is left of us by then.

Circa 2005 when it became so obvious that the Iraq War was a poorly thought-out, poorly executed misadventure in imbecilic optimism as a one-to-one replacement for strategy and legitimate cause, Very Serious People on the right began lining up to purge themselves all over our eyes. What was once the very best idea suddenly became the worst foreign policy disaster in American history, but lest the gentle reader entertain thoughts of questioning the judgment of people like George Will it must be pointed out that no one – no one at all – could have foreseen in 2003 that the invasion could possibly turn out in any way other than Super Great. No one could have known, for example, that the White House cherry-picked intel, placed huge amounts of political pressure on agencies to reach predetermined conclusions, and generally had no goddamn idea whatsoever to do once it used the military to smash Saddam Hussein's regime into dust other than "They'll hail us as their liberators and everything will be great." Never mind that all of this was widely recognized and shouted until hoarse for 18 months leading up to the war. Nobody could have known.

And now we will have to read the same masturbatory thinkpieces all over again. Because clearly nobody could have predicted that taking a person with obvious personality disorders who has never had a job before and is proud of the fact that he has no idea what he is doing and making that person president would turn out poorly.

It would not surprise me if a lot of the Republicans and conservative media figures have their "the day after Trump is gone" pieces in the can already. Even Fox News has to be planning ahead despite their comical efforts to keep this unfolding disaster away from the dead octogenarian eyes of their remaining viewers; a slew of "What went wrong and why are we not at fault for failing to mention any of this before it actually went wrong?

" pieces exist in the ethers, awaiting only the push of a button to be unleashed and accepted unquestioningly.

Revisionist history as absolution is the only thing the right does as effectively as phony moral outrage and IOKIYAR-ism.

Spare us. That's all I ask. Living with the consequences is punishment enough.

Don't double down by telling us that an honest person had no idea how this was going to turn out.


  • Jon Stewart became a cultural phenomenon almost entirely based on the fact that nearly every day he would come out and play video from the past that made mockable nonsense out of what people were saying in the present. It was his schtick, but back at that time he was the highest profile voice calling out that sort of self-serving erasure.

  • Reminds me a little of an old song lyric "never again is what I swore the time before."

    Probably best to just keep your scroll wheel finger limber.

  • terraformer says:

    I'm quite proud of myself for coming up with such a catchy acronym for the GOP:

    Gaslight (making you question yourself – what you've seen/heard/experienced didn't really happen…)
    Obstruct (grinding halt on whatever helps anyone other than the rich…)
    Punish (making sure that those who aren't rich stay that way.)

    You're welcome!

  • You may have to read their bullshit and lies, Ed, I feel no compulsion to do so.

    Per your last post, internet privacy is difficult to maintain without a fairly strong committment to security and it's also a really good idea not to piss off the help. Given the almost total lack of concern, compassion or even conciousness of the ruling class it will not be a totally unforeseen event when they find that those, "Day After The Fall" pieces have been delivered, via FedExSameDayService to the WOH and any of their enemies that might benefit from their embarassment, banishment, imprisonment or execution.

  • Nice job, terraformer.

    I am thinking the Republicans all think that somehow everything will be salvaged if they can just get their shitty policies enacted. Once Medicare, SS, Medicaid, food stamps and and kind of assistance whatsoever is gutted, and the super rich don't have to pay taxes, they will lie back on their divans and burp contentedly.

  • HoosierPoli says:

    And then, like magic, in 2008 nobody had ever heard of or voted for George Bush. He didn't even speak at the goddamn convention he was so utterly toxic. No, we had a Democratic Party and 60 million newly-minted Independents who, conveniently cleansed of their political sins, could get right back to shredding every worthwhile institution the country has left.

    Trump will be a non-person in 2020.

  • Mike Furlan says:

    By now I thought it was common knowledge that Obama was playing golf when the 9/11 attacks occurred instead of being hard at work in the White House like he should have been. He did take a break to tell the fighter pilots not to shoot down the hijacked planes, but to let them crash into the towers.

    And then, of course he started the most poorly run wars in US history.

    I wish we had George Bush back.

  • lord karnage says:

    isn't the stylish play here to drag out the chestnut: conservatism cannot fail, it can only be failed. I'm thinking that people will shake well worn copies of the national review issue with 47 op-eds against trump. see, we told you so. if there is a failure, it was not our principles, it was this egomaniac who only pretended to represent these principles. if only he had really adhered to conservative principles, we'd be living in something close to a utopia.

    we saw this towards the end of george w bush's tenure: he was insufficiently conservative, which naturally led to all his failings. (which is actually true if you look at the effect the medicaid expansion and tax cuts had on our budget, but that's beside the point). conservatism can't fail, it can only be failed. therefore the only answer to any question is a more conservative leadership team.

