I have a new thing up at The Week about Charlottesville and the myth of America "fixing" racism in the 1960s. This is not simply a theoretical exercise, because the belief that racism is pretty much a thing of the past (or "not what it used to be") was used by the Supreme Court in 2013 to cripple the Voting Rights Act. The quotes from the Chief Justice about how much things have changed have not aged well.

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  • Doctor Couth says:

    The speed with which numerous state legislatures introduced Voter ID laws, limited early voting, or otherwise screwed with the franchise as soon as the ink was dry on Shelby County suggests that John Roberts was acting with malice instead of misguided optimism.

  • @DC (the other one!), yup. Charlie Pierce refers (sarcastically, natch) to the Court's decision as "The Day Of Jubilee".

    It's kind of telling that the first post-Shelby presidential election (and only the second post-Citizens United) produced the Giant Evil Baby.

    Nice article Ed. I kinda miss the swearing though ; )

  • Thankfully neoliberal Goldman Sachs puppet-Queen and ruler of the 667th Layer of the Infinite Abyss (called the Clinton Foundation), Demon-Goddess Hillary Clinton, cannot put any of her warmongering, Imperialist judges in place in the Supreme Court.

    Instead we will have the reign of blessed Gorsuch and his ilk, because while Republicans are Obviously Evil ™, at least they're honest about it.

    This message brought to you by the Self-Neutering Leftist-Socialist Alliance of America.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    SCOTUS CJ John Roberts is the secret love-child of former SCOTUS CJ William Rehnquist.
    (For you young snappers of whips, if you don't know what I'm talking about, GOOGLE him and read about his record before, during, and even after, the Civil and Voting Rights battles in the early-mid 60's).

  • Before I read the essay, I'll say that the civil rights movement did not fix things, just removed some of the more grotesque abuses, a good thing, but insufficient to render racism a historical curiosity.

  • Great essay, I would add that prosperity makes it easier to paper over unpleasant things, generations of low economic stress might see a reduction of passing on hatred to young people. I'd say there's an argument to be made that the economic policies of the .001% are an important part of the current unpleasantness.

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