Hoo boy you want to watch a really good doc / investigative reporting about a tragedy in the UK I remember being horrified by as a ten year-old, check this out. Just remember, kids: all cops, everywhere, protect their own at all costs and will do whatever is necessary to cover their own asses.

ACAB, man. ACAB.

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13 thoughts on “ACAB, UK EDITION”

  • West of the Cascades says:

    One of the many, horrific, tragic things about this disaster is that an enquiry in 1990 (the year after) by Lord Justice Taylor determined that "the main reason for the disaster was the failure of police control" — but it then took another 27 years after that for those responsible to be charged with criminal offenses. Those proceedings are now ongoing. I hope David Duckenfield spends eternity in hell pressed up against a fence unable to breathe.

  • Co-produced with ESPN as part of the "30 for 30" series. As a Brit, I have vivid memories (I was 11 at the time) hearing about this tragedy as the news came through. Throughout it all, the Sun newspaper behaved abysmally, publishing outright lies and the foulest calumnies about the behaviour of Liverpool fans.

    The Taylor Report was the best thing that ever happened to English football, though many believe it was the *worst* thing that ever happened: in their view, the proposal (accepted by all clubs) to convert all stadia to all-seater arenas precipitated the gentrification of the game, the sale of broadcast rights to subscription-only providers (Sky, and now BT), sky-rocketing ticket prices … so on and so on. Oddly, there is an increasing groundswell for the reintroduction of standing areas

  • I had to look up a(ll) c(ops) a(re) b(astards), and display the results of my three seconds of research here as a public service:

    "An accompanying symbol is 1312, named for an alphabet cipher of the phrase (where a = 1, c = 3 , etc.)"

    "Today, in most countries in Europe, publishing of these symbols is forbidden by law and punishable as a minor offense because it’s recognized as inappropriate behavior and abetment on riots."

  • Let us not forget, either, that the Rupert Murdoch press muddied the waters by immediately branding the victims as the perpetrators of violence on the police, running fiction about spectators "urinating on our brave cops" and supposedly beating up police doing CPR.

    Kelvin MacKenzie, the odious editor of The Sun (which makes the New York Post look like Proust), had to be dissuaded from running a front-page reading "YOU SCUM" directed at the Hillsborough victims.

    (It's almost like those Fox News reports of the New Black Panther Party intimidating Republican voters and Muslims dancing the streets after 9/11, huh?)

    Rupert Murdoch and his acolytes have been among the most poisonous influences on the English-speaking world for 40 years. When Mike Royko said "No self-respecting fish wants to be wrapped in a Murdoch paper" he hadn't seen or heard anything yet.

  • I'll never be able to serve on a jury in my county. One of the questions is always something on the order of: "Do you trust the police."

    No, and I don't believe they can be thorough, accurate, impartial, knowledgeable, etc.

  • In the USA, the exact language of the Miranda warning is "anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law".
    "Cop culture" is remarkably similar to "Catholic priest culture": the bad apples in both organizations get protected as a matter of loyalty.

  • Mom Says I*m Handsome says:

    Dave Dell, I'm jarred by your statement, because it rings true for me too. I relate to cops in the same way that many bigoted white people relate to black people: that they're fundamentally untrustworthy because of their deficient culture. Can't imagine that I'll be terribly popular the next time voir dire comes around, but I couldn't in good conscience say I could be an impartial juror in a criminal case.

    (For the sake of demographics, I'm a 51-year-old white guy with a college degree and one black friend.)

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  • I remember this incident as well as the Who concert crush. What we are told and what actually happened is paramount to a negligent press. I am guilty of believing that the victims were the problem because of this "free press". I am saddened by my self discovery even when I knew that the press distorts and lies. Primary duties make us what we are.

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