  • I find myself looking back fondly on the calm, measured diplomacy of the George W. Bush administration.

    Maybe we can recycle those "Miss me yet?" billboards.

  • I am looking forward to the day when Paul Ryan, shaking his head as if more in sorrow than in anger, discloses to us all the anguished night of soul searching he experienced before realizing it was his patriotic duty to recognize that Donny's electoral genius has turned out to be the Light That Failed, necessitating his (Ryan's) next move, that of regretfully pushing him (Donny) under the bus.

  • "Trump will be a non-person in 2020."

    He's practically a non-President now. All he's there for is to put that spiky signature on anything the Republicans send to his desk, and hold it up to the camera with a scowl. As long as he does that, the people with the real political power are willing to look the other way while he runs off his mouth and lines his pockets.

  • I would agree 100% except for the fact that to this day there are those who adamantly insist that Nixon was railroaded by the "media" and that he wasn't all that bad (comparisons to current idiot and chief not withstanding). The cult of personality will never accept any evidence or reason for his downfall other than the media and those dang liberals.

    They won't even understand what it was that pundits couldn't see coming because they won't understand what it is that came in the first place.

  • Mother Earth says:

    I can't wait to read these pieces from Serious People. In the mean time, I guess I'll just have to make do with reading about White Working People in the heartland still support Trump for the 1,000,000th time. Shoot. Me. Now.

  • chautauqua says:

    Fear not, the Holy church of Both-Siderism will magically reveal that the Liberals have been equally heinous in doing…..something…

  • Steve Holt! says:

    Mothra is absolutely right. The Idle Class is perfectly willing to watch Trumpvania burn to smithereens as long as McConnell and Ryan get their "give oral satisfaction to the rich constantly for all eternity" bills thru the legislature.

  • Mother Earth: As Ed has pointed out (a couple of days ago), media stereotypes aside, it is actually Jesus loving affluent new money suburbanites that love Trump the most. Your realtors and car dealers and bank branch managers who all meet up at the big box megachurch by the freeway.

  • @ Major Kong:

    As I said over @ Dispatches, either yesterday or earlier today, Trumpligula has accomplished something I thought was impossible. He has made George W. Bush LOOK fucking presidential.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    t-RUMPLE-thin-sKKKin makes Groucho Marx as the leader of Freedonia, Rufus T. Firefly, in "Duck Doup," look positively Presidential!

    And I 'd like to add that I'd prefer Harpo, Chico, and (sometimes) Zeppo, as heads of cabinets!

    Not only could we then laugh with real joy at their day-to-day antics, but we'd know that those harmless, brilliantly funny souls, would't want to destroy our societal safety-net programs.

    And, don't forget, unlike Dumbaya, Dick "Of Death" Cheney, and Rummy "Da Dummy," the Marx Brothers won their war!!!

  • paintedjaguar says:

    When you clowns are done with your two minute hate session, perhaps in the orgasmic aftermath you'll be clear headed enough to recollect all those fine upstanding Very Serious People with D's after their names who were also totally on board with our little Iraq adventure (and with our recent Snark Hunt in Syria too). In fact I believe one of that tribe was in the running for a High Office of the State not long ago… now let me think… what was her name again? (I've been trying to put it out of my mind, you see.)

    Really, I'm embarassed to be in the same Basket as some of you lately. And so should you be.

  • Of course they have their "whocouldaknowed" pieces framed out, awaiting only the final details (exact time and cause of death, etc.) They always have obits for well known people lined up ready to go. Same for movements and political actions, if they're conservative.

  • "Really, I'm embarassed to be in the same Basket as some of you lately. And so should you be."

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass, moron.

    You're either a troll or a BernJillGarbro and I really have a hard time parsing the difference these days.

    The dems were on board with Bush in the Iraq thing? Were you living in the same fucking country as the rest of us?

    "In fact I believe one of that tribe was in the running for a High Office of the State not long ago…"

    I don't really think I need to ask who you supported. Are you happy that you helped to fuck the rest of the world?

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  • "None of us could have known" is the thing that business/finance leaders say in a Congressional hearing after their company/bank goes tits up and they are called in to account for it.

