Two new pieces went up today. One is on The Week and offers a closer look at what I think Trump is most worried about Mueller's investigation poking around in. Hint: It's something members of Congress have been indicted for in the recent past.

The second is on Rolling Stone and looks at the design of the presidency and the need for presidents to be knowledgeable. Surprisingly (or perhaps not, depending on how much attention you've paid to the Constitution and your history classes) the Executive Branch is designed so that a pretty thoroughly mediocre person can do the job without the system breaking down. However, we've tested and now surpassed the lower limits of presidential competence required to do the job. Without it, the whole thing is going haywire.

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  • Ed:

    The writing is spot-on.

    Your bio may need to be "spiced up" and, look, for the price of R/T (Business class) on United Syracuse–Chicago I will give you a WAY better photo. You need a backdrop that is blacker than a black velvet Elvis canvas and a new tie. Get some Ferragamos and a pair of those edgy red wirerims. Call me, I'll fit you in right after I have my carpal tunnel release done at the end of August.

  • @J.D.

    "It's awesome that you're starting to get published in so many outlets."

    Yeah, it just sucks that the entire world had to start falling apart at the seams for it to happen.

  • Ed, you chose your outfit well–even if you couldn't get Demo to photograph you, you still looked sharp and professional. My advice; try to take your picture against a blank wall so people focus on you and not the background details.

    Your words, of course, were impeccable. I forwarded both articles to friends. I'm counting on you having many more published articles! I'll be proud to say I "knew you when".

  • Hey, I posted a link to your The Week piece and it trolled in a big fat local Trumpster, no waiting.

    Virtual high five.

  • "I'm counting on you having many more published articles! I'll be proud to say I "knew you when"."

    I knowed this was gonna happen when he never STARTED returning my calls.

  • Oh, you didn't say that two of YOUR pieces "went up today." Congrats. You were destined for the wider world. The first article was as compelling as any out there, on WaPo, the Guardian, wherever.

    Though maybe we ca go to FB for the dick jokes.

  • Ayep, I read both articles and did not catch on that I was supposed to notice the author until I read the congrats in the comments. I guess that's why no one is hiring me to be a big thinker. But CONGRATS on the new column in The Week,
    They need you to write weekly — hope it works out!

  • Several months ago, Rachel Maddow did a great 20-minute opening story on the sale of the Florida mansion to the Russian oligarch. The whole deal stinks to high heaven! Trump massively laundered 10's of millions of dollars for that guy, would love to know how much he skimmed of the top to help him hide that money from his ex-wife.

  • Good articles! Congrats!
    I understand bribing someone by buying something from them for more than market value. But I don't understand how you can conceal assets from a divorce by buying something at more than market value. You couldn't get the money back except by selling the asset, and it's not worth what you paid for it.

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