Back by popular demand, I'm doing another run of "Everything is Terrible All the Time" shirts. Switching things up, also by request, to do 3/4 sleeve baseball-style tees instead of plain black. As usual there will be men's/unisex and women's shirts. And rounding out the list of demands, I'll also have 3x this time in addition to XL and XXL.

This is a pre-order! You will not be receiving your shirt for 3-4 weeks from the date of this post. However, you will have them before Christmas for those who might want to buy them as gifts for that Gin and Tacos fan in your life, or maybe just someone with depression. I'll get these to you by Dec. 24 if I have to drive it to your house personally.

These are Canvas brand, as with previous shirts. Check out their sizing guides (men's and women's). Note that USPS shipping outside of North America now costs over $13. I'm sorry the international shipping is so high, but otherwise I'm paying you to buy these. Understand that I'm not making money from gouging you on shipping.

You can embiggen that preview image. Paypal only (yeah yeah, Peter Thiel owned it 15 years ago, sue me). Be sure to choose the proper button below. First is Domestic ($4 shipping), second is International ($12 shipping). Don't dawdle – the sooner you place your orders, the sooner I can have these on their way to you.

If you require 3XL, please contact me via Facebook for instructions (the number of options per order button is limited, sorry!)


Sizes and Options

International (including Canada)

Sizes and Options

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