Do you want to lose 10 pounds in five days? Ask me how! No special diet or exercises! Requires 1 drop of Ecuadorian tap water.
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Not approved by FDA.

I have lots to say about today's trainwreck but zero energy with which to say it.
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But I'm back in my native land and will resume the normal schedule shortly and oh my god how is it even possible that every day of this shitshow is worse than the one prior.

20 thoughts on “MIRACLE DIET 2017”

  • Or a good bike wreck with destroyed teeth will do it too. Gained it all back and then some with a too-generous liquid diet though.

  • Good to hear you're feeling a bit better.

    But yeah, just when you think Trump has finally hit the bottom of the barrel, he seem to take it as a challenge to dig even harder.

  • Altitude sickness _and_ turista.

    Resulting in a travelling companion's epic vomiting episode on the spiral iron stairway leading down from a small restaurant. It was awesome. Incoming customers were greeted by gallons of dripping puke puddling into the entryway.

  • It seems like before Trump is through, he's going to cause a national nervous breakdown. The American political system has been broken for long time, and things are finally coming to a head.

  • Inspires me to want to travel again! Where else can we get those adventures.

    We have thought he hit bottom before, and like (very like) a flattened ball, he has another bounce in him. These Repubs are the slowest learners, and I've known slow learners.

  • I had hyperthyriodism for a couple months thanks to acute thyroiditis, and that will do it too. I remember complaining to a female co-worker that I was having trouble sleeping, my heart was racing, I was sweating all the time and dropping weight without trying thanks to my hyper-sped-up metabolism and she said, gee, I want hyperthyroidism. Of course with the condition I had that hyperthyroidism was followed by a few months of hypothyroidism so the two balanced one another out over the course of 6 months.

  • Isaac: I badly broke my collar bone three weeks ago-the bicycle STOPPED….I did not. First broken bones in my life.

    No surgery, so we are talking three months to heal.

    How the hell do I make up for the 6,000 calories per week I burned during a typical cycling week? I am certainly not "dieting" right now. :(

    Ed: I have this odd fascination with Ecuador. It looks like an amazing post-second civil war bolt hole/retirement location as the United States devolves. Quito is cool, although I understand it is a second world place at very best.

  • Brian M:

    Did you mean, "6,000 calories per DAY?"

    I eat more like 21-23K calories per week and I'm about as active as an alligator in December in upstate NY.

  • Broke my collarbone cycling in 2008 but it was so displaced it had to be plated. Recovery was much quicker too.

    Feel better Ed. Very few things worse than a bad gi bug.

  • demo:

    Depends. Probably closer to 10,000 per week (4,000 calories per 60 mile ride or so.)

    One bone is displaced, but not quite badly enough to mandate surgery. Maybe not. I am going back for another checkup next week….I am….concerned.

    Kaiser is a decent HMO, but they really do try cost control, and surgery has its own set of issues and concerns. I have been told that even when plated you still have a long recovery period.

    I have people touch my collar bone to freak them out.

  • When we deployed to Turkey we had this bug that everyone got at one point or another.

    We called it "SMA" which stood for "Screaming Monkey Ass". It was so bad that a lot of people needed antibiotics. We had at least one hospitalized for dehydration.

    I don't think they ever figured out where it came from. Different people got it after eating at different places. I got it after eating at the Officer's Club on base, which should have been pretty safe.

    Whatever t was it was nasty. I'm pretty sure there was weapons-grade plutonium coming out of me.

  • In Mexico City many years ago, the hotel had bottled water for us. Nice. One morning we left to do our tourist thing, but had to go back for something we forgot. We found the housekeeper refilling the water bottle from the tap. :-)

  • "Whatever t was it was nasty. I'm pretty sure there was weapons-grade plutonium coming out of me."

    Still, it could have been worse, it could have been whatever comes out of Trumpligulmygdala.

  • @ Brian M:

    Sorry I missed your reply. Yeah, get them to check it, again.

    I'm going in for a carpal tunnel release next week–5 years after I started complaining about it. I also have a pronated lunate and it's impacted by the ulna which has driven the lunate into the metacarpal–no spaces anymore. I'm pretty sure that it could have been diagnosed a lot sooner.

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