    As I tell my management students at the university, "why are we paying these people so much money if they can't anticipate the potential negative consequences of their actions?"

    It's true that all of the consequences of actions cannot be known, and it's also true that these decision makers tend to inflate the potential positive consequences and tend to either ignore or discount the potential negative consequences. The various reasons for this are quite complex but don't really explain why these decision-makers sometimes seem to ignore fairly obvious downsides, as illustrated by the financial crisis of 2007-2008 that we are still seeing the damage from.

    Anyway, it's got to be worse with Trump because he has never really had to deal with failure the same way the rest of us have had to. Trump's many business failings, including his several bankruptcies, have all been relatively soft landings for him, and his reputation as a successful businessman stayed largely intact. Trump has never really had to live through the aftermath of one of his failures and has almost certainly never taken personal responsibility for any of them. For the rest of us, bankruptcy or unemployment or any loss of income can be devastating to us and our families. That's why we need social safety nets in our country instead of more tax cuts for the wealthy and profanely enormous golden-parachutes for failed business executives.

  • Monte Davis says:

    Anubis Bard: Reporting what public figures said last month before they pulled a 180? That's malicious, partisan 'gotcha' journalism, isn't it? SAD.

  • I'm finishing up a MS program that is basically technical project management. My conclusion, after two years of case studies and papers, is that Business is basically a system whereby rich fuckers tell each other what they want to hear and get richer for doing it.

  • An issue that worries me is that so many self-proclaimed conservatives seem to want a lot of contrast between them and the bottom quartile, and seem to care little about any other indication of prosperity, to the point that squalor would satisfy them, if, in rural slang, they were "King turd of shit mountain". The unforeseen consequence here is such a United States would not be competitive in the world market, possibly the reason conservatives restlessly evangelize.

  • It's been about 125 years since it was permissible, even desirable, for the wealthy to simply sneer at the rest of the world and laugh at their plight while spending their leisure hours (and a fuckton of those) at "cottages" like The Breakers in Newport, R.I.

    Their problem will not become evident to them until after the poors with the last of the decent public educations in chemistry, bio-chemistry, physics and the like give them a dose of something that's well nigh incurable. Schadenfreude does not preclude BOTH parties suffering in unison.

  • It' why they wish to evangelize, but if the .001% succeed, I don't see such a world working well. Time, I suppose to read some old populist fiction, Jack London's "The Iron Heel" should do nicely.

  • Ed is again prescient. Ben Shapiro, today, in the National Review claims Trump was (past tense noted) "never philosophically conservative". He writes some additional words about failed personality, with the usual Bill Clinton comparisons, because. Shapiro ends this spew (just in case he has to go back on the mean things he just said) by more or less saying it's time for Little Donnie Two-Scoops to put his big boy pants on and get to governing.

  • Ben Shapiro, one of the Goose Stepping Greek Chorus of Revisionists.

    Y'know that photo of Trumpligula? his wattle looks slightly deflated, he appears to be losing a little weight. Maybe it's a TUMOR. Oh, wait, no; he already has a tumor on his neck–his head.

  • Has Carson Kressley tweeted Trumpligula yet, about his fascistfashion faux pas?

    Every other well dressed dictator has a nice sash to wear when he's not in his Full dress Supreme Commander uni. I imagine something in red, that will hang down to about his knees and it will be festooned with every military medal and ribbon that they can find.

    Imaginary ladies man, imaginary deal maker, imaginary military genius, imaginary "strongman", imaginary father, husband,son or brother.

    Completely genuine, 110%, self-made douchebag, BIGLY.

  • One silver lining not anticipated by George Orwell is essentially free disk space making it (almost?) impossible to destroy previous history. Trump is on record making many statements that he has since contradicted. That doesn't matter to him or his devoted followers but it matters to the rest of us.


  • Driftglass today hits it into the ozone layer.

    The Somewhat Shorter for those, like me, whose attention deficit disorder usually prevents them from wading through an entire Driftglass essay:

    So when some of the Most Consistently Wrong People in America started using their gargantuan media platforms to write columns in 2017 that are virtually indistinguishable from the Murrica-hating, terrorist-loving, Libtard blogosphere circa 2004, we know that up in the management suites of the American corporate media some things have changed. Temporarily. And some things have not. …

    Because the only thing the Beltway media is concerned with is money and rating and protecting their privileges. At any cost. So unless we use every resource at our command to pick some strategic targets and make their lives utterly unbearable, even as Scarborough and Brooks and Friedman and Erickson and Sykes and Wilson and Frum and Gerson and all the rest brace up their careers by simply ripping us off wholesale, those of us who actually sounded the alarm for decades and who were relentlessly mocked and slandered by these people will once again simply cease to exist as far as they are concerned.

