Not cool with the slow rise of fascism? Don't think it's normal to have a white supremacist blogger on the National Security Council? Then it's time to let everyone know where you stand.

What: The all-new Gin and Tacos "None of this is OK" shirt. Canvas brand, screenprinted (no print on demand BS) front and back, Navy Blue, women's v-neck and men's/unisex crew neck available. Canvas sizing guides for unisex and women's v-neck shirts.

When: This is a pre-order for shirts I will have in my hands in three to four weeks. That means they will likely ship to you the week of July 4. If I can get them earlier, so will you. I appreciate your patience. I am not an Amazon warehouse. I am a dude in an apartment with some mailing labels and envelopes.

Cost: $20 for either style (unisex or women's). PayPal only please.

Shipping: $4 is added to each US order for shipping + packaging. For international orders, I'm sorry to say shipping is $10. While I am not looking to become a titan of commerce here, I do have to avoid selling these at a loss and Int'l shipping costs $12-15 from the US.

Ordering: Please use the correct order button, Domestic or International. Anything outside of the U.S., even Canada, must use the International button.

Domestic Orders (USA)

International Orders

Don't be left out!

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20 Responses to “NONE OF THIS IS OK”

  1. terraformer Says:

    Please consider offering tall sizes in the future. I'm 6'4" and wear a 2XLT.


  2. DonN Says:

    Same here. I ordered a 2xl but really need a 2xlt. (Of course, I don't know how much more complicated each size adds.)

  3. Michael Says:

    I think you're great all the time!!

  4. NotoriousAIG Says:

    What about the punch a nazi shirt???

  5. mothra Says:

    Oooooooo. Want one.

  6. BigGuysResistToo Says:

    I would love to see this in a tall size. As a 6'4" guy who also thinks this isn't OK, I'd proudly wear this shirt.

  7. Jim Carroll Says:

    3XLT, and I will get one, The big and tall are persecuted!!

  8. Wim Says:

    I also am too tall for the shirts as offered. Alas.

  9. anotherbozo Says:

    Nobody asked me, but "" would have been far more self-explanatory and would have provided less occasion for annoying strangers to approach the wearer to satisfy their idle curiosity. Either that or design a separate shirt for total misanthropes.

  10. democommie Says:

    Howzabout an XFT*?

    * Extra Fat Tallish.

  11. Hunter F Says:

    I love the shirt design and like anotherbozo's ideal as well. Do both!

    On a separate note, what's with all the ginormous peops on this site? I feel inadequate at 6'0.5 in my roomy XL.

  12. BigGuysResistToo Says:

    Hey, squirt, us ginormous people need shirts too! Haha

  13. fastEddie Says:

    Bumper sticker?? – I think the red/white/blue of the shirt as a long rectangular sticker would be perfect.

  14. mothra Says:

    Say, I like that bumper sticker idea. It has so many applications.

  15. Mo Says:

    Wow, James Comey*, under various aliases, wants your shirt in a tall size! Awesome!

    *We weren't fooled by that 6' 4" red herring. We know you're 6' 8", Comey.

  16. democommie Says:

    @ Mo:

    What about one for VP Mllked Penis?

  17. democommie Says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that I misspelled, "Milked".

  18. Julie Says:

    Ugh, I messed up and got the wrong size (picked the size in the international order drop down instead of the domestic). Is there anyway to get the size changed? I tried emailing the address associated w. your paypal account but it bounced.

  19. Julie Says:

    Oh, and if I'm too late for the shirt train, it's cool. I've been enjoying your work for years and I'm happy to kick in the 20 bucks. I just don't want a size S shirt that will fit none I know :p

  20. Linda Says:

    How's it going with getting the shirts out? I'm looking forward to getting mine. Sadly, events in the news remind me of the need for it every day.