I have a new thing up at Rolling Stone; the editor is getting more comfortable with me and is beginning to encourage me to be more of an asshole. I think the final product is better that way.

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37 Responses to “GETTING WARMER”

  1. democommie Says:


    I can only speak for myself but I'm not sure that NOT being an asshole works these days.

  2. Misterben Says:

    Congratulations on being published more! Very exciting for us long-time readers.

  3. Tom Says:

    Fake fucking news.

    Good luck with Tenure.

  4. democommie Says:

    Oh, dear, Tom is in a snit.

    I'll have to work at it, but I think I can give less of a shit what he and the rest of his fellow morons think.

  5. doug Says:

    Nice. and well written. Congrats. Is there compensation associated with such? asked totally naive Doug…..

  6. The Dark Avenger Says:

    Tom is an great example of conservatives reacting to the truth like a snail reacting to salt poured on it.

  7. Safety Man! Says:

    I lol'd at the fake news comment. Good comedy.

    In a saner world, Ed's entire article would be summarized by: Duh.

    For our expats, do other countries have this rats nest of a tax code, with exemptions and deductions buried deep for corporate tax lawyers?

  8. Deggjr Says:


  9. J. Dryden Says:

    As needs always be said these occasions: Congratulations.

    (I mean, eventually we'll all get sick of your success, and then the artist-fan dynamic will enter the phase when we turn on our hero and tear you down in a pathetic attempt to feel better about our own lack of accomplishments, but let's not spoil the ending, it's all about the ride, man.)

  10. NYDivaGirl Says:

    Congrats, Ed! I don't comment, but I'm a long-time reader.

    Btw, I'm with Dryden on this one.

  11. Kevin Says:

    Holy Shit! The comments section over at the RS article is a dumpster fire. Let's hope it doesn't leak back over here through some kind of Internet osmosis like effect.

  12. democommie Says:

    AlwaysRight21 is over there and also over at "Friendly Atheist".

    It's odd that I got banned for attacking spamming trolls (yes, I did it with a very, very naughty–and 100% accurate–cruel way of talking to them. For some reason one of the trolls finally got the boot the other day but I see that this AR21 asshole is still shitting all over any thread he gets on. Folks like him are the reason that my blog is always moderated on the comments.

  13. Prairie Bear Says:

    I heartily join with others in congratulations at all the published work lately.

    The rejoinders to Tom's comment are (so far) suitably droll and I don't disagree with them, but his comment does provide an example of why I just can't see the path to impeachment, let alone conviction, opening up (the first without the second would probably be worse than useless).

    As long as there are still several million Toms out there, the GOP House members will never risk their wrath at the polls. Enough of them to represent even 5 percent of the primary electorate could wreck them, and we have way more than that. I think there's a better chance of a 25th-Amendment solution, and not very much of that.

  14. Ten Bears Says:

    I'm happy to see this getting more mainstream attention, but I have to agree with SafetyMan!: duh. To my observation this is so readily apparent, so "common knowledge" that I can not believe we're writing about it.

    Dem, comments at my house were turned off when then failing half-term governor Sarah Palin, the Quitta from Wassila, tried to convince me the scrotum suckers tea baggers were an up by the bootstraps grassroots organization.

  15. Emerson Dameron Says:

    @Prairie Bear:

    Trump's ~35% firewall of suckers is probably enough to get him reelected in a landslide.

  16. Vinny Says:

    Wow. Congratulations.

  17. Ted Says:

    I don't know Ed, it doesn't have very many likes so it must not be worth much. Using your own logic, anyway.

  18. JustRuss Says:

    Congrats on another publication. As Ten Bears and others noted, the premise is painfully obvious, but I'm happy that you got to publish it.

    One quibble: Comparing a Republican congresscritter to a Keebler elf is reserved for AG Sessions. You'll need to come up with something else for Hatch. I'm sure the commentariat here could help out.

  19. Loyal to the Group of Seventeen Says:

    The article made the front page of Reddit. Congrats Ed, you made it.

  20. Major Kong Says:

    Good stuff Ed. Keep it coming.

  21. Dave Dell Says:

    Pretty mild stuff compared to what you write here. I prefer here but it's good you're getting some nationwide column inches.

  22. Bernard Says:

    yea! great article. to think i readyou when.. . lol some nasty comments !
    Tax the rich to death before we poor folks go broke .

  23. mago Says:

    Good going Ed.
    A bit late to give whatshisname the attention he craves except to say if that's the best you got, stick to masturbation.

  24. schmitt trigger Says:

    As a long time follower of your blog: Well deserved congratulations!

    I'm also with Democommie's very first comment.

  25. anotherbozo Says:

    This is closer to what we want: getting the unvarnished Gin and Tacos voice before the wider world! When you have a byline and can hold forth on whatever the hell you please, my own satisfaction will be complete. On this one subject, that is.

  26. Tata Says:

    Congrats, Ed!

  27. Joe Says:

    The Rolling Stone comment section has been a dumpster fire ever since the controversy over the UVA rape story. It's a meme continually reinforced on right wing sites like the Daily Caller: Leftists at Rolling Stone promote false racism stories by pushing fake accusations of lying black woman against innocent frat brothers.

  28. JaktheYak Says:

    WOOOOO! YES! Hopefully they pay you too?

  29. democommie Says:

    @ JaktheYak:

    As one of the cartoons @"Married to the Sea" said, long ago:

    "Shakespeare GOTS to be paid, son!".

  30. mothra Says:

    Heh. I like that you are not being asked to tone it down and instead amp it up a bit. Your writing does deserve a wider audience. Good for you. Just don't forget us little folk when you're at the top, mmmkay?

  31. democommie Says:

    @ mothra:

    I'm hoping that if he really needs to "amp it up", I'll get a call to be "Technical Adviser"!

  32. Mona Lyth Says:

    I thought Ted was joking…

  33. Aurora S Says:

    @Mona–I was under the impression that it was just Poe's law at work.

  34. waldoh Says:

    HeyEd., I turn away for a month and you reinvent yourself. Congrats on the gig.

  35. Batocchio Says:

    I saw the piece and came over to say congratulations!

  36. Creigh Gordon Says:

    The article points to a link that purportedly "disproves the claim that economic growth will skyrocket after tax cuts." What the link actually says is: "Implementing tax policies that would curb the disproportionate concentration of wealth in the corporate and financial sectors could simultaneously create the capacity for real public investment and promote economic growth." Two examples of tax cuts that did just that were Obama's temporary suspension of Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, and George W. Bush's rebate of $300 of tax year 2000 taxes. Both worked to push economic growth because they were aimed at people who would spend the money on newly produced goods and services. The typical upper-income tax cut, on the other hand, is just used to inflate the prices of existing high end real estate in Manhattan and old masters paintings, or else the funds are lent to the rest of us and used to inflate the price of existing suburban real estate and college educations.

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