    Oh kiddies, I have seen the future because I dare to remember the past.

    For example, I remember saying that it would take five years for the Right to turn Dubya from The Greatest American President Ever And Don't You Forget it Libtard! into "the parachute pants of this decade".

    But I was wrong…
    It took less than two years, millions of FreedomWorks dollars and a big assist from Fox News for the Republican Denial of Bush campaign to achieve escape velocity and it has never looked back since. In fact, before the Kenyan Usurper had even finished appointing his cabinet, the leadership of the Republican Party had met in secret and agreed on a plan of total denial and obstruction…
    …while deceased rage-baiter, Andrew Breitbart (among many, many others), leaped into action, making it crystal clear exactly how the Pig People were going to behave every minute of every day until President Barack Obama was driven from office.
    So believe me when I tell you that unless we start bringing howitzers to this gun fight, sooner that you will believe possible, the yesterday's disgraced finge nutjobs of like Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes will be crowned as tomorrow's New Reasonable Center.

    And the Left — you and me and everyone who stands with us in good times and bad — will once again become a Beltway media prop department straw man, to be hauled out and flayed whenever the New Reasonable Center needs to deflect another Republican atrocity with a blast of pure, old-school Both Siderism.

  • paintedjaguar says:

    @democommie, et al

    Go ahead and ignore that massive tumor on your ass. I'm sure if you don't look at it that it'll go away on it's own. Or you know, you could just get used to standing all the time.

  • @paintedjaguar:

    So, you come in here, say stupid, indefensible shit and expect what? fawning capitulation, acclamation and adulation (for your enormously awesome intellect) and contrite masses of the olds and other out of touch bourgeoise BEGGING for your aid and succor, ready to receive your wisdom?

    Is that pretty close?

    Okay. Fuck off.

  • anotherbozo says:

    Was reading a very sobering article to the effect that any doofus who can get elected once can get re-elected. There are statistics to prove the likelihood, there is big money ready to be deployed to smear any and all opposition. Maybe the midterms will be an indicator I thought I was baptized in the Idiocy of the Electorate when Dubya got re-elected, but there's always a lower bar that allows somebody worse to clear, I guess, in our downward spiral.
    There's still time, but the fact that there aren't many likely opponents of presidential caliber (read: public identifiability) on hand seems to underscore the reason for nail-biting. Elizabeth? I'm a great admirer, but given the public misogyny and pre-emptive attempts by the right-wing press to paint her as a "libtard" extremist, I'm not sure she'd survive the onslaught. Al Franken? Name recognition, but is he one of us Christians? Andrew Cuomo? Jay Inslee? Dick Durbin? You need at least a little charisma. Love to hear some nominations, and it's not at all too early to groom somebody.

  • It occurs to me that the Millenials who read G&T are too young to have understood what was going on after 9/11 that led to the inevitable rush-to-war. 15 of the 19 men hijacking the airplanes were Saudi citizens, but the Bush family was literally kiss-on-the-lips close with the Saud royal family, so obviously they weren't to be held accountable. For a number of reasons (oil, Cheney's fellow boardmembers, the first Gulf War and Bush pere's defeat there), the fall guy was going to be Iraq. I was still active duty and couldn't protest, but several of the contractors in my office could, and they were physically assaulted and cyberstalked by the "Murkkkuh ****-yea!" crowd, who proudly went around dumping wine they'd bought into the gutter (that will show them Frenchies, eh?) and blithering on about Freedom Fries. It was just as obvious back then that the war was a ginned-up farce as it is now that Trump is a clueless bully, but the Rill Murkkkuns were violent (quite literally) in their support of it back then as they are of Trump now.

    Fun fact; at the car repair place this afternoon, I saw this gem on Fox News: Trump has been treated the worst of any president in US History. I bet you Barack Obama just sits back and laughs.

  • Hey, Demo, what is wrong with you, not worshipping at the altar of St. Bernie! I guess paintedjaguar really showed YOU, now, didn't he?


  • Benny Lava says:

    lord karnage has it right. The trumpery will deny they ever voted for him and accuse him of being a liberal democrat as soon as he is out of office or the first economic calamity hits America. Suddenly it's 2008 RINO all over again. The crowd that crowed MAGA last year was donating to Ron Pauls campaign 4 years earlier and chanting 4 more years the election prior. It's all the same.

