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  • Congratulations, Ed:

    If you need some help, "punching things up", consider this:

    "Ted Cruz gives scumbags (and "d-bags"–whether dirtbag or douchebag) a bad name.

    I think of Ted and his fellow slimetrailers as used colostomy bags. Far more apt in my opinion as they are full of shit and no sooner emptied than they begin to fill again."

    It's auto-plaigarized from a comment I put on a thread over @ Hemant's "Friendly Atheist" blog.

  • YOU GO, BRO!!

    "Garbage bag full of old taco meat": love it.

    @DC, hopefully Lyin' Ted's porn tweet yesterday will bring a swift end to his political "career". He's up for reelection next year : )

  • I read your article and most of it was right on the mark. Bannon and his ilk are the scourge of the earth and do not need a platform for their hate filled rhetoric.
    However, I do take umbrage to a portion of what you said namely:
    However, a measurable minority of the (largely older, white) audience of a show like 60 Minutes is predisposed to believe the white-dominant, Euro-glorifying view of history as competitive cultural eugenics that he espouses.
    I happen to be in that group you seem to slam with each posting: those over the age of 55, who are white. Just so you know there are many of us who believe as you do that the liar-in-chief and all of those he has put in power are ruining America and its ideals. We are disgusted with his policies and want to see him, Pence, Ryan and all those that wish to take away our freedom to go.
    So, rather than keep putting us all in "the basket of deplorables" you need to remember that labeling groups is not only unfair but also unkind. Many of my friends who did not vote for trump are both educated and not but they can think and read and chose to choose honor and values over dishonor and l lies.

  • On another note, while you are slamming CBS you might also want to give a thumbs down to MSNBC and CNN for airing pro-trump, pro-republican advertisements while their news pundits espouse negative news shows about the president, Republicans and their plans to pass bills that will hurt Americans.
    Lining their pockets with pro-trump ads, and telling the truth about what is happing in the US is disgusting and trivializes what their news shows are trying to do.

  • This is the line that made me LOL: "…Bannon, a man famous for looking like he has just finished a ten-day bender in Mos Eisley".

    Although taking men of this type seriously may offer TV news a brief reward in the form of an uptick in ratings, the long-term consequences of a journalism that treats White Nationalist History for Dummies as a legitimate viewpoint worthy of consideration by the body politic won't be pretty. People do not believe everything they see, read or hear, but they do notice that it is being offered up for their consideration. The current administration demonstrates just how successfully historical revisionism and various flavors of bigotry have infiltrated the mainstream.

    This paragraph reminds me of something I heard a holocaust survivor say when they were questioned about their support for laws banning holocaust denial. I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something like "when the last survivor is gone, all people will know about it is what was written, and the denials will be competing with the truth on an even footing".

  • "Somewhere, Hunter S. Thompson is smiling."

    Or wishing he had not pulled the trigger, and I say that with a sense of loss, I often had a hard time getting his stuff on anything less than 3 readings but it was always worth the effort.

  • Hey, disgusted: As an almost-old, I am not in the least bit offended by that sentence referencing "a measurable minority of the (largely older, white) audience…" since Ed qualifies it by calling out "a measurable minority." In other words, he's not talking about us here, he's talking about our high school classmates who used to have sense then lost it or who used to smoke jays out behind the school but then made a little money and got scared of losing it or who were always self-satisfied numb-nuts with grandpa views who've become increasingly emboldened thanks to a long-time diet of Rush and Fox and Alex Jones.

    The rest of us are rightfully horrified by what comes out of the mouths of our uncles and neighbors and co-workers these days. And we need to let that horror drive constant and concerted activism.

    (All I can say is THANK GOD my folks are rabid Rachel Maddow viewers, because otherwise, I don't think I could have much of a relationship with them in these dire days…)

  • Why "anthropomorphic"? He doesn't remind me of any actual human I've ever met. I have no reason to believe Alex Jones is anything other than CGI gone wrong.

  • I'm not sure that he did, d'commie. but that's water under the bridge.

    The bimbo bottle blonde bobble-heads of the multi-millionaire mainstream media see their fair share of derision around here disgusted, we're all pretty disgusted. I've long lumped CMN a Faux News wanna-bee, and my few long ago attempts at MSNBC were interrupted by ninety second infotainmercials (eyup, just made that one up) about fracking, and our nuclear future. Trains planes and automobiles.

  • "I have no reason to believe Alex Jones is anything other than CGI gone wrong."

    Colonically gestated Ickiness?

    @ Ten Bears:

    Yes, I'm just going by the news reports.

    Yes, fracking and nukes don't scare me but they do piss me off.

  • A bag of taco meat? Previously (on Facebook) you'd described him as "a large trash bag filled with hot dogs and cocaine, covered in Axe body spray."

    That was beautiful, man.

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