  • As long as we're posting want ads, come teach in China. All subjects, admin positions as well. Certification not required but must have at least 4 years relevant experience. Good pay, nice students. Must be under age 60 (55 in some providences). If you're a single male you could be engaged to a young, petty Chinese woman before you get out of the airport. (Well, airports ARE really big, here.) Since western women are scarce here, companies are interested in increasing their gender diversity, so qualified women are especially desired. Race is not the issue it used to be so POC are now hired – and treated well – by nearly everyone. (I have four Black teachers in my school alone.)

    Ed, if you know of adjuncts who might be interested, please pass this along. I can guarantee their applications will be seen and taken seriously by people who have hiring power. You have my email.

  • I might also just point out that, outside of the Middle East, China pays the best. A few years here can give one a really nice nest egg.

  • @Katydid

    I knew the fix was in for Iraq II shortly after 9/11 when an ANG three-star told me we would be going after Iraq. In his words "expect a coordinated media campaign".

    I managed to avoid going by volunteering for every OTHER tasking during that time period. When they were looking for people to go to the sandbox, I was always off doing something else.

    The closest I got was deploying to Spain as part of the air-bridge. That's the only reason my DD-214 lists OIF as one of my deployments.

  • April, I was just riffing on the lack of requirements for high political office to beg the question; why should we expect nothing less than disaster (?). My post started as a legit employment advert on for brain surgeon that I doctored to require only age, citizenship, and aggressive business savvy. When I'm not an incorrigible cynic I suffer from idealistic fantasies of government actually working for everyone, and that those in high political office would (in my crazy imaginary world) have to be screened for various key proficiencies and psychological stability before announcing their candidacy. The terror of going under the knife held by someone posing as a surgeon, with no qualifications, is not unlike the fear I feel about the future of the country in the hands of someone who thinks he can fake it till he makes it, and is controlled by other people's money.

    I'm sure I have unrealistic fears and a jaded perspective relative to daily life in China.

  • @MK; glad you avoided the actual war. Words can't describe how angry I was that the armed forces were being sent to die so Cheney and his board buddies could profit off the war. My MOS and gender pretty much assured I'd be fine, but the waste of money and human life just sickene me, not to mention we single-handedly destabilized a functioning society.

    That was the time when I first came to realize that many of my fellow countrymen were stupid and easily-led, as they bleated the Fox-approved Slogan of the Day.

  • @ April:

    Well, you corrected it, but:

    "If you're a single male you could be engaged to a young, petty Chinese woman before you get out of the airport."

    Back when I was still into relationships that involved close physical contact (democommie cocks an eyebrow like "The Ro–, no, wait, he STOLE that from that poor, dead Belushi feller…), where was I? Oh, yeah, if I wanted a petty woman, Chinese or otherwise, I'd be able to interview a fair number of them without leaving a few of my favorite bars. And that is not to say that I'm not one of an equally large number of petty men. We are, so many of us, at least the petty part of "Petty Booshwah".

    @ Major Kong:

    They still use DD214's. Wow. When I went to Base Level Supply Management School @ Lowry AFB, CO.

  • Periscope – No worries. Ed can yell at me if he wants. One of the things that has happened to me since being here is that my give-a-damn meter is busted beyond all repair with regards to small shit. "We have to work this Saturday? ok. The toilet is plugged again? No problem. There will be 15 high party members watching my class that starts in 5 minutes? Come on in." I'm so mellow most of the time my kids think I've been replaced with a Stepford robot.

    You know that "Oriental inscrutability"? I realize now that it's because these people have no power, realize it, and have just accepted it. Maybe not a bad way to be.

    Having said that, when I come back (probably summer of 18) I intend to get passionately involved in politics, to "take my country back" or forward, as the case might be. Plan to see me being arrested for protesting government crimes against humanity in every way I possibly can.

  • @ April:

    Well, you corrected it, but:

    "If you're a single male you could be engaged to a young, petty Chinese woman before you get out of the airport."

    Back when I was still into relationships that involved close physical contact (democommie cocks an eyebrow like "The Ro–, no, wait, he STOLE that from that poor, dead Belushi feller…), where was I? Oh, yeah, if I wanted a petty woman, Chinese or otherwise, I'd be able to interview a fair number of them without leaving a few of my favorite bars. And that is not to say that I'm not one of an equally large number of petty men. We are, so many of us, at least the petty part of "Petty Booshwah".

    @ Major Kong:

    They still use DD214's. Wow. When I went to Base Level Supply Management School* @ Lowry AFB, CO, we were told that we were only practicing on filling out AFF 2005-1 and 1348-1 because they didn't use them out in the field. That will be 50 years ago in 2019. It looks like they're still out there.

    * My AFSC was supply train diversion and Black Marketing

  • DC – Chinese women aren't petty, but, like all Chinese, they hold really crazy views. Like believing that if you eat certain (edible) foods together you will die, like women can't bathe or do much of anything for a month after a birth, like money is THE most important thing of all (no surprise Zuck married an Asian), like not letting a toddler feed him/herself because they "do it wrong"…..

    And very few Chinese people have enough critical thinking skills to find their way out of a paper bag.

    But the women ARE pretty. And tiny. So there's that.

  • " conservatism can't fail, it can only be failed. therefore the only answer to any question is a MORE conservative leadership team. "
    this same meme also energizes religious fundamentalism. Evangelical Christianity is losing members faster than it can replace them, and this has been happening for some time. The answer that almost all of their "leaders" fall back on? Do fundamentalism even harder !! Yes! That's the solution to young people being turned off by our unrelenting social agenda!
    Seems to be a right wing answer to every question.

  • Oh, one more thing….Chinese women will marry any western man, no matter how gross, stupid, mean or disgusting, as long as he has money. It's not fair (because I do know good western men with Chinese wives) but now, whenever I hear a guy has a Chinese (from China) wife my opinion of him immediately drops a significant number of points.

  • @April; what about eating Pop Rocks while drinking soda? Do they think that will kill them? (It was a common urban myth back in the day).

    Also, the Phillipinos are not shy about bagging themselves a rich American. "Me love you longtime!" The frst time I was there, it was all about marriage; the second time, it didn't matter so long as they got pregnant and could get child support. Even I, as a woman, got hit on–"You want to meet my brother?" "Uhm, I'm pretty sure that's your husband, and as soon as we get married, he'll demand to go to the states and then need you to come along to "help with the house" or whatever." –"No, no, we brother and sister!" "Really? You two have a child together so that's kinda scary."

  • Katy – no it's weird things like asparagus and fruit. (Not necessarily one of the combos. I don't know specifics because, being a biologist, they don't tell me these things directly. I hear them from other foreigners – esp. men married to Chinese women.) Usually the western-women-Chinese-men is not a thing here – in 8 years I've only met two such couples. IN GENERAL Chinese men aren't exactly prizes – they mostly cheat (I've had three Chinese wives in my office crying that the reason their little darling is doing poorly is because daddy left with "little 3" – the name they have for their sidepiece.), drink a lot and often are violent. Many people think Chinese women want western men because they AREN'T Chinese men, not because they have money and western passports. Who knows?

  • Remember too that being an unmarried woman in China is very socially unacceptable. If a woman reaches the advanced age of 30 something and isn't hitched, even traditional parents who wouldn't normally cotton to a western man will accede if some 50-60 year old western guy comes along. Two of my former bosses BOTH left their western wives of 30 some years to marry women in this category.

  • "The dems were on board with Bush in the Iraq thing? Were you living in the same fucking country as the rest of us?"

    Iraq War Resolution
    Senate Vote:
    Democratic 29 21

  • Is this whole post sarcasm? A social experiment to test how much nonsense comment section will look past if it's slanderous to President Mr. Trump?

    Moreover, the sentence quoted below made me cringe; I'd love for you to unpack it to, like, rid me of my ignorance and stupidity.

    > Because clearly nobody could have predicted that taking a person with obvious personality disorders who has never had a job before and is proud of the fact that he has no idea what he is doing and making that person president would turn out poorly.

    I am listening, Professor. Break it down for me.

  • @April, I thought that due to the (only recently ended, right?) Chinese one child policy (and patriarchy duh) there were a LOT more Chinese men than women in certain age cohorts?

    @Katydid, as for Trump being 'treated unfairly' ("no politician in history… has been treated worse or more unfairly"; that's a quote!), some wag on twitter posted a clip of the Zapruder film. I think Mussolini or the Ceausescus might also disagree ; ) Or hell, Saddam Hussein? Gaddafi?

  • "Is this whole post sarcasm? A social experiment to test how much nonsense comment section will look past if it's slanderous to President Mr. Trump?"

    Perhaps it would be simpler to explain to you that "slander" is impossible when the comments are true.

    "President Mr. Trump"? Why not add, "Daddy" or maybe "God Emporer"? He's a sleazy, indignorant, petulant, misogynistic, xenophobic narciccist who has demonstrated–on a daily basis since his election–that the only thing about him that we didn't already know is that he's WORSE than we thought he could be.

    "I'd love for you to unpack it to, like, rid me of my ignorance and stupidity."

    If you voted for him that's clearly a sisyphean task.

    "Iraq War Resolution
    Senate Vote:
    Democratic 29 21"

    Yep. Ya got me. I know who didn't vote for it. BERNIE! Amirite, Imrite, ain't I?

    21 dems who went on questionable grounds. out of 50. As compared to 48 out of 49 (the lone "nay" in the GOP's ranks, John Chaffe, is now a democrat) ratpublicans.

    I'm assuming, mostly because of your fervid stupidity, that you were a child in 2001. A number of democrats voted for the resolution out of what they saw as patriotism or, more cynically, because of political calculation. Perhaps you are unaware of the relentless drumbeat for "revenge" and non-stop threats by both the WH and the Reichwing noisemachine characterizing anyone who DIDN'T support the resolution as a TRAITOR? That 21 dems out of 99 Senators had the courage of their convictions, frankly, surprises me. It shoudn't, but it does.

    So, Bernie voted against the resolution and that means that he shouldabeenPotUS? What? WTF are you going to DO, besides carp about it? You don't offer ONE genuine idea that's workable.

    I was on the fence about you being a troll. Not anymore.

  • Geoff – It's not lack of men that keep young women from marrying…it's education. One of the few good things Mao did was make women equal to men including giving them equal access to education and (some) higher-paying jobs. Thus, women are pickier and more self-reliant, and therefore expect higher standards from the guys. (Cue men's rights advocates here…"fucking bitches would still take us if'n they din't know shit like in the good ol' days!") The guys have not yet kept up, so women are saying "hell no" to the kind of relationships they see their moms and grandmoms have. Unmarried men ("bare branches") are an embarrassment too, but they don't carry quite the same stigma as "leftover women".

    Even both 30 something women who married my ex-bosses told me they didn't want a Chinese man. Now, admittedly, I only knew them after they were with my bosses so who knows the real truth is. Still.

    Not Katy (obvs) but I saw a pic of Obama and Hilz laughing (for some other reason, of course) as a response to rump's "poor me" bs.

  • So I ask all of you who are so willing to criticize those Republicans for following the Liar-in-Chief How many of you are pushing for Campaign Reform, freedom of the press, climate change, and net neutrality. How many of you are marching, contacting congress to express your views and standing up at local town halls. It is fine to pontificate on this blog but only those who publicly stand up to these daily atrocities will make some difference. And don't just criticize the Republicans. The Democratic party takes their share of money from groups seeking to gain favorable laws that benefit them. Clinton, who I voted for, spent millions on her campaign. Just think of how that money could have been used to alleviate hunger, provide some healthcare services, provided some support for increasing minimum wage, and helping those with catastrophic illnesses. It is time to get Big business out of our campaigning and make Congress truly independent. I urge all who talk on blogs to get involved. Send letters, make telephone calls, join protest marches, attend town halls, talk to people who dont share your views, change some minds!

  • Disgusted – You raise good points. I have sent money to several organizations in the resistance, and signed numerous internet petitions (for all the good that does.). But, as everybody and their dog knows, I am currently in China. So no, I haven't marched and am very limited in what I can do and what effect I can have.

    HOWEVER – both of my daughters have marched in at least one resistance march, and my younger daughter has marched in several – my older daughter is trying to survive in a repug economic situation.

    You're absolutely right! We need to do everything we can to change minds, support good candidates, and protest injustices. Most of all, we need to become politically active. I wish I had realized that much earlier in my life.

  • @Safety Man!

    I've felt that way since AT LEAST 2000 (1984?), but I still do it anyway.

    @April, thanks for the clarification.

  • I began protesting during Vietnam. Now in my senior years I have not walked however every week I contact, by email, EVERY member of congress Republic and demo to voice my opinion. It gives me a voice (perhaps tiny) on issues both large and small. It takes about an hour and i just copy and paste my message. Through auto fill on Gmail I don't waste too much time. I feel good in my small way. Maybe they don't get read but I'm filling up their email boxes. It is better than yelling at the TV and complaining to my family and friends. All addresses can be found online. Let your voice be heard in any venue available. Blogs are fine if you wish to communicate with like minds but it won't get you what you really want unless you are heard by the RIGHT people.

  • sandiegostate says:


    Iraq War Resolution
    Senate Vote:
    Democratic 29 21

    House Vote:
    Democratic 82 209

    111 230

    More than twice as many Democrats voted against the Resolution than voted for it.

  • democommie> If you voted for him that's clearly a sisyphean task.

    I did not vote for him. Please feel free to complete the task; we're looking for citations on these two propositions:

    0. He's never had a job before.
    1. He's proud of the fact he has no idea what he's doing.

  • "I did not vote for him."

    Bullshit. You're lying, just like he does, all day, every day. Otherwise you wouldn't have come here.

    " Because clearly nobody could have predicted that taking a person with obvious personality disorders who has never had a job before and is proud of the fact that he has no idea what he is doing and making that person president would turn out poorly."

    Actually, Tom, I didn't make the claim.


    Your boy's a piece of shit who's never done anything on his own. Ever. He had daddy bail him out (just like the last RefucKKKliKKKlan PotUS, Georgie Boy. Like Shrubya, Trumpligula has serious daddy issues. He's now surrounded by people who feed off of his "deal making" (which he, btw, seems abysamally bad at doing) who do all of the heavy lifting. Well, them and maybe some russian Oligarchs and a handful of fucking dictators.

    He's never done an honest day's work in his life.

    As for not knowing what he's doing, HE FUCKING BRAGS ABOUT IT.

  • Robert Walker-Smith says:

    For most Americans, 'job' means you go somewhere to do something that you wouldn't do if you weren't being paid to do it, for people who can fire you if they don't like how you're doing it, for the money you need in order to live indoors and eat on a regular basis.
    Using money you were given by a parent to invest in real estate may involve effort on your part, but I don't think most people would consider it a job in that sense.

  • @ Robert Walker-Smith:

    I agree with your assessment with added emphasis on the "getting fired" part.

    If you work for someone and they don't like you or your work they can usually can you with varying amounts of difficulty depending on the circumstance and employment situation. So, getting fired as an employee is one way of looking at that.

    The other way of looking at it, for me, is this. If you are self-employed and you do shit work or no work that anyone is interested in paying for then you aren't fired by an employer, you fire yourself. When you're demonstrating an inability to live up to your promises/meet deadlines/deliver good product you will be fired by current customers, potential customers and–most importantly–financiers.

    Trumpligula seems to have led a charmed life. For a long time I thought it was just the old boy network taking care of one of their own (for reasons I could never discern). It is becoming apparent that there may be a lot more to it than that. Time will tell.

  • Democommie, evidence is not restating the proposition with capital letters.

    Ed, for a pol sci professor, your comment section really really sucks. I'm going back to SSC.

  • Tom:

    An argument is not saying, "I don't agree with you calling me a fucking liar."

    But,hey, come over here and tell lies as often as you like, as long as you don't mind being called out for it. You fucking liar.

  • Osirisopto says:

    And they'll do it all over again next time because the owners of this country want them to. It's in their best interest to keep putting dummies and dipshits in the White House, the congress and the senate, while they fill the judiciary with sharp partisan hacks who stay bought.

    Rome provided bread and circuses to the peons.
    Today they're happy to let us starve.


  • "Rome provided bread and circuses to the peons.
    Today they're happy to let us starve."

    I'm thinking that "letting" will be a quaint notion, soon. They'll be "helping" us to starve.

    GMO patents are held by giant AgriPharmas

    We all saw what happened with the AIDS drug patent when that p.o.s., Martin Shkreli, bought up the rights to Daraprim.

    With Monsanto, Conagra and other giant firms OWNING the genetics of various crop seeds what is to keep them from doing something similar? Nothing.

  • @Katydid
    "Fun fact; at the car repair place this afternoon, I saw this gem on Fox News: Trump has been treated the worst of any president in US History. I bet you Barack Obama just sits back and laughs."

    May the ghosts of Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy appear, rattling chains at the end of Tump's bed and say "Fuck you, asshole" nightly for the rest of Trumps life…

  • @BruceJ: I also suspect President Obama and his family had a great laugh about that. Remember when Trump insisted loudly and often for about 6 years that he had irrefutable proo that President Obama was a Kenyan-born Muslim (who happened to attend a Christian church and own two dogs–neither of which are preferred Muslim things) and he was going to PROVE it, any day